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Christmas Decorations My Inspirations “Xmas” Blog |December 2

Christmas decorations vary depending on each and everyone personalities. Myself, I am going nuts for all rustic type ideas. I was raised in the country where nature was a big part of any holidays and DIY decorations were the way to go since we couldn’t afford the trendy stuff. To this day, I still prefer affordable yet gorgeous decorations like homemade stockings, made with natural fibres, woods, recyclable objects  and I take pride at making them. I feel that my personal touch brings more warmth in my home/apartment and it fills it with the Holiday Spirit.

Here is some ideas that I find affordable, since most elements to create them yourself can be found at Ikea, the Dollar Store or any big surface chain like WalMart.

Day 2 :Curly Spring Blossom Blog

Day 2 :Curly Spring Blossom Blog

Day 2 :Curly Spring Blossom Blog

Day 2 :Curly Spring Blossom Blog

So this is my style… What is yours !?!

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10 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations My Inspirations “Xmas” Blog |December 2

  1. Yay! I’m so with you on the rustic look. I don’t have a lot of time to make my own decorations, but whenever I can find rustic looking stuff on sale I try to pick a bit more up. I’d love to see some stuff that you’ve made!!

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