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Becca’s OPAL 3 ways : Liquid, Pressed and Powder



Before there ever was “Champagne Pop” the infamous collab between Jaclyn Hill & Becca, Opal was THE highlighter to own (Made famous by Miss Hill herself). Don’t get me wrong Champagne Pop is BEAUTIFUL and kind of unique with it’s pink/peachy undertones but it’s a Limited Edition and this sucks !!! After all the fuss, the #onfleek,  all the magic will go away, and Opal will win back it’s awesomeness (Team Opal Go!!!)


So the question is more which “Opal” to get: the popular Pressed, the summer favorite Liquid or the Poured (Oh! yes poured … I know, who knew Becca had a poured version). Recently, I realized I had Opal’s 3 forms; they all came from sets (If you don’t know it yet I love sets: past, present & certainly future 😉). So if you ever feel the urge to strobe your cheekbones like a mad woman and are asking which texture should you buy, here are a few pointers…



THE LIQUID AKA Shimmering Skin Perfector

Without a doubt my least popular. The formula is gorgeous but I find it so hard to apply just a little bit of product. It’s always too much for my personal taste even using a stapling brush. No joke if you apply too much there is no way to correct it without breaking your foundation – Not pretty!!!

The other ways I’m using it:

♥ I put the tiniest amount and mix it with my foundation just to add a summer glow and you know what: the result is great. (A tiny dot is needed unless you like the super greasy-looking look)

♥Mixed in with your favorite body oil or cream to apply on your shoulder and/or collarbones. This is stunning pair with a strapless dress or a tank top (Va-Va-Voom). Even on the fairest skin, it’s fabulous!

Fun Fact (well not so fun for me, but heck I am the type of girl who can easily laugh at herself): Lately my BFF took upon himself to help me get back in shape with a 2-3 times/week, 6:30 AM drooling boot camp (He enjoys it way too much, giving me the “Push”, “Don’t give me that look”, “You want some results, so stop whining”) … Since the only shape I have been sporting is the pear one, I have been wearing exclusively t-shirts and some oversized shorts or sweat pants, not being able to squeeze into any cute stuff from 2 years back (Oups!!!). To sum it up my tube of liquid highlighter is still full and hopefully I will be emptying it next summer! (I could cry right now- Damn diet)



THE PRESSED AKA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

The pressed (powder) formula is by far the easiest to apply, very beginner friendly. Opal doesn’t contain those cheap glitters like some other brands. Becca is rightfully well known for their highlighters for a good reason, they just have that WOW factor.

I’ve previously shown in a previous post my technique of choice using my fan brush (HERE). Lately I’ve been enjoying putting my “Opal” pressed powder right after my setting powder. I follow that with my blush and finish my makeup with my bronzer. Girlfriends you have to try this method (trick), it looks so much more natural. I’ve lately received so many compliments about my glow but people could not pinpoint what was different from my normal look  (Our little secret Pssst !!!)



THE POURED AKA Shimmering Skin Perfector Poured

Did you ever notice the Poured version!?! I didn’t. To be clear, it’s the cream version. The only texture remaining would be a spray I guess 🙂 The best way to use the Poured formula is using it with a Beauty Blender-type sponge, just after my foundation and right before my setting powder! (Strange as it sounds, it works for me. You have to try it !!!). I also put it in the corner of my eyes, for a brightening effect.

On Instagram or YouTube, girls are applying a ton of highlighters … For pictures or videos, it look so glamorous but in REAL life, it doesn’t look good at all. I wouldn’t like being caught going to my grocery store with that kind of shimmer. There such a thing as too much highlighter !!! My thoughts only: if it’s your style good for you, there is NO RULES in makeup but just saying…


NOTE: If you have a ton of cash to spare, by all means buy the full size but for the rest of us should go for the deluxe samples. You can always snatch these with online purchases, as Sephora point perks or like me, Sephora’s Favorite sets. As you usually need such a small amount, even the Deluxe Samples are too big for a lifetime of use (or an expiry date!)

Becca is one of my favorite brand; their eyeshadows are to die for, and their face powder is one of the best I have used. Really, “Opal” highlighter is what Nars “Orgasm” blush was years ago: A MUST HAVE! Flattering for every skin tones and certainly every seasons. Champagne Pop is the buzz right now but Opal is there to stay 😉

Thanks for stopping by my GLOWING beauties


Ingrid who’s shimmering all over (Too much details ?!!😂)

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16 thoughts on “Becca’s OPAL 3 ways : Liquid, Pressed and Powder

  1. I NEED the pressed version – thanks to your breakdown! I thought I wanted the liquid but no, I don’t want something that’s difficult to work with! And I agree, the obvious highlight is not pretty in real life, no matter how smooth and youthful your skin may be, it’s not attractive in person.
    I went to Winners to check out the Becca and they didn’t have any eye shadows! Just some pressed powders in deeper shades – I picked one up for a friend whose skin tone matches it ($7 sweet deal!) The Bay downtown Toronto now has a Becca counter – I haven’t checked it out yet but exciting that the Bay has this brand now too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! I have champagne pop and was eyeing Opal for a while so I’m sure since I love Champagne pop so much I’ll get Opal eventually! Great to see the differences in all the highlighters! Thanks for sharing! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. awww thanks heaps for this post. its very helpful. I will def get the becca opal instead of the limited edition one. and for people with tan skin or darker skin tone the rosy shade of opal would look georgina on them! xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Well that’s good to know!! Thanks! I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend so far as well! xoxo


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