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Christmas Tree Eye Look “Xmas” Blog | December 18


Even though we are approaching the Christmas Holidays and our house is filled with colourful decorations and lights, I  must say that my face is far from looking like a Christmas tree. As you may know, I’m a neutral kind of girl when it concerns my everyday makeup look although I own a ton of colourful (but unused) eyeshadows. When I’m feeling extra daring, I’ll usually put on a deeper shade of brown. I need to get out of my comfort zone, this eternal “beige” look that suits me so well and is so convenient for every occasion. That goes for my lips too; I’m literally scared of red lipsticks or any bright shades for that matter. I guess I don’t like to draw any attention. The weird thing is that I really like those bright colour makeups, but on everybody else (Lack of self confidence … I know)!!

Since I suck big time in the art of selfies & since my hooded eyes make it impossible to really show some detailed eye looks; I thought I could share my 5 most loved (unused but love looking at them) colorful palettes. All 5 would certainly help create a Christmas Tree eye makeup look to remember…


Make Up For Ever Artist palette Volume 2 – Artistic


This is one of my newest colourful/”what on earth possessed me to purchase this bad boy” palette. The formula is impeccable. It’s Christmas Tree 101 right there. I will review this palette soon but if you never tried MUFE eyeshadows, you really need to. I said it several times but I could live on drugstore’s makeup easily with the exception of shadows. I started having fun doing eye looks when I purchased my very first high-end, quality eyeshadows! In this case, what you pay for is what you get! (Agree to disagree with me).

Note: Out of subject, but yesterday, I was reading an article about Morphe’s eyeshadows. They are the new big thing in the YouTube community (paid YouTubers mainly – we know the drill). For you readers, buy with caution: Morphe’s products contains cheap ingredients and they are full of paraben & even some unknown stuff since it’s made in China where there is no regulation on cosmetics – All elements we shouldn’t apply on our eyes are in there!! Again I guess what you pay for is what you get!

Shiseido Eye Color Bar palette


If you never felt a Shiseido shadow on your lid, you are missing out since they are, hands down, the silkiest formula I ever touched. Warning! These are so pigmented that they tend to be hard to blend if you apply to much at once. I find that building up gradually is key. Hummm! Why on earth have I never touched this stunning palette???

Urban Decay

Deluxe Shadow Box, Feminine & Ammo palettes




Urban Decay makes the best shimmery shadows. These 3 are older palettes that you can still find on the market and should have in your collection. I must have bought the Feminine one 3 years now and the formula is still perfect. A month ago, I was at Sephora and I fell madly in love with UD Scratch shadow. I even had it in my cart just to find out that this color is in the Deluxe Shadow Box. I hope you had a good laugh because I certainly did ☺️(Thank you for this “Xmas”Blog, I didn’t made too much of a fool of myself.) It shows you that even if these palettes are old timers, they are still very actual and … that I never use them!!!  Who needs any vice palettes when you have these three? Oldies but goldies…  If you are makeup enthusiast, go for palettes more than those single eyeshadows that each retails at 22$CND; it’s always a best bang for your buck.

Do you think about wearing more daring colours during the Holidays ?

Animated_Christmas_Tree_With Gifts_and_Snowman

Ingrid who needs to embrace colors xxx

Babes In Blogland


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Eye Look “Xmas” Blog | December 18

  1. Oooh yeah the Shiseido Eye Colour Bar Palette! I completely forgot about that – good one for this theme! ❤
    Thank you for the note about Morphe. I see the swatches and they do appear impressive, but I am skeptical about the price point… and yes, I stay away from made in china as much as I can for makeup items.
    Am I in the blue today? I've always been curious about chopping my hair off like that!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s funny because I think that I would rock bright colors if I was wearing falsies !!! 😀
        Great idea, in the evening I should try to add some colors before removing my makeup ! xxx

        Liked by 1 person

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