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Make Up For Ever │15 Artist Shadow Palette (Review & Swatches)

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015

Holy moly! 😳(speechless) Where have you been all my life?!? If like me, you already own a ton of matte, neutral eyeshadows that covers all fundamentals, you owe it to yourself to grab this overly gorgeous palette. It’s a real pleasure to give you the spectacular Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette, that just came out, in time for the Holiday season!!! I’m not one who throw heaps of praise easily, but I don’t see how can anybody not love this palette! Seriously, maybe someone can dislike the colors, but the formula is sensational!!! Time to share the lovefest, to divulge this best-kept secret 

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015


What it is: 
A limited edition, collectible eye palette featuring MAKE UP FOR EVER’s coveted Artist Shadows.

What it does: 
This 15-shade palette featuring the breakthrough Artist Shadow formula lets you create endless eye looks with infinite combinations. The advanced gel-powder formula blended with ultrafine pigments provides vivid color payoff and superior blendablilty. An artist’s favorite, Artist Shadow leaves a smooth, even finish that gives lids super-saturated, lasting color. Arranged into five easy-to-apply color trios, this extensive collection ranges from soft, subtle neutrals to daring bolds and brights. The included step-by-step leaflet lets you effortlessly create endless holiday looks.

This set contains: 
– 15 x 0.06oz Eye shadows


Exclusively at Sephora: it’s a Limited Edition, available for 59$US (67$CND)

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015


♥ We must talk about the value for one second. One full size MUFE Artist shadow is 21$US (24$CND) for 0.07oz of product & in this palette you get 15 x 0.06oz for 59$US (67$CND). It doesn’t take a mathematician or an economist to realize that you only pay for 3!!!! Maybe you get less product per normal Artist eyeshadow (0.01oz) … but then again, at that price, what a great deal!!!

♥ 100% the same quality as their regular single Artist shadows or the ones in their Artist Palette Volume 1 or 2. I do own both palettes and there is NO DIFFERENCE!!!

♥ What a formula! The only word that come to mind is professional. They feel luxurious in a pro kind of way.

♥ These are the most pigmented, creamy, smoothest shadows I’ve EVER worked with. I don’t even know what else to say, than they’re perfect.

♥ The staying power is phenomenal (No transfer, nada, niet even after 10 hours).

♥ No fallout to report (I always tap my brush but I don’t even think that I would have to).

♥ Perfect packaging (containing a big mirror), very sturdy & surprisingly heavy. Oh! Let’s not forget: super cute 😉

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015


♥ I own my fair share of matte eyeshadows (don’t laugh!!!), so it’s not a problem that there is no MATTES in there. However, for some of you this is surely a down side (turn off) since you will need other shades to complete any eye look.

♥ There are some duplicate shades from the 2014 Holiday palette & the Artist shadow Volume 1 – Nudes.

♥ Some colors are best used with your fingers instead of a brush (For some girls, it’s a no-no, that’s why I’m mentioning this fact!!!)

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015

Make Up For Ever 15 Artist Shadow Palette Holiday 2015

                 Sa222ns titre 2

Obsessed! Going crazier for this one than my usual madness… Such a great buy! I highly recommend this palette. If you like this assortment of colors, go for it you won’t ever regret it !!! The formula is outstanding… Why did I discover the new formula just 3 months ago?!? NO crazy shades in this palette; I would define them as neutrals with a twist, with some daring bolds and brights. If it’s your first palette or if you are thinking of offering it as a gift for someone who doesn’t already have great matte eyeshadows, this beauty may not be suited since all the shades are “shimmery” with 3 are “glittery” !!! Out of my comfort zone yes, but just a tiny bit since these colors agree with my hooded eyes (in parsimony that is !!!)

Thanks for stopping by my gorgeous friend

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Ingrid who has discovered the nirvana of shadows … ’til the next palette.

Disclaimer : 100% gladly paid by myself !!!

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22 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever │15 Artist Shadow Palette (Review & Swatches)

  1. The MUFE Artist Shadow formula took some getting used to for me – I expected them to WOW me with how intensely pigmented they were, but they’re not THAT crazy pigmented (to me). Also, I found them somewhat difficult to blend as well. But I agree, patting them on with fingers or even a sponge-tipped applicator is better than using a brush – go figure!
    What they’re AWESOME for is how long they last on my lids. It makes them one of the best eye shadows I’ve uesd. And of course, the colour range is so impressive – going to the MUFE counter is like going to the candy shop. 😛
    I did a review of the LE Artist box I got last holiday and some singles:
    I would probably increase my rating from 7 to 8 now that I’ve used them more.
    You’re right, this set is a great value. Funny, last year’s set was $69 for 15 shadows whereas this year is $67. I guess I paid $2 for the train case packaging! (But actually I got it for $45 on Boxing Week clearance! 😀 )
    The Volume 1 – Nudes palette is on my wish list! I predict 2016 will be the year of palettes for me (as someone who is against palettes, this is new!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just read your really good review !!! Last year was 69$ and the pan were smaller. (Go figure!!!) This year they are almost full size … For me they are the real deal. Don’t laugh but I bought Volume 2 😀 I don’t know what’s happening to me, I’m all into colors right now !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re out of control with the palettes lol! 😛
        I didn’t realize how much bigger these pans are! And this year there are 15 shades whereas last year was only 12! Are the pans removable from the palette? Last year they were and I liked that feature.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Out of control !!!! Moi 😉 You could remove them, but seriously this palette is way too cute as it is !!! The low buy in 2016 is much needed … It’s not even a money issue, it’s having WAY too much !!!

        Liked by 1 person

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