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no gray Quick Fix | Gimmicky ?

No Gray Quick Fix (Farleyco)
First what is no gray Quick Fix !

No Gray Quick Fix is perfect for hiding gray roots and doing quick touch-ups between colouring.  The applicator brush and combs are perfect for precise control. Hides gray hair until your next shampoo.

Select the No Gray Quick Fix shade that best matches your hair color. Easily apply with short strokes to cover gray hair. Use comb and brush tool to complete application.

Finish with a light mist of hair spray. No Gray extends time between coloring. Hide the gray…and get on with your day.

All natural, environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

Comes in 3 colors : blonde, brown & black brown

Availability : 7.99$ CND at Farleyco

No Gray Quick Fix (Farleyco)

Ok! Let’s face it, at first I taught this product was gimmicky. After a few test applications, I actually have to admit that it really does a great job and beyond. I may not be the best candidate for this marvelous product as I already have too many gray hairs (both my parents had gray hairs in their early thirties, so guess what: I have a LOT of them, thanks Mom and Dad for the superb gene pool 👍🏻). It will work best for someone who starts to have those little grey-white hair, so noticeable when you first get them.

No Gray Quick Fix (Farleyco)

It’s ridiculously simple to use and really, it does work like a charm: you apply it like a mascara where you need covering, then blow dry it for a couple of seconds ’til it’s completely dry and voilà “gray no more” … If you find that one of the 3 shades available matches your hair color (this is important) then you will find it very useful. Seriously, if you just started having gray hair, before pulling them all off, you need to try this inexpensive product that quite frankly, is very effective… That is, ’til your next shampoo (I said it works, I didn’t say it was magic 🐰) !!!

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9 thoughts on “no gray Quick Fix | Gimmicky ?

  1. I’ve sprouted a few greys in recent years but they’re so random! I don’t pay much attention to them but I know one day I will need to dye my hair (I dread the day!) but it’s good to know there are these quick fixes. Do you remember hair mascaras? They were available in crazy bright colours – I had a few of them lol – this reminds me of that!

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