New Products Dior Couture Holiday 2015 ⎟Beauty & Makeup

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Dior Couture Holiday 2015

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Dior Couture Holiday 2015

Dior Couture Holiday 2015

Dior Couture Holiday 2015


Let’s face it, these palettes are gorgeous. The packaging is so chic and sophisticated, they look like small pieces of art. Seriously when looking at them, I do have a awwwwww! moment… However, from these pictures, I was happy to convince myself that I would never get one of these just because I hate when companies include lip products in a palette beside eyeshadows or blushes because, D’Oh! the kick-up from the powder ends up on the lip product and it’s a total turn-off for me. Dior’s palettes seem to be made like this but …

Dior Couture Holiday 2015

TA-DA !!! …  there is a beautiful metallic lid!!! I try to stay away from luxury brands like Tom Ford, Chanel, YSL, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana & Charlotte Tillbury because truthfully, I don’t want to fall in love with products that I can’t afford. Not that long ago I was all about drugstores’ products but then I venture into higher end brands and I now realize that I moved away from drugstores’ items to mainly focus on the quality, the versatility and the functionality of those professional brands!!! Let’s have a discussion. shall we? Are you tempted? Will you buy an item from the collection? Are you a Dior fan?

Ingrid (who only owns a lip maximizer (Collagen Activ) & a perfume (Addict) from Dior  xxx


7 thoughts on “New Products Dior Couture Holiday 2015 ⎟Beauty & Makeup

  1. Hmm I haven’t been swayed to buy Dior makeup simply because the quality vs price doesn’t seem to justify it! I’m fine with paying more if the quality was THAT much better. I’ve only ever owned 2 Dior cosmetic items: a nail polish, also same as you, a bottle of Addict perfume (long gone). Those palettes ARE beautiful to look at though! 🙂

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