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Is the price we pay influencing our expectation???



Last week, I wrote a post about Bad Reviews and its impact. I received so many comments that all your thoughts and opinions on the matter made think of today’s subject: Is the Price we pay influencing our expectation?!? An example suggests some kind of answer: If I would buy a 100$ eyeshadow palette, I would expect no less than perfection: one little tiny flaw and I would be returning it in no time.


It’s also fair to say that I tend to be less harsh and drastic with drugstores’ items since, in the back of my mind, I never expect the moon and stars. On sale/last chance products are the same: in the last year, I bought 3 eyeshadow palettes (Surprise-Surprise) that were on clearance ,Urban Decay “Pulp Fiction”, Nars “New Wave” & Stila “In The Light”. Never in a million years would I have bought these when they first came out, at their initial price anyway. Urban Decay “Pulp Fiction” is, without a doubt, one of the best palette I own hands down. Am I raving about it because I paid 16$ for it?!? Here is the million dollar question!!! In retrospect, knowing the quality, I would probably have paid the full asking price. The fact that it was a steal at 16$ just makes me happier!!!


On the other hand, Nars “New Wave” palette, bought for a mere 8$, is barely OK, and I would be mortified if I would have spent 60$ for it: I only use 3 shades out of the 6 and I’m still a happy camper considering the price tag (In my mind, 8$ is the real value! I love Nars but their eyeshadows are always a miss for me).

Nars New Wave

Stila “In The Light” is another lifetime favourite bought for just 19$: it’s shimmer at its best, a total holiday, night on the town, party palette with a perfect formula. For me, I just couldn’t justify a 50$ price tag but on clearance, this beauty is a great addition to my collection.


I just reviewed Becca’s Ombre Rouge eye palette and I paid 48$ for 5 eyeshadows!! Crazy right? Well you know what, it’s worth every penny since this palette is outstanding! I will use it up until I hit pan on the 5 shades (like it will ever happen! Wishful thinking and it’s what I’m telling Beard Man – the poor guy is searching for spaces in the bathroom to just put away his toothbrush).

Enter the price-quality relationship. When we go on a shopping spree (or on the Sephora website), we should use a product’s price to determine if the product is affordable. However, we unfortunately use a product’s price as a measure of product quality. If we consider all those Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of this world now involved in reprogramming our brain, makeup addicts like ourselves are now influenced by other consumers (or addicts). So when someone is raving about a new palette (it must be me!! 😉), it modifies the way we now perceive this product…  and a higher price is now the norm. As companies with high quality products spend more on advertising than companies offering low-end products, we are subjugated by targeted marketing.  With that in mind, who are we kidding, the price tag does influence how we view/review a product!?! I never paid 50$ for a foundation but when I will, it better makes my face look like a baby’s butt. Seriously a 50$ price tag foundation is mostly the result of marketing costs, R&D, and other variables not even relevant to product characteristics; it’s all economics and finances!! 

In conclusion, you get what you pay for when what you want, is what others want. 


The most important thing for us, makeup fanatics, is to always feel like we have our money’s worth and great value for money. That’s probably why I love value sets so much and probably why I don’t buy anything at the drugstore, unless it’s on sale !!! It’s all a matter of perception I guess….


Ingrid xxx


23 thoughts on “Is the price we pay influencing our expectation???

  1. I think the only time I had high expectations for an expensive product is for skin care. For makeup I know the quality ranges and everyone’s personal preference is different. For skin care if it doesn’t do what it says it doesn’t matter how much I paid, it’s going back. I usually have less expectations with sommmeee drugstore but I like being pleasantly surprised instead of dissapointed! 🙂

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  2. I purchased Stila in the Light at full price, hehe, and to me it was worth every penny. I do think that price influences are opinion/perception of a product. For me, it does to a point. When I review high end products I often get comments about how expensive they are and people point out that there are less expensive alternatives. And that maybe the case. Heck, I even point out when I think there are drugstore alternatives or comparables. But that doesn’t mean I think less of the more expensive product or wouldn’t buy it (if it’s good, that is). Perhaps it is marketing or the feeling of luxury whether real or perceived that ones gets. If its that feeling one is after, along with a good product and one does feel that they’ve gotten your money’s worth with an expensive product, which can be a very personal thing, then it’s worth it. 🙂

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  3. I’ve always wanted the Stila In the Light Palette! I know it was on sale on their site before but last time I looked it was gone. I also hear the Pulp Fiction palette is awesome too! 🙂 xo

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  4. This post is so IMPORTANT! The psychology of pricing is very interesting to study. I know myself will convince myself that something in a pretty packaging must perform better than something in a plain / boring packaging as well. The logo definitely sells. ANd I totally hear you about $50+ foundations. I even cringe at paying more than $40. I’m reading a book right now called “Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster”, I think you may enjoy it, it’s about how luxury brands have become so mass and commonplace now, there’s nothing special about how they’re manufactured (including cosmetics) – yet, the companies still command the crazy prices.


  5. You are so on point. I hear beauty gurus raving about ColourPop lipsticks all the time. While they’re great for $5, that’s not the same as being great overall. What I want to know is where you found all those eyeshadow palettes for those prices! I am jealous of your shopping skills.

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    1. Thank you !!!
      Winners is a bargain store that we have in Canada and sometimes they have a few good makeup items 🙂
      I’m sorry to say that I don’t trust “Beauty Gurus” anymore, I’ve been burned too many times !!! 😦


  6. I know a lot of them you pay for the brand more than anything, but for me I want to pay for quality, not brand name. So yes, the more I pay for something the more I expect it to deliver on its quality. 🙂

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  7. The UD Pulp Fiction is hands down one of the best eye-shadow palettes in my collection. I bought mine on sale for $16 too and like you that’s the only reason I bought it… but now that I have it, I so would have paid more! I do think that what we hear from other people will influence us to spend money on something. That’s why I finally caved and bought a Naked palette. It’s nice, but I still love the Pulp Fiction palette, my Revealed 2 and Balm Jovi more. It’s a hard life for a beauty addict 😉

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    1. You mean to say that it’s an expensive ($$$$$$$) life 😉 I really need to try the Balm in this lifetime 🙂 The quality of the UD Pulp Fiction is really out of the ordinary !!! You know what, probably one of these days I will too cave in and will buy a Naked ? palette because I feel the pressure (Bahahaha)

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  8. I think that the money that we pay does influence our opinion and our reviews. I’ve purchased some very expensive musical gear that I *wanted* to love, and tried to convince myself that it was worth the cost. However, I’ve found that there are excellent bargains out there from lesser names that equal or outperform the high priced items. Whether it’s make-up or guitars, I believe that this holds true.

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