Smashbox : Art.Love.Color – Master Class – (Holiday 2015)

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Smashbox Art.Love.Color Master Class 2015

It seems like ages ago that I was buying my first high-end eyeshadows: a Smashbox trio (a Golden shimmer/chocolate shimmer & copper shimmer) found on sale (as you surely have already guessed 😉). Back in the days, I didn’t know the basics on hooded eyes; with all the shimmer going on in my newfound masterpiece, I remembered rocking these all summer, and looking like a disco ball. This well beloved trio died when it fell on the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces but still, to this day Smashbox and I go hand in hand on a perpetual love affair, and truth be told, it seems like I’m the only one feeling this vibe with the brand. No hype!!! No Buzz!!!  Following this “Love at first sight” product, my liaison with Smashbox went on with their acclaimed Primers (Photo Finish Primer Water & Photo Finish foundation Primer Hydrating), and moved on to their eyeshadows (I LOVE their «On the Rock» Palette bought last year, and their #ShapeMatters contour palette). I must say I was a little bit disappointed with the “Full Exposure” palette, which didn’t work for me at all… but to this day, Smashbox still makes my heart flutter …

Last weekend, Smashbox Art.Love.Color Master Class palette went on sale, online, at Sephora (I guess we could call it the Master Class 4!!!) and you know me I went berserk (it does tend to happen to me a lot during this time of year, the time when all the Holiday sets are eyeing me) …

So let’s have a closer look shall we, my beautiful friends:

From the Sephora website:

What it is:
A set of 40 Smashbox must-haves for cheeks and eyes in a packaging inspired by groundbreaking artist Yago Hortal.

This palette contains:

♥ 6  Blushes

 Rosy Pink, Persimmon, Sunset, Bitten, Plum & Prism.

♥ 2 Highlighters

Shimmer & Glow.

♥ 32 Photo Op Eyeshadows

Sand (I think ?!!) Java, Gypsy, Naked, Oxidize, Custard, Spruce, Charmed, Nutmeg, Torch, Zoom, Candy, Alabaster, Goldenrod, Sea, Framboise, Gold, Harbor, Ebony, Sky, Steel, Breeze, Smoke, Nile, Cement, Celestial, Silver Moon, Azure, Cosmic, Eggplant, Pacific & Orchid.

♥ 8 x Get-the-look instructions (Probably useful but I never look at them)!!

First the packaging is gorgeous! Yago Hortal did an amazing job (by the way, excuse my lack of art knowledge but… Who the hell is Yago Hortal?!?) – see picture below -.

Smashbox Yago Hortal

These are all “Photo Op” eyeshadows, sorry to say it again but the ones from the Full Exposure were so disappointing.

Smashbox art.Love.Color Master Class palette

Totally random but I’m sure it will put a smile on some of your face my beauties … I (we) love round compact, dipping the brushes is easier than let’s say heart-shaped format. When we hit pan (😂 like it would ever happen), it seems like there is just no waste compared to the ones mostly used from the middle!!!

Smashbox art.Love.Color Master Class palette

Every shade possible is in this masterpiece, a blend of matte and shimmer shades but no glitters to report!! Yay   😊👍🏻

Smashbox art.Love.Color Master Class palette

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The value is incredible considering that Smashbox sells their trio eyeshadows for 36$CAN and their blushes for 29$CAN. Of course the sizes are a bit smaller but who needs a full size of Prism blush anyway.

♥ Previous Master Class ♥ 




Note: If powdery formulas make you puke, stay away from these … As a reference, they kick powder like Urban Decay’s eyeshadows.

Available at : SEPHORA  – 65$US (72$CND) –

Who else wants this palette ?!!

Smashbox Art.Love.Color Master Class

Ingrid xxx

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26 thoughts on “Smashbox : Art.Love.Color – Master Class – (Holiday 2015)

  1. I really want this palette but I have read other reviews saying that many of these shadows do not show at all on the eyes!!

    What is your opinion about these specific shades?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I unfortunately do have to agree 😦 It’s beautiful but inconsistent palette ! You have some duds in there … I prefer Stila “A Whole Lot OF Love” & MUFE “15 Artist Shadow”. Have a great day ☀️


  2. It’s funny but so true about Smashbox. I knew they are a part of the EL family of companies because that’s one of the few franchises that are represented in this market and the local distributor has a store that carries MAC, EL, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Smash Box, Jo Malone, and La Mer (when they arrived a few years ago it literally doubled the number of cosmetics brands here). Anyway, point is, I never go into the Smashbox section and there is never anything new in the section, only the same old stuff. Meanwhile, new products arrive for the other brands more regularly (albeit months later than the rest of the world, but they eventually come). 🙂


  3. Haha I agree, just who is that guy? It’s the same with some of the MAC collabos – who are these people??

    Wow that palette is amazing value! I’m not sure why Smashbox doesn’t get more raves too as I haven’t heard of them being especially bad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Smashbox has actually such good products ! Their “Photo Op” eyeshadows & blushes are one of my favorites. It’s still a mystery to me why girls are snubbing this brand ??? I’m still debating if I get this one; I love the packaging (from the guy!!!) 😀


  4. This looks gorgeous. I keep eyeing smash box every time I pass their counter and I keep adding things onto my wishlist but I have yet to purchase something. I think their products look really smart, though, and do think it’s odd how little advertising they get!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I agree – what’s up with Smashbox? They don’t seem to do any marketing! I fear one day they will disappear from Sephora! I just did a google search on “Who owns Smashbox” and it turns out it’s Estee Lauder, the mammoth cosmetics giant that owns MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown etc etc… so why is Smashbox so neglected? I love their eye shadows. I’ve been lemming one of their Master Class palettes for ages. Am I weird but I think the round pan shapes look weird in the new palette? I like the squares / rectangles from the previous versions… I epecially like the look of #2!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are so wright Smashbox will soon be the next Lorac !!! (Bye Bye Canada, well Sephora!) I do think the round pans look strange but round means easier to grab products…I’m still debating between this one or UD Vice 4 ?!!

      Liked by 1 person

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