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Christmas DIY “XMast”Blog | December 8



Shh!!! Don’t tell anyone but this year, I’m giving my friends, family & coworkers HOMEMADE Body Scrubs & Body Butter as Christmas gifts. I feel like gifts you made yourself are always the most appreciated (at least for me they are). Since I’ve been making the best lip scrubs (yes I’m so humble!!! – the recipe HERE), I thought about offering some to the people I love.



I also thought it would be nice to add DIY body scrubs & body butter to my portfolio. Since I’ll be making them at the last minute, here are some of the recipes I’ll try for my Christmas presents and that I found thru other fellow amazing bloggers. 

Body Scrubs


Capture d’écran 2015-12-04 à 14.56.22



Capture d’écran 2015-12-04 à 15.02.31



Body Butter



Capture d’écran 2015-12-04 à 15.07.09



How fantastic & easy are these recipes!! Seriously I find it’s super cool to make your own body products with superb and high-end ingredients, at a fraction of the costs & cruelty-free. At least, I hope they are, as these projects will be tested on my family! Or maybe I’ll make a small batch a week before and test them on BeardMan; he is always ready to help in my whimsical ideas 😜!!! I just hope I don’t ruin is perfect little tush 😳!!

**Note: Between you and me, I usually test my nail polishes on his toes before applying them on mine. I even told him that it would bring him luck … I know he does it just to make me laugh but, he’s willing to try just about anything !!!

I hope you try them too my beauties


Super Crafty Ingrid xxx

Babes in Blogland

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16 thoughts on “Christmas DIY “XMast”Blog | December 8

    1. At least it’s a meaningful present with great ingredients that beats a gift card for me any day 🙂 Have a superb day sweetie xxx
      I have some catching up to do on your vlogs 😀 (Nothing like this moment to do so)


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