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Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book Volume II |Review & Swatches

Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II

Last week, I went specifically at the Sephora VIB Rouge Event for this Kevyn Aucoin “The Contour Book, Volume II” (the first one was of no interest to me!!!).  As soon as a nice sales associate put it in my hands (because I couldn’t find it), I was ready to go (well almost 😉)! Why did I wanted it so bad? Simply because, as you already know, I’m not able to resist any palette and I thought that this baby should suit my complexion perfectly. The Anastasia Beverly Hills is too dark for my fair skin & The Kat Von D seems too dark too, so with all the great reviews & praises from my blogger friends, this little number got really attractive even though I’m not the biggest fan of cream contouring products on a daily basis.

Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II


This palette contains:

The Celestial Powder in Candlelight (0.17oz) : value of 82$CND, RS* is 53$CND for 0.11oz

The Celestial Powder in Starlight (0.04oz) : value of 19$CND, RS is 53$CND for 0.11oz

The Sculpting Powder (0.14oz) : value of 67$CND, RS is 53$CND for 0.11oz

The Creamy Glow Candlelight Cream & Sculpting Cream (2 X 0.16oz) : value of 68$CND, RS is 34$CND for 0.16oz

I paid 62.40$CND (78$CND minus the 20% VIB ROUGE Sale); the value is 236$CND and I didn’t count the 3 eyeshadows in Brighten, Cool Tan & Ruddy Earth (3 x 0.04oz)

* RS = Regular Size

Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II


Exclusively at Sephora: it’s a Limited Edition, available for 65$US (78$CND)

Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II


♥ The amazing value: Knowing Kevyn Aucoin’s standard pricing and quality, this is such a great deal.

♥ Travel friendly. (Small, Compact & Sturdy)

♥ Every product is great for fair skin girls. (with the exception of The Celestial)

♥Great for everyday use. 

♥All the products featured in this palette can be worn on the eyes and they perform beautifully by creating the most beautiful eye makeup. (Staying powder is beyond good)  

♥ This palette’s best quality is the blendabilty of all products: the creams blend like a charm without being sticky or greasy. Quite unique for cream products.

♥ The Sculpting Powder is a true matte taupe without any red/bronze undertone. (So rare)

♥ Great for all ages, even perfect for mature skin since there is no glitters and it offers a naturel finish without accentuating fine lines & enlarged pores.

♥ Doesn’t break me out (Yay!!!)


♥ The Celestial Powder & the Cream version just barely show on my fair skin.

♥I would not recommend this Contour Book to girls who prefer a more defined highlight/contour because it is definitely more on the natural side. (a plus for me, but surely not for everybody!!!)

♥ Might be a great deal but still pricey. $$$

♥ This palette is not made to handle the uses of big brushes.

♥One drawback is that the cream products don’t have a separate cover (Why companies do this…cream products always get powder bombed!!!)

♥ Unfortunately, this product is not for my dark skin girls out there. 😔


Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II

Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II

Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II

Kevyn Aucoin . The Contour Book . Volume II

Note: Candlelight Powder & Cream were not showing on pictures…


Honest to God, the first time I used this palette, although I achieved such a beautiful eye makeup, was a real disappointment. When I noted that the Candlelight Powder & cream version were not showing at all on my fair skin, I decided that this baby was going back to the store. The second day, I used it again mainly for a review purpose. In spite of falling in love with Starlight and the Sculpting cream (so good, like nothing I ever tried before), I was still returning it. On the third day, I went all out and used every products in this “Complete Book” and I was astonished: my makeup looked so natural even though I used all these products, but nevertheless, questioning all those rave reviews, I was returning it. Forth day, aka “return day”, I still used a lot of products (why not at this point) but then, something happened 😮 When I got outside, I looked at myself and my skin was so glowy (not Becca’s Opal sometimes-way-to-overly glowy) but just glowy in an healthy way. Do I have to tell you that I took off my coat, stayed home and this palette is … cozy and showcased in my stash. Just remember how versatile this palette is and how it’s perfect as highlight, contour, eyeshadows & for eyebrows. BUT it needs a couple of days to fully appreciate all you can achieve with it. In an ideal world, Starlight would have been the size of the Candlelight powder (since I prefer this one). If for some reason you are afraid of creamy products, don’t be! Products from Kevyn Aucoin “Coutour Book Volume II” are, hands down, the BEST cream contour formulas I’ve ever tried. It’s a must if you don’t already own all the other contour palettes and love a natural look & finish. If it’s in your budget at this price (with the 20%) it’s a steal (in the world of high end makeup that is)…

Thanks for stopping by my beauties


Ingrid xxx (All contoured)

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24 thoughts on “Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book Volume II |Review & Swatches

  1. I’m SO SO jealous of you right now. I have the Sephora website open to this product and am hovering my cursor at the “Add to basket” button lol. I’m just surprised it’s not sold out yet! 😛
    Your “the Not so good” are actually PLUS for me since I prefer a more natural highlight / contour! But yes I totally agree with you about the cream product mixed in with powders, without a cover – ick. I think I might want Candlelight more than the Becca Opal! I NEED this palette!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t get me wrong this palette is fabulous … but my HG highlight is hands down Laura Mercier Matte Radiance (01). Second choice would be Candlelight. I own Opal and it’s STUNNING but let’s face it it doesn’t look that natural !!! Unfortunately I also think that you need this palette 😉 The perfect palette for travelling overseas 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Just because I can poke at this – I think the pans are plenty big for the type of brush you use to contour/highlight. No, you can’t fit a floofy blush brush into the contour powder, but you can easily get an angled cheek brush or a brush actually meant for contouring in (except that Becca paintbrush size thing, but does anyone actually use that daily?) Glad you got your hands on it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s definitely subtle, but I have the feeling that’s the point – Aucoin wants you to look lovely, not like you own lovely makeup. The highlight cream, for me, is more of a texture than a color – it makes me look dewy but doesn’t add anything as far as color.

        Liked by 1 person

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