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Christmas 2014 Haul Update “XMast” Blog |December 7

I thought it would be fun to do an update on my 2014 Sephora Christmas VIB sale haul. I guess it’s fair to say that I had plenty of time to make my mind about these acquisitions & do a thorough update !!! Out of subject but this past year have gone so crazy fast  😮



My first order …

Ole Henriksen *Micro/mini Peel System*


Oops! Still sealed in the box. I guess it’s time to start using it 😁. I’m sure I will like it though, since Ole Henriksen is one of my skin care brand of choice. Sorry no update!

Too Faced *La Belle Caroussel*

I ended up returning this set since, obviously it didn’t met my expectations. There was nothing special about it and the pigmentation wasn’t there for me. In retrospective I’m super happy to have returned it – more money for other stuff 💰 !!!

Urban Decay *Ocho Loco 2*


Totally in love with this bad boy. This was such a great deal since the 24/7 glide-on eye pencils are, hands down, my favourite liners and this set contains 8 full-sized pencils. If you haven’t tried them before, they are the smoothest and so easy to apply. I highly, HIGHLY recommend them.

Note: UD has a similar smaller set this year.

Tarte *Maracuja Oil*


I bought the jumbo 100ml, so I guess it’s fair to say that I love this oil. Having an overly acne prone skin type, I thought for sure I could never add face oil to my daily nighttime regimen but this baby has changed my beliefs. This product has save my drier winter skin. No breakout to report. I had previously depleted two deluxe sample of Maracuja Oil before going for the big format (which was on sale at 50%).

Sephora Favorites *Give Me Some Lip*

I raved about this set all year long! For me, this year’s version of “Give Me Some Lip” pales in comparison from this little number. 6 amazing lip products , all wearable, all perfect … and that for 30$ this was such a hidden gem. My full review HERE

Too Faced *Melted Kisses*

Awwww! Too Faced Melted Lipsticks are simply fabulous. Hyper pigmented, non drying, beautiful rich colors. This was another great buy. My suggestion is totally to go for these deluxe sample-sized sets instead of one regular size since a little goes a very long way and they last forever. My full review HERE

Note: This year, Too Faced came out with sets containing the Melted Lipsticks too.

Tarte *Park Ave Princess Contour Palette*

If you are a pale skin girl, you already know that Tarte Park Ave Princess bronzer is our BFF. Not too orangey, doesn’t make us look muddy… I will soon hit pan; that says a lot about how much I’ve used it. I also really like the pink blush that looks super natural and blends beautifully. The highlight is just ok though! To be honest, I wear other products that I love much more than this one. My full review HERE


My second order…

Smashbox Santigold

*Earth As We Know It Eye Shadow Collage*


I bought it on sale because the reviews were fantastic & I have to say that they were totally true. The only thing is that I don’t really gravitate towards green or dark blue eye shadows so much. I need to play more with this set in the upcoming months. Smashbox shadows deserve more recognition since they are really good (Except the Full Exposure palette that was not to my standards).

Anastasia Beverly Hills *Tamanna Palette*


That’s my only ABH eye shadow palette and I love it. The colors are perfect for fall/winter. I couldn’t be more pleased with this purchase. Since buying this palette I had to control myself not to buy all the other ones that have followed. I’m still super tempted by the Self-Made that came up for the 2015 Holidays.

Sephora Favorites *Give Me More Lips & Superstars*

Fabulous sets that I ended up giving to a family member who was so sad about not getting them before they were sold out! She loves them and has purchase not 1 but 5 Sephora’s Favorites sets at this year VIB Sale. I had already all the products in there anyway, so this was not a big deal.

Note: I bought the 2015 Superstars (you can read my review HERE)

Too Faced *Everything Nice Holiday 2014 Set*

Superb girly packaging,  and the eyeshadows are very buttery & pigmented … the only thing is that after the Holidays, you cannot use almost any of these colors on a day to day basis. I totally regretted buying this set and the 2013 one. This year, I’ve learned my lesson and I happily restrained myself from buying any of the TF Holiday sets or all Tarte ones for that matter (Except the blush palette that I adore ☺️). I’ve use the Everything Nice palette twice maybe 😒

Benefit *Cheeky Sweet Spot Box O’Blushes*

My favourite purchase from last winter haul. This past year, I’ve abused this product so so much. Hoola has been my go-to contour shade and all the blushes are so wonderful. The only product that I always forget to use is Watt’s Up. Adorable packaging and you get a ton of product for the price you pay. My full review HERE

Note: I more than highly recommend that you grab this year’s set. The presentation is less appealing thought (for me anyway).

Josie Maran *Winter Dreams Argan Color Collection*

I love it and I’ve used up 3 products already: the 2 oils (Argan Illuminizer & 100% Pure Argan Oil Light) and the mascara. The Coconut Watercolor eye shadow is sublime. The only thing I ended up really hating is the Argan Infinity Lip & Cheek Creamy Oil. It was drying my lips and super oily on my cheeks (go figure!!!) My full review HERE

Note: This year sets are already on sale on the Sephora’s website 🙂

Too Faced *Chocolate Bar*


Totally in love with this palette but I unfortunately, due to the excessive number of eye shadow palettes I own, forget to use it. My No-Buy on eye shadow in 2016 will be a good way to fully enjoy all my amazing palettes that I already own. I may buy Chocolate Bon Bons this month, since the No-Buy will not be in effect 😜 (with my 25$ off reduction from Sephora).

With a few exceptions, I really enjoy everything that I bought last year. I will do more in depth updates in some future blogs.


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13 thoughts on “Christmas 2014 Haul Update “XMast” Blog |December 7

  1. An eyeshadow no-buy?! I should do this a well! I’m not sure I could though! I’d have to grab the Mac 15 warm neutral palette first though. Great to see your thoughts on your purchases from a year ago.


    1. Are you telling me that you haven’t touch neither the Tamanna palette nor the Box O’Blush !!!😂 Both FANTASTIC products, you will love them even a year later . I had the Lorac Pro 2 in the box for the last 10 months + 2 Laura Mercier eyeshadow palettes for a year still in the sealed box 😛 xxx


      1. Yes I am back! LOL! I have a couple of posts up actually 😉 They’re just lifestyle ones but I hope to get my beauty related ones up soon! My deluxe samples are still pretty full too!! 😀 xxx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome post! I totally understand the no buy now though haha 😉 I like the UD liners too but I struggle sometimes with them because they set sooooooo fast that I sometimes make a huge mess out of my winged liner. I wish I would have got that smashbox shadow trio thing… you should try the blue as a liner on the lower lash line!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Phew, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who buys stuff and it remains unopened for an entire year! 😉
    That Sephora Give Me Some Lip set looks amazing!
    And WOW, that Smashbox Santigold palette is SO beautiful! I would never use that. Now I want ot hunt one of those down to collect! (reading your blog is dangerous lol)
    So sweet of you to snag all those sets for your family member! 🙂
    Oooh that Benefit blush box is so lovely! I’d personally depot them from that big box but that’s just me…


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