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MAC Holiday Sets *HAUL* “Xmas Blog”| December 14


Don’t know if you have heard but MAC recently had a 25% sale on all their Christmas sets and their pre-made eyeshadow palettes. If my memory serves me right, I’ve never witness a 25% rebate from the brand this close to Christmas (in fact, never saw 25% EVER), maybe 20% a year or so ago. Being the makeup addict that I am, I went a little crazy and ordered up a bunch of stuff online 😁.

I was ambivalent to order from MAC’s website since I heard from almost everyone that it sucks big time. I may have been the lucky one since I had no issue whatsoever! Indeed, they shipped my new acquisitions so fast I was really happily surprised (maybe they heard about all the complaints 😀)! I’m including this post in my “Xmas” Blog because a small elf told me that MAC have the same sale RIGHT NOW and there are some must-have in there…


♥ So this is what I got + my first impressions …♥



This is my first ever pigments/glitter from MAC. First thing to note is that last year’s sets did contain 5 pigments 😕- so, higher price and less products! I love the 3 pigments: the colors are spectacular. The downfall is the glitter (not eyes friendly) that I will probably never use unless next summer, I mix a little bit of it with my body cream or oil. As I paid 31$CND,  and considering that I will really use 3 out of the four, it was definitely not a bargain but then again, I’m in love with these little pigment wonders. Since it takes such a small amount of product to get a maximum effect, I will have them for years. BTW the case that they come in is sturdy and very practical.

They also have two other sets (What on earth do you do with pink & blue glitters 😳; at least mine is gold!!!)





Shamefully I kind of broke my no-buy on lip products. The fact is that I hardly have any (ok maybe a couple) lip liners and I’ve been using them like crazy lately. So I asked my lawyer and everything is ok. He’s conception of my No-Buy never mentioned it stood also on lip liners – you should have read those small prints at the end of my agreement 😝).  The MAC liner that was on my wish list was Boldly Bare & Subculture; so when I saw that they had a set containing Boldly Bare (19.50$CND), I suddenly forgot my no-buy since it was such a great deal. Furthermore, when I saw that the set had Crème Cup (20$CND) as the lipstick, I flipped and I couldn’t think straight (in fact, things are still kind of blurry!😉). The lipglass in Cherry Blossom (18$CND) is a peachy/rosy stunner (if you don’t mind the usual stickiness of course). I paid 35$CND instead of 57$CND; in MAC world this is a deal !!! In my personal opinion, they are all superstars products. I will be rocking all 3 products like crazy when springtime comes. It’s my 4th lifetime purchase of Crème Cup lipstick. With Twig, these two are my most repurchase MAC products! HIGHLY highly recommend…

Two other sets are available (I wouldn’t be caught dead buying the red one, I would on the other hand see my beautiful Sharon wear it so gracefully!!!)






Extraordinary! Out of this world! A must for every makeup lover! You know I’m talking about Paint Pots right? My love for them are legendary (well as legendary as I am, which is not that much but moving on…!!!) I paid 38$CND for this set, and alone, the paint pot in Stormy Pink is 26$CND and the Fluidline in Macroviolet is 19,50$CND. So I basically got a very decent double-ended brush (to my great surprise!!!) & a full sized False Lashes mascara in False Black (27$CND) for free (Yay!).

Two other sets are available (one with Painterly Paint Pot, which is hands down, the best eye primer in the world!!!)




I also bought the pre-made Eye Shadow X 15 palette in Cool Neutral.  Since it’s not on sale now and not part of their Holiday sets, I’ll review it in January. It will give me time to play with it during my Christmas break. When I purchased it, it was 25% off too (74$CND) !!!

The pigments sets are debatable! If you urgently need one, you love MAC products or you wanted to try them for awhile now, the quality and the price are just OK. On the other hand, you can’t get wrong with the lip bags or any eye bag. They have on their website a lot more stuff but in my experience, the brush sets & the holiday eyeshadow palettes are not the same quality as their regular counterparts. The glosses sets are also very interesting and the format is surprisingly big.


Thanks for stopping by my beauties. 


Ingrid xxx


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11 thoughts on “MAC Holiday Sets *HAUL* “Xmas Blog”| December 14

  1. Thanks girlfriend for reminding me that it’s almost time for me to bring out Ruby Woo lip color (red color lips for the holidays). whahaha! I’ll check now if I can grab a paint pot with 25% off, since I’ve been waiting for ages for it to go on special discount. Is painterly pot in a beige color base? ;D

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh you are a crazy chick!
    Hahaha I KNEW you’d break down with the lip set! I suspected you blacked-out and purchased this set while in a trance! 😛 (but it IS such a good set, great value and all wearable colours!)

    Those pigments will honestly last you a LIFETIME. I have several of the small vials from previous holiday sets and they look brand new even with regularly use (I love the shade NAKED as a highlight!)
    I think it’s silly to include glitters that aren’t eye safe!

    If I was going to break down for anything, it would have been the Paint Pot set that you got – I don’t have those colours – Stormy Pink is gorgeous. And such great value again!

    Hahaha we’re all Betty Boop today! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I kind of broken down 😛 You just wait and see how good I am in the low-buy !!!
      What is the best way to use the pigments ??? With Fix + ??? Glitter Glue???
      You NEED Stormy Pink in your life, it’s the best brownish/pink crease shade of life !!!
      Tomorrow you are # 3 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I use pigments like I do with loose pigments – just on top of Paint Pot. They adhere fine – no need for glitter glue. If you want to foil them you can use Fix+.
        I can’t buy any more Paints Pots until use at least ONE up! 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thanks ! I thought I would end up with pigments all over my cheeks if I just apply them the normal way 😀
        Paints Pots are probably the BEST/LOVE products that I own ! You are such a bad influence 😛 Do you have a favorite (excluding Painterly or Soft Ochre) ?


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