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VIB ROUGE Haul | 2015

Sephora VIB Rouge sale haul

Was I good??? That is the question … No eyeshadow palette & no lip product, respecting my no-buys! I guess that this fact alone answer the question. Personally, I was more than good!!!  Although, as you will notice, it certainly wasn’t a flashy haul full of holiday sets and loaded with wow factor. Regardless I went with my needs instead of on impulses and, I got some great products.

So with no further ado here is what I got… (& some mini-reviews)

♥ L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream ♥

This one is for my mom as a gift. She suffers from very dry hands and with the cold winter coming (too) fast, it is important to heal those chapped, cracked hands. I can assure you that she has tried every cream on the market and after a lot of testing, she now swears by this one only. A winner right here …

♥ Commodity in Magnolia ♥

Commodity in Magnolia (eau de parfum 100ml – 28$CND): I won’t elaborate more about this one, but focus on the price 🙊. I bought two; at first it wasn’t my cup of tea but BeardMan LOVES this perfume, and you know what, this one is growing on me big time! Remember, I paid 28$ again 🙈 (Unfortunately, Sephora has since corrected their mistake and it’s 120$CND)

♥ Peter Thomas Roth Hall Of Fame Kit ♥

I buy this set each and every year. The difference with this one is that you get a full-sized Strawberry Scrub, a product I hadn’t try before. This is THE deal: I paid 44$CND (minus de 20%) and the scrub is 47$CND alone. Do I have to say more?!? I will use this scrub daily as part as my morning routine. I regret not buying 2 😏 Superstar products all the way! GRAB it, GRAB it, GRAB it.

♥ Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book. Volume II ♥

I did a full review on this bad boy HERE

♥ Kate Somerville Eradikate ♥

Truth be told, I prefer the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion, but it’s difficult for me to get it in my area. EradiKate is the next best thing and it really does a good job. I put a dab (or 10) on every pimples at night and I swear, in the morning, they are almost gone. So magical, I will most definitely repurchase. (Yes, grown ass women still have pimples!!!)

♥ DUO Eyelash Adhesive (dark tone) ♥

I suck big time at applying falsies. I never really made an effort to learn it properly but, as part of my beauty resolution for 2016, learning and perfecting this technique will be my #1 priority. Last year, it was my eyebrows and I’m happy to report that I’ve become a PRO and I can’t see myself not filling my eyebrows now.

♥ bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream in Buttercream 03 ♥

Just a few weeks ago, I bought this product and loved it so much that I bought a backup. This product gives my Dr Jart + Premium BB Cream a run for his money.

♥ Clinique Stay Matte Oil-Free makeup in 2 Alabaster ♥

I’m on a search (more a quest) to find the best foundations for my skin, and I heard such great things about this one, I chose to give it a try. So let’s wait and see, I will review it shortly.


 ♥ Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow ♥

Totally an impulse purchase (my brain took a nap during my shopping session 😝). I’ve been wanting to try these blushes for ever and this year’s Hourglass Holiday palette was not worth the 95$CND since I already own the Ambient Lighting permanent palette. Now I need Dim Infusion (On the wish list for the next VIB sale)…

 ♥ Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer (SX 03) ♥

First of all, this is a tiny 0.63oz, but the product inside is so pigmented (I swear this is PURE pigment) that I will have it for a long time. I mainly bought it to mix this new acquisition with my sunscreen and make my own BB cream. I just used it once and I like the feel a lot so far… but I need to play more with it.

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade in Taupe ♥

Last year I bought one in Blonde and I still have 1/4 left in the pot. I use it each and everyday so I don’t need to tell you that it’s a great investment. Even after more than a year, mine haven’t dried up and there is plenty product still left. I bought Taupe since it’s more my hair shade of the moment. Worth the hype!!! A must ☺️👍🏻

♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush # 14 ♥

I swear by my ABH #12 brush. I wanted another one since I’m such a lazy brush cleaner but I went with the #14 instead, just to try it. Verdict: I love both of them! They are brows life changers. I even slightly prefer my new #14 brush since the bristles are narrower than my #12, and for my almost non-existent brows, it can create wonders.

♥ Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector ♥

I saw Jessica Rose apply it and I was like “I need this in my life”. My first impressions are great. It really brightens my underage area. Like all my new purchases, I need to play more with it before I can write & recommend this product.

That’s it!! Not exciting I know but at least it’s stuff I will use. I’ve been burned a lot by Holiday palettes that are fantastic when you first buy them but after the “Oh! It’s so cute factor” is gone, I always forget about them since they were not that good to begin with.

Have a great weekend my beauties


Ingrid xxx

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14 thoughts on “VIB ROUGE Haul | 2015

  1. Heehee on the Commodity in Magnolia perfum! I’m so glad BeardMan loves it – he’ll have to pay for it full price next time though, lol. 😉
    That Peter Thoman Roth kit looks great – I wish I had known about it! Next year…
    PLEASE do a full review on the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer! I’ve been wanting this FOREVER but I hear such mixed reviews on it.
    The Becca Under Eye Brightener Corrector sounds like the next cult product… everyone seems to be talking about it. And I saw on Beautipedia they rated it really highly:
    You did very well! 😀


  2. Great haul! I ordered a few things from the VIB sale – a surprise for my upcoming very first giveaway, a Nars Sheer Glow Foundation to try out and I cashed in my points to the get the Urban Decay set.
    My goal is also to teach myself to apply false lashes. 🙂


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