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After Christmas Deals “Xmas” Blog|December 5


I get all excited in September when all the Holiday makeup/beauty sets are coming our way. It’s the best time ever for a makeup junkie like me (the most expensive too !!!). During that period, it’s pretty rare to see deals or any sale whatsoever, so I expect to pay big bucks (and accept it in a way). Like I said before, a real junkie who can’t control the urge of appeasing her addiction. On the other hand, when you reach Christmas time, you also expect all those big deals after the Holidays!!! Totally the best time to buy a lot of stuff for the coming year and regarnish your inventory (as if I let my stock go down)!!! I really am savvy (you may even call me cheap) when it comes for certain items.

So with no further ado, here are the products (brands) everybody should look for after Christmas… I’m telling you that as these days get closer, I feel more and more like MY Christmas is arriving!!!” 

Note: Don’t quote me, it’s just based on past experiences from, at least, the last 5 years.


xmast 5

Starting on Boxing Day, Lush have a «Buy 1 get 1 free» deal on all their Holiday gifts, and we all know that they can be pricey. I have two nieces (truly Lush biggest fans) and when I ask them if they want a 50$ Lush gift set at Christmas or a 100$ one after Christmas, what do you think they choose – D’Oh !?!  For the «Buy 1 Get 1», you don’t even have to choose the same one, and even all their holiday products are 2 or 3 for one… So for me it’s a no brainer: I buy all my Lush after Christmas and it’s been like that for the last 10 years. And I kid you not, the things I get last me almost all year long.

Bath & Body Works


I don’t care if you are judging me but I have NEVER or will NEVER buy something from BBW at regular price! Why should I ?!? What I do is wait after Christmas when they have their 75% off big January sale  + a 10$ off of a 30$ purchase coupon sent to everyone on their mailing list. I don’t have to tell you that I get a ton of products for a tiny amount $$$. You can easily see me buy summer products & candles at the beginning of January. I always snatch the big candles for less than 5$ and all their body & home products for 3$ or less. BTW candles don’t have an expiration date 😉

Note: The same thing applies to store like The Body Shop. Think of a big jar of their famous scrubs or body butter for 5$, that makes me really happy!!!

Christmas Decorations


If you ask me when is the best time to buy all your Christmas decorations, I will tell you the week after Christmas when everyone is fed up with the Holiday stuff and the last thing on their minds is decorations. Well the frugal gal that I am is shopping crazy during these specific days and I buy all those super expensive stuff at a fraction of the cost. Think cards, ornaments, Holiday dishes, table services, etc… Even little things for next year’s hostess gifts, why not?!?


Limited Edition Sets



Stores like Sephora are really quick to put the Limited Edition holiday sets on sale after Christmas (or before)! Usually they also give you a 20% off their sale section items just after the Holidays. Normally, I find some great stuff there! Of course you won’t find any Best Sellers there but still, I almost buy all my skincare & nail polishes during this sale (+ 20% off).

*At the Drugstores*

A lot of brands are concocting some special sets for the Holidays and drugstores are super quick to put them at 50% off.  Expect to make some sweet deals after Christmas for some high-end stuff. In Canada I love going to Shoppers Drug Mart. Brush sets are also on sale & don’t forget perfume sets.

Planners & Calendars


Trust me, it’s worth not having a planner for a week or so in January to have the chance to buy an expensive one for the price of a low-end product. The same goes for these beautiful calendars that are always in the midlle of all shopping malls and cost 20$ each. They usually drop to 75% off 2 weeks after Christmas. I’m a planner girl; truthfully I cannot live without it and I love nicer ones I guess, but  I don’t like to shove the big dough for them  😊

Hope it was helpful if some of you are as frugal as I am !!!


Ingrid loves deals xxx

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11 thoughts on “After Christmas Deals “Xmas” Blog|December 5

  1. 150% agree with you here. I’ve never tried anything from lush because it’s so expensive (that and I don’t have a bath tub lol) but at b1g1 I might have to go try a mask or something… My sister teases me every year cause I scour the Target sale racks and ornament displays at department stores looking for deals but it’s so worth it! And as for those gift sets!? I can’t WAIT for those to go on sale 🙂 Great post, Ingrid this is so awesome!

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    1. Awww! Thank you . Bahaha! I don’t have a bath either 🙂 Some gift sets at Sephora are already on sale + an extra 20% from December 25 through January 1st 💸
      Its sad that we don’t get to hunt all these bargains after the holidays… We would do some serious damages !!!:D

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  2. I can’t comment on the make-up, but in keeping with the Christmas theme…….the chaos is upon us! I’m decorating the tree today, and I’m sure that many of the ornaments didn’t make it from last year. Sorry for hijacking your post, Ingrid, but I wanted to say hello! 🙂

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