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Snow Themed Look “XMast” Blog| December 4


As you may know, I have a few No-Buy clauses still in force, but I could add one NO-???: a No-Christmas Party 😢 !! With my working schedule for the Holidays season (good for my wallet (ka-ching!!) – but bad for BeardMan’s and my social life), I unfortunately don’t have the time to be festive at all. So it’s not this year that I will let it loose with a superb Snow-Themed look. Snow inspiration for me means pale sparkly eyes, sharp winged eyeliner, extravagant falsies, beautiful full coverage matte foundation & the reddest or pinkest lipstick ever. Out of my comfort zone? You bet. But I like these fun, sophisticated looks.


Since I don’t really do makeup tutorials, here is a step by step eye makeup that I might recreated just for fun or for a date night with BeardMan (maybe he’ll surprise me with a night out after our hectic agenda?) …


With flashy eyes like those, you need to wear a va va voom! bright pink lipstick !!! (Eyebrows and falsies are everything!!!)


These (picture below) are stunning too… I wish I had the courage to be less “Nude” and more daring in my makeup. I know all the technics oh! so well but I’m shy to wear such a bold makeup.


The Holidays are the only time of the year where Glimmers, Shimmers & over the top makeups are welcomed and dare I say appropriate. To go out with a bang as they say. I’m telling you right now that in my 2016 “Beauty” resolution, becoming a pro at applying false eyelashes will be #1 on top of my list. Falsies are everything when you want to achieve “The Total Look” !!!

Do you glamourize yourself during the holidays?


Ingrid trying to sparkles way more !!!

Babes in Blogland

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12 thoughts on “Snow Themed Look “XMast” Blog| December 4

  1. I’m with you on the over-the-top-ness of the holidays, it’s the only time I’ll brave bright lips and such bold eye-shadow as well. I love all of your picks too! Especially the white and blue one 🙂 Good job not breaking your no-buy too!

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