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Favorite Past Christmas Gifts “Xmas” Blog | December 22

As a young child, we were not a poor family but Dad, a single father, could not afford a whole lot for his three kids. During my earlier years, I have mostly been blessed by the love of my father and all the sacrifices he made just to keep the Christmas spirit alive

When I think about favourite Christmas gifts, I think about the way BeardMan always seems to find the perfect gift while I always succeed in going wrong 😆
Let me share a few recent examples: Three years ago, BeardMan, noticing that I spent a lot of my free time on the Internet, watching Youtube videos or just reading different articles, bought me an IPad. I was never an Internet junkie but he already saw that I would benefit form this present 🎁!! To show him all my love, I bought a few items that, I thought, would please him: Steve Jobs’s biography (and that’s a few months before he returned to school and having a lot of reading for all his new courses), the “Shameless” Tv series DVD (that we still haven’t watched) and a superb gift certificate for a romantic weekend in a beautiful B&B (where he spent most of his time holding my hair after I had food poisoning and talked awhile with Mr. Bowl)😂… After that Christmas, we decided that we should stop buying gifts for the Holidays! But BeardMan disagreed (Good for Me, and in retrospect, good for Him also…).

Two years ago, a funny story inspired his Christmas gift. After he nearly died from heatstroke while he slept (joke!!), he thought of giving me a dual control heated blanket. As the previous one only had this main control and I always freeze during those cold winter months, I decided to fix the temperature to the maximum heat. Let say that BeardMan prefers sleeping in a cold environment… 😜

A year ago, after watching me making violent threats to my now slow motioned IPad, he surprised me with a brand new one, even though I reminded him that we agreed to stop buying gifts on Christmas… So, this year, I still reminded him of our understanding, but deep in my heart, I hope he still surprises me with a small gesture for the Holidays. You have to know something: we met during the Holidays, and my birthday is between Christmas and the New Year, so even if we acknowledged our NO-Buy on Christmas gifts, he still has the possibility to buy things for our anniversary or my birthday. So, if I get something this year, I will try to not get mad and just accept my BeardMan like he is: a generous and kind boyfriend who always finds ways to surprise me !

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12 thoughts on “Favorite Past Christmas Gifts “Xmas” Blog | December 22

  1. OMG I’m so skinny!!! hehe. Yeah guys aren’t good bargain shoppers so they just go for something they know for sure will make us happy. One year my hubby got me an ipad and last year he got me a laptop. I’ve sense broken both of them 😦 I had to threaten his life not to buy me a new one cause they are so expensive and yet I caught him measuring the ipad the other day haha. Men. Too sweet for their own protection!

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      1. My husband regularly reminds me that I’m a pain in the ass, which I can’t help but to agree with. Gotta keep the relationship fresh, right!? But yes, haha, it is funny how similar they are! We found the good ones for sure 🙂


  2. Haha I love this! It’s so similar to my SO and I – I completely understand. I also want to have a separate blanket for him and myself – I get SO cold and he is like a BEAR lol.
    He can’t resist but to spoil you!

    Liked by 1 person

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