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Guest Post : “Vancouver Eyeshadow Addict”

I’m thrilled and honoured to be a guest on Amy’s blog a.k.a. “Vancouver Eyeshadow Addict“. Our Canadian Beauty Blogger September’s theme is “Plum”. So I did the impossible; a nighttime PLUM look  (Talk about being out of my comfort zone!!! You all know I’m so boringly “NUDE”!!!). My selfie skills have not improve either but heck I tried & had a blast.


So go check it out at “Vancouver Eyeshadow Addict” to see my PLUM attempt & mostly to discover Amy’s awesome blog.

Have a sunny day ☀️

Ingrid xxx


One thought on “Guest Post : “Vancouver Eyeshadow Addict”

  1. I left this comment on her blog but here it is too:
    Amazing job Ingrid! I love the colour of plum but don’t wear it often because I feel like it’s too strong against my features. I like how you used a softer shade on the eyes and BOLD lips. What did Beardman think of this look on you?


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