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Drugstore’s prices are going up!!!


I almost had a heart attack when I visited my local drugstore this week and saw Revlon’s Colorstay Foundation for 18.99$CND. You heard me right!!! What? When?Why? Did I miss the note, email, text message or carrier pigeon saying that from now on, they would double the price of all their products? I do own a Revlon Colorstay foundation from a year ago with a price tag still stuck to it: 6.99$ (Note: I hate that watery foundation) … So, a year later, Voila! a 12$ increase! Next to the Revlon section, sits the L’Oréal display with their “La Palette Nude” on sale for 27.99$ What? When? Why? Unless one of you tells me that this eyeshadow palette is the 8th wonder of the world, I think we can no longer claim that drugstore means AFFORDABLE!

That day, I was eyeing all these products and more than 75% of them were now over 10$. Random nail polishes at 7.99$, lipsticks and glosses over 10$, and so many others overpriced. In this economy, bargain hunting is now a sport that we have to excel in (flyers and coupons here I come)!!! I don’t know if I was brought up correctly or am I just plain cheap, I refuse to buy the full asking price for drugstore products. Am I the only one?!? I mean, products DO go on sale or on clearance (lucky us!), because of all those ever-changing collections and product developments that occurs, mainly with the popular brands like Maybelline, L’Oréal, Revlon ...

Am I ranting for nothing? Are the new prices a result of superior qualities, larger amounts of product, trends??? As I always try to get my hard-earned money’s worth, I can easily prove that you get better value for money buying the upcoming Holiday value sets from let’s say Sephora than generic drugstore items … Let’s have some fun shall we? I just bought the new Sephora Favorites “Brow Raising Brow Wardrobe” for 48$CAN (40$US). With the exception of Kat Von D’s Tattoo Brow that I still have to test the longevity, we will agree that all items included are superstar products?!! At Ulta, the same 40$ gets me, at regular price :

Revlon Tweezer 6.99$ (The cheapest I could find)

NYX Brow pencil 9.99$ (Amazing!I love this pencil)

NYX Eyebrow Push-Up Bra 9.99$

Maybelline Brow Precise Shaping Pencil 7.99$

Ulta Eyebrow gel 6.00$ …

Sephora Favorites Brow Raising 2015

Sephora Favorites Brow Raising 2015

I am already at 41$ (while omitting the KVD and of course, the random mirror!). For me, based on a simple quality-price ratio, it’s a no-brainer! For the same price, to be able to get high-quality products in Sephora’s value set is a deal, but also a steal. Maybe drugstores are just trying to get hold of those compulsive buyers or maybe they are capitalizing on a our long-established perception that drugstore’s products are just inexpensive.😏

Is it just a Canadian thing or worldwide trend? Is the gap between drugstores and higher brands getting narrower by the minute? I am not talking about Chanel, Tom Ford, Charlotte Tillbury here,  I consider those more as luxury items…

Give me your thoughts on the matter!!!

Have a great week


Ingrid xxx


30 thoughts on “Drugstore’s prices are going up!!!

  1. You are so right!! I’m not sure why. I suppose the drugstore brands are trying to aim at being bargains to customers who normally purchase higher-end products by coming out withe similar products like the LA palettes, and then marking them up b/c to that demographic, it’s still quite a deal.

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  2. Wow, I haven’t really looked in the drugstore lately as most of the products I have tried fall below what I need/expect in a product. But at these new prices it is becoming a better deal to do to Sephora/The Bay/ etc to get products. At least there you can get samples first, test something that isn’t disgusting, and find the product you want that hasn’t already been opened.

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    1. I totally agree with you Sandie … At least at Sephora I always get a generous deluxe sample with every purchase of 35$CAN and the return policy is incredible !!!
      Have a great day xxx


  3. I’m just really hoping mid to high end prices aren’t going up to match the pace at which drugstore cosmetics are! I mean, it’s not like our salaries / wages are also increasing at the same rate, LMAO! I heard that prices in general are going up for us in Canada due the low dollar and lots of companies purchase using USD so it’s more expensive for them to purchase at wholesale prices. UGH.

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    1. Well ! It seems to be worldwide (probably more for us because of our low dollar) … I’m buying all (almost 😜) the Holiday sets and after I’ll be done for a long time … I haven’t bought drugstore’s products for such a long time because I have stop the “trying to see” … Like you said the salaries doesn’t go up at the same rate !!!

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  4. Very heartbreaking but very true. I’ve noticed in the US that drugstore products have gone up especially Revlon and L’oreal. I was looking at a Revlon blush but was suddenly put off by the $12.99 price tag. I mean really? Sephora just a launched a new blush collection retailing for $15. I like them a lot and it might be $2 more but I get to try it out before I actually buy it and pick out the best color for myself unlike when I’m at the drugstore.

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    1. I totally agree with you, I’d rather spend more on items I love than on so-so products !!! Tarte Holiday Blush set will contains 5 AMAZING blushes for like 40$, so 1 Revlon for 12.99$ is ridiculous (to me anyway) 🙂 xxx

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  5. Looks like I need to go shopping and see pricing. This is serious. Like makeup wasn’t expensive to begin with. Most of these company’s have a foot in sephora and drugstore. ( for example loreal and gerogio armani are sister companies) so they benifit no matter what unless we decide to stop buying which I’m not beyond doing if it will wake them up that we can’t afford whatever price tag they place. thanks for bringing this to my attention. I was wondering why a lipstick was 6 bucks at Walmart but I didn’t think too much of it since it was a new purchase. And places like CVS or ulta always have more expensive prices. Walmart and target are usually the way to go.

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  6. It is definitely happening everywhere! I’ve noticed it too. Working at Ulta we always have price changes. A few months ago I was updating the Nyx prices and the HD foundation went from 9.99 to 18.99! Even the Ulta brand is becoming pricey, and those products are not good quality. I hope this doesn’t mean that the high end products will go up in price too!

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    1. I’m pretty sure that high end products will go up too 😦 You are so lucky to work at Ulta, at least you must have a lot of perks ?!!
      Have a great evening & thanks for stopping by 🙂

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  7. I’m not sure about Canada but comparing UK prices to the states, I would say the states have fantastic prices. I understand that some places are more expensive but nonetheless you are able to buy them on super sales and have soo many coupons etc….The only deals we have here in the UK are 3 for 2 which still can work out quite expensive or Boots has vouchers for no7 only and that’s all..(only sometimes😕)
    Christmas sales are good….but we have never have clearance sales!! However I do think we are getting more affordable brands like makeup revolution, freedom makeup, mua which is probably the same as brands like wet and wild, la girl etc…

    This was a fantastic post! I just guess we need to empathise for people who live in place like Singapore or Australia as there drugstore prices are like high-end!!! 🌹

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    1. The last time I ordered from the US, I bought for 60$ and at the end my credit card was debited for 113$ 😩 (I was floored) !!! Now I buy at Sephora or at Canadian online retailers. I agree some girls are worst than us !!!
      Thank you so much for your feedback 🙂


  8. Don’t know about a price increase here, but way down in NZ the prices for everything are crazy high 😦 Maybelline lipsticks are around $22… It’s usually almost cheaper to buy high-end lipsticks from overseas than to buy “affordable” products here. I really hope our prices don’t go up!

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    1. I almost don’t buy drugstore’s products anymore !!! For a couple of dollars more I get the good stuff 🙂 OMG a Maybelline lipstick for 22$ (that’s crazy!!!)
      Nice to meet you 🙂


  9. It’s not just Canada! I was in the States this summer and Target was the cheapest I found, and the most reasonably priced if you ask me! I was finding Revlon Lip Butters and Crayons for under $7 which is perfectly reasonable to me, but at places like CVS and Rite Aid they were up to $11 USD! I think the drugstore companies who own other luxury brands are catching on to us beauty junkies and making us pay more for the stuff we love, when a lot of us love the drugstore stuff we love because it’s great but also inexpensive! I hardly bought foundation or blushes and bronzers from the drugstore this trip because the prices were through the roof! I’d much rather spend the same amount on a Sephora deluxe sample product, and I feel Sephora is pretty smart for doing this, just like the high-end brands releasing holiday sets with trial sizes, because they tend to last quite a while! I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed… Thought I might just’ve been out of the country for too long! lol

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    1. I love deluxe samples so much … they last soooo long !!! I buy a ton of Holiday sets because it’s such a great deal. When you look at it, UD Vice 4 is 60$ for 20 shades = 3$ per shades… No drugstore’s products can beat this price & quality !!!
      Thank so much for your comment xxx

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