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Arbonne Lip Collection | Review & Swatches



I was ecstatic to receive this fabulous Lip Trio from Arbonne. What do you think happens when a girl who has been on a “No-Buy on lip products” clause for the last 6 months receives a parcel with some lippies? Well, she starts by doing a cartwheel, a backflip, and then she does some vocalizations with a voice out of nowhere who sounds like Opera … But then, not knowing anything about Arbonne, I began to wonder if these products were any good, or if I just got excited (and hurt my back) for nothing!!!

Arbonne Lip Collection

Since you’re reading this post, you must have figured out that I really like these products! There is just no way in hell I would rave about products I don’t like !!! So here is my review, not sponsored and no affiliated links!!! (I feel like I’m on trial, telling “The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth so help me God “) ! …



Arbonne Lip Collection


Review & Swatches

Arbonne Lip Collection

♥ Lip Liner in Peach (24$US/28$CND)♥

I love this lip liner; this peach color goes with all my nude lipsticks and of course, goes perfectly with Dream (just below). The formula is super long lasting, but more importantly, it doesn’t tug on my lips (that being my number one No-No when choosing a lip liner). When it sets, it’s on the dryer side but not enough to bother me. For the last weeks, I haven’t touch any of my other lip liners, that fact alone says a lot about how versatile this color is and how much I like the product.

 *** Update: Be careful because the “tip” can break easily !!!

Arbonne Lip Collection

Arbonne Lip Collection

♥ Smoothed Over Lipstick in Dream* (28$US/34$CND) ♥

* Note : Parts of the proceeds from the sale of this item supports the Arbonne Charitable Foundation, which promote the development of confidence and self-esteem in teenage girls and boys.

First thing I noticed is the smell, or shall I say the sweet smell of my childhood: Cotton Candy (Oh! the memories of the fairs are priceless). If you like a lipstick that gives you a satin finish paired with an unbeatable moisturize feeling & a superb color payoff, then you will definitely want to get your hands on one of these lipsticks. Did I mention that it’s smells oh! so sweet (HiHiHi)!!! No wonder this sent is heavenly, it’s made from fruit extracts…

arbonne 6

I’ve read somewhere that life is a succession of dreams. Based on that thought and on this product’s name, I will gladly use that particular color all year long. Arbonne have concocted a perfect pigment, a peachy/pinky/coral shade that makes you look like you have a tan even when it’s -30 degree in Quebec 😚

Arbonne Lip Collection

Arbonne Lip Collection

♥ Glossed Over Lip Gloss in Mimosa (24$US/28$CND) ♥

It will not come as a shock (as I’m a lip gloss girl) that Mimosa is my favorite product of the 3. For some, the thick formula will either be a hit or a miss, depending of your preferences. Personally, I don’t mind a sticky lip gloss since they tend to stay put way longer. If you like Buxom lip glosses but don’t care for the tingling effect, then you need to try this brand. When I apply this gloss over the “Peach” lip liner, the look is totally sublime (very fall appropriate), but on the other hand, when applied over the “Smoothed Over” lipstick, it feels a bit too much for my liking. I almost forgot my favorite part: same cotton candy smell. (hooray!)

Arbonne Lip Collection

What about the packaging? All 3 are nicely built, in a very subtle, no bling bling presentation. Just clean & simple.

❧ Overall, I couldn’t be happier with these 3 awesome products. I will totally buy these 3 items again and again and again (I could try other colors but I love these so much …)

Thanks for stopping by my beauties

Arbonne Logo

Ingrid xxx

Availability: You can purchase Arbonne from your local consultant or online

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8 thoughts on “Arbonne Lip Collection | Review & Swatches

  1. I’ve never tried Arbonne products but I really enjoy Avon and Mary Kay stuff. They’re hard to get for me because you have to know someone who sells the stuff! These 3 lip products do look lovely – would you swear on a Bible that your rave review is the honest truth?! 😉 😛
    I really like that lip liner! And I don’t even wear lip liners! And the lipstick… you sold me at COTTON CANDY scent!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do your honour !!!😇 (Just between you and me, I prayed a lot for these to be good so I wouldn’t have to contact Arbonne to tell them that I hated their products 😨😂!!!) They have a great website. (They sell lots of different stuff !!!) My last Avon purchases happened more than 10 years ago and I never tried Mary Kay !!!😬


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