Bad Reviews … How effective are they ?!!!

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Bareminerals Bronzed & Luminous palettes

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Nowadays, before buying any beauty products, I really do my researches (with the tiny little exception of eyeshadow palettes, blame it on my addiction!!!). Basically, like everybody I guess, I’m looking for Holy Grail’s status, ratings, bestsellers, you know the whole shebang!!! I never consider famous YouTubers’ opinions, as I’ve been burn so many times (Sponsorship brings the worst in some people $$$, not everyone I know, but too many for my taste)!!!

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But what about bad reviews out there, are they killing a product??? I think they are!! I myself, don’t really mind writing about products that didn’t work for me; I’m more tempered about the matter though. When I first started blogging, I was quite harsh about the duds of this world (I wanted so badly to prevent someone else from spending a fortune on those awful items), but I’ve nuanced my reviews a lot by adding why a product doesn’t work for me; this WHY is important, because it’s mostly what other girls are looking for. There are no BAD PRODUCTS (I keep repeating this in my head, because I experienced so many bad adventures with beauty products), there is just BAD REVIEWS. 

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The power of reviews is such that it can break a company that is barely starting up or take another one to stardom by *sponsorship* or by having really good products. Who had heard of Gerard Cosmetics (aka Whitening Lightning) or all the Colour Pops of this world 3 years ago?!? It will be interesting to see where will GC end up after the “Ugly” name calling and Jaclyn Hill cutting all strings with them!! 1995 lipstick is already a thing of the past 💄😒  Weird Fact: I am guilty of telling one of my friends to go buy GC lip glosses because “they are so good”, without having ever tried them myself !!! Powerful these reviews?  You BET !!!

bareMinerals Bronzed & Luminous palettes

Writing reviews take some efforts: when I find an interesting product with awful ratings (If you don’t know, I always go for the underdogs – literally), I always try to find some positive aspects, certain ways to make the product work better or I mention that it was just a plain, great BARGAIN (Ingrid stop blabbing and give an example dammit)! This summer, when bareMinerals launched a set called “Bronzed & Luminous” that included two palettes with eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters and glosses, I was instantly curious and convinced in purchasing it since I already love bareMinerals “READY” eyeshadows so much. But when I started to read the reviews, man (oups, mostly women are reading this!), they were so bad, I changed my mind. So I didn’t grab it and, ratings helping, this set went on sale almost right away. But, you know me: palettes+sale+bareMinerals+addiction, I kept thinking about it so I went in-store to swatch the powders and, bargain helping I caved in and 💥POW💥, it was mine. Reviews stated these facts over and over again: badly pigmented, way too soft of a look, just made for fair skin girls … Totally what I was looking for and you know what: It’s an AMAZING SET. I love the fact that mornings, when I wake up at 3:15AM to go to work and don’t have time to blend and be precise, this set makes it so easy to get me out of my apartment in no time while giving me that natural, polish, youthful sun-kissed makeup without any effort !!! 😉😏

bareMinerals Bronzed & Luminous palettes

Bad reviews are product killers and they are often right on point, but from time to time, it’s good to overlook them if it’s a brand you usually love … And there is always something called RETURNING Policies 😂

Do you have underrated products that you adore? Will you buy a bad reviewed item?

5/5 for all of you my Beauties because you are the BEST. 


Ingrid xoxo


31 thoughts on “Bad Reviews … How effective are they ?!!!

  1. I’ve definitely purchased products that had not so good reviews. I try to do the same, I think, when I write about products. With very few exceptions, I very rarely say something is bad. But usually, I do my best to point out what I liked or didn’t like or what I loved – based on my preferences. I think this is the best way to do it. Others may sometimes think I’m not being critical enough but it’s all about approaching the product with some objectivity and respect. 🙂 And on the flip side, negative reviews, as you say, can sometimes make a person who is reading it actually want a product. If someone said they don’t like something because its too cool toned or sheer, someone else might be like…yes, please! 🙂

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    1. The best reviewers tend to act like we do: to find positive in every product while still being honest. I think that I’m not that critical too, because I know what works for me; rarely buying duds.
      You are a doll !! xxx

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  2. I totally agree. When I write a not-so-positive review on a product I explain why it didn’t work for ME, but also say that it might be best for people with other skin types (dry skin as opposed to my combo skin) or people looking for XYZ (not much pigment in this eyeshadow? Those just starting out with makeup might like it…). I would never say that a product is bad because it didn’t work for me. The way we word things can make a huge difference.

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    1. It took sometimes to understand Reviews. When I started my blog, I was more black or white. But experience made me see the greys in each product. Thanks Chantal for your valuable comment ! xx


  3. This is a great post! I always look at reviews too, especially when it’s a really high end product, and I tend to look for the content of both the good ones and the bad ones rather than just the overall tone. I also try to make my reviews nuanced because that’s what I look for as a consumer.

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    1. At first, I always looked for the positive reviews or the ones from those well-known Youtubers. As I started to write myself, I found that different people react to different product… Honesty 101 I guess!! 🙂
      Thanks for your interesting comment! xx


  4. There is definitely a place for bad reviews (and there are some products out there you have to wonder why they were marketed when everyone you know really doesn’t like them – not just vague sephora reviews)
    BUT if you are going to review something, especially with a negative spin, write a thorough review and not just a one liner saying you hated it.
    The worst are when they give it one star because they can get a knock off dupe, or it is expensive or they hate the company for some other reason “I am giving this lipstick one star because I received a broken eyeshadow from this company but never complained to sephora who are always more than happy to do returns”

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  5. I try to get to know reviewers and know what they like or dislike. Then, for example, if they tend to like the same mascaras as me and they do a positive review of a new mascara I’m likely to like it and the reverse is also true. If that makes sense? When I give something a bad review, I try to say WHY so readers can decide if that is something they also dislike, or they might actually think, wait, I love that quality in said type of product. Ultimately, I try to remember not everyone will have the same opinion about a product.

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  6. WOW, I love everything about this post. Firstly though……. you wake up at WHAT TIME!? OMG what do you do for work!? Don’t tell me if it’s none ya P.S. I emailed you last week, so check ya email girly. I’ve been trying much harder myself to think of the reasons WHY I like or don’t like something and providing more detail. I totally agree that this will better help people to find what they need (and now I totally want that BM palette). Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!! I’m going to try even harder now 🙂

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    1. My day starts between 3:15 and 4:00 AM. I’m working for the city, in the transportation department… and on my days off, I have a crazy dog who wants to smell every things that come our way! So, early walks are mandatory ! Thanks for the head’s up, I’m gonna check my emails… xxx

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      1. OMG that’s so earlly! I bet you meet a ton of cool people 🙂 You should do a photo diary some time I’d love to see more of what Ingrid’s life is like 🙂 I’m nosy like that, haha. Awe, I wish my dogs behaved then they could go on walks too. They are so big they just drag me everywhere though 😦

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      2. Any dogs behave at 4:00 (they are still so sleepy) 😂 Great idea to do a photo diary even if it’s nothing extraordinary !!! I wake up so early that I’m in bed at 7:30 max 8:00 (pm) every single night … 😛

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      3. Haha, that’s a good point. I bet my husband would behave at that time too, maybe I’ll start waking him up at 4 to ask him questions so I always get what I want 😉

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  7. Good insights – it’s true, what works so one person may not work for another. Everyone’s preferences, skin types, colouring are different, so there’s no blanket one size fits all product that will please everyone. One thing I WILL fault a product for is when the product performance does not match the claims. I also DO judge something based on value / price – if I’m paying $1 for something, yes, I understand it might not be stellar (and conversely if a $1 item works well, I will rave about it). I just think sometimes the negative reviews, like the glowing positive ones, have to be taken with a grain of salt because people like to use online as a way to vent (this is soooo true for restaurant / hotel reviews! People have ranted about some of my favourite restaurants just because THEY were having a bad day themselves, no fault of the place). Anyway – great post and it definitely gets the dialogue flowing! 🙂

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    1. With all the youtubers/bloggers of this world, we have to select the ones that we know are objective and true to their nature and values. In makeup, I always try to find some positive quality in a product without bashing but, I can tell you that with restaurants/hotels, I have to be true to the experience and believe me, I lived a few horrible stories :))
      Thanks for your constant feedback xx

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  8. Hey 🙂

    This was such an important post!
    I personally am an addict when it comes to certain items, so those I buy without reading any reviews.
    I also like to ask my friends and family, who have nothing to do with the online beauty world, what they don’t like and have been loving recently. 🙂

    As much as I hate to admit it, I do look at the reviews and get influenced by them… with some products, though, like skincare – so I have in mind what people with the same skintype as me thought of the product. 😀

    Great post!

    Have a nice day. 🙂


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