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If you could kiss anyone under a mistletoe who would it be ? “Xmas” Blog | December 24

BLOG Xmast December 24th

Truth be told, I have more chances of drawing the winning ticket in a $48 million lottery than this happening but if I would find myself under a mistletoe with Tom Hardy, I would kiss him (and even attempt a little tongue action)!! What can I say, I like a rugged man and a man of few words … I always liked this actor for his role selections, his self-proclaimed love of dogs, and he is sooo sexy!!! I know you are shocked and saying “poor BeardMan” but truthfully, I love my special guy so much that I would never do this to him… or would I ???

If you want to get to know my secret love interest, you should watch him in “Mad Max”, “Lawless”, “Warrior” and this small independent movie called “Bronson”.


Now, head over Sharon, Stashy & Kaily if like me, you are dying to know who they are secretly drooling over.

You know my man candy, who’s yours???


Ingrid xxx

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15 thoughts on “If you could kiss anyone under a mistletoe who would it be ? “Xmas” Blog | December 24

  1. I just love this idea for a Blogmas post! I think if I could kiss ANYONE under the mistletoe it would have to be 70’s Harrison Ford – I had a massive crush on Han Solo when I was 12! :p

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  2. Hmmmm. How about a candy woman? I’d have to say Miranda Kerr. Wait! Can I pick two? Just in case there are two dangling pieces of mistletoe? Megan Fox. 😀

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