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Extreme Christmas lighting “Xmas” Blog| December 21

Everybody has a passion! Some are addicted to makeup (me, me and ME 🙋🏼), others are sports fanatics or miniature trains junkies! There are so many passions out there, that it is impossible to mention them all. But some enthusiasts, after a whole year of preparation and hard work, can’t wait to display their passion and show everyone just how much their passion has evolve. In the earlier years, we all remember when a single bulb was responsible for all kind of troubles and headaches, but the arrival of new technologies like computers and LED has made available a multitude of possibilities. Today, lighting buffs are pushing those new techs to their limits and are now creating wonderful eclectic shows for their neighbourhood to watch during the Holidays. Personally, some have pushed the envelope a little too far but …

When I was a child, I remember vividly a neighbour displaying a self-made village of moving people walking thru the streets, going to the Midnight Mass, all of this to the sound of our Christmas classics. He worked all year to assemble these little dolls wearing perfect suits and dresses, and moving to the music with cables fixed to old turntables. A multitude of houses created with wood and styrofoam, boarded with fake trees and street lights, arranged in an oval just to make us believe that those little figurines where really walking… and when small snowflakes were coming down, it was magical!!





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6 thoughts on “Extreme Christmas lighting “Xmas” Blog| December 21

  1. There are houses I saw when driving around my neighbourhood seeing them using laser lights and lighten giant blown up santa we can see in fun fair. The third picture is my fav. Applause to all the house owners who go all the way to decorate and making the neighbourhood so festive 🙂


  2. Your old neighbors house sounds so neat. We have one man who spends all of December adding to the things in his lawn but it doesn’t look magical, it looks like Christmas puked in his yard.

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  3. I just imagine their electrical bill lol.
    We used to drive around the neighbourhood to see people’s decorations too – some people are so dedicated! They work ALL year to display their lights and decorations.


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