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My Favourite Christmas Traditions “Xmas” Blog| December 11


My Favourite Christmas Traditions



Even though adult life brings innumerable pleasures (beautiful relationships, trips and seeing the world, independence, etc..), nothing is getting close to those Christmases when we were young. Frankly, I miss my childhood Christmas traditions terribly. Since my father’s passing, I choose to work during the Holidays simply because my family does not get together anymore😪: my mother is getting older and she prefers small get-togethers, my brother has a family of his own and lives far away, and my sister always makes plan with her boyfriend. On BeardMan’s side,  my in-laws are lucky snowbirds spending all winter in Florida. BM also has to spend time in the country, taking care of our house while it’s getting colder and snowier. But working 50+ hour/week during the holidays has a good side, it helps my fellow coworkers spend their Holidays with their children and families. It’s my way of giving something back …

Growing up, I was raised in a modest environment (money wise) but I had the chance to have the most loving and wonderful father in the world (my mother left us when I was really young, so dad was playing all roles in the family: father/mother/BFF at the same time. Every single day, I think about him, especially during these special occasions. It’s been 2 years and it still hurts so much. I miss his presence, his loving words and his earth-sized heart. Since it’s a joyful post, here is the 3 traditions that I’ve enjoyed the most growing up…

Chocolate Advent Calendar

Younger, this was the biggest thing ever! This little chocolate advent calendar was the starting point of my countdown to Christmas. We were 3 kids and with just one calendar, every morning was an adventure just to make sure who would get up the earliest and open the little door to discover which chocolate animal was hiding behind it and of course, eat it. Having the sweetest tooth known to mankind, I was almost always first 😁One year I remember opening more than one door (oops!). I tried to melt some random chocolate and shaping them in some animal forms but the damage was quite done …No wonder why I’m on a perpetual diet !!!

The Midnight Church Mass

Back in the days, in the small country town where I was living, the mass was a big deal. Each year at this period, we would get a new outfit for Christmas. Even though I would have liked to parade my new dress or clothes, it was hidden under my choral robe. See, all my childhood I was in the choir and at that time, I thought I had the voice of an angel. I was putting my heart in every song like I was Beyonce at the Madison Square Garden. Years later, I realized that my voice just sounded good in my head only, and that was the end of my international career.

That One Present


I never complained about having just one present. I knew my Dad could barely afford one but he still always managed to get the perfect one. That article could have been a big deal he bought 6 months ago …

I miss these simple days when it was just about having the best food, with people I love. No fuss, just being happy. Don’t get me wrong I find my happiness in all of that but in a non traditional way.

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Ingrid xxx

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7 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Traditions “Xmas” Blog| December 11

  1. Thanks for sharing your traditions. It’s great to get to know more about you. I am so sorry about your father. Holidays can be the hardest time of the year some. I wish things were more simple these days as well. xo


  2. I loved learning more about you, Ingrid. I’m sorry about your dad. He sounds like such a wonderful person. I agree that things were much simpler as a child (particularly when you’re raised to appreciate what you have and just enjoy family rather than give, give, give, get, get, get). As for that chocolate calendar, I want to get one for my son now 🙂 Let’s see if he can beat ME to it 😉 Haha 🙂


  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. I’ve some fond memories of my Christmas during my childhood. My mom took me and my brother to a church and it was Christmas. We each get a gift from Santa. Another time, while I was in a hospital. Guess time are evolving and tradition seems to have shifted. I was in choir too but sadly didn’t get to become recording artist. lol! xoxo


  4. I loved reading this! I guess the focus changes when we’re kids and now the importance is shifted. I feel like we have some similarities in our childhood. 🙂
    Have you seen this viral video? (sad)


  5. Loved the post, Ingrid. I miss the simplicity of days gone by as well. The presents were toppings on the cake, and not the focus. I wonder if we rob our children of the true meaning of Christmas or the holidays with our excesses. Have a great day!


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