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My 2016 Goals CurlySpringBlossom

January is that time of the year when we usually make “resolutions”, those sacrosanct wishful thinkings that we end up not keeping for long. So this year I thought I would share some of my goals (seems better than resolution) for 2016. I only pinpointed 3 in each category because these are most influential and constitute the back bone of my way of life for the coming year…



Reading more posts: Time being a huge factor, I always seem to be short on time to fully appreciate my friend’s posts and comments (because I always, ALWAYS comment when I read a post). Starting this very week, I made a list of my favorite bloggers and I intend to read all their weekly posts.

Learn about coding: I would really  like to build my own layout (ONE DAY!!!). I want to learn more about SEO, about WordPress configs and Blogging in general … I want to learn!!!

♥ This first year of blogging was all about the basics, blogging 101 (with its ups & downs) but year 2 will be about myself by exploring way more on all my passion for photography & tackling different subjects.


If 2015 was the year of the brows for me, 2016 will be one to finally learn to apply falsies. The few times I attempted to put some false lashes, the results were a disaster. Like a lot of things in life, “practice makes perfect” so I WILL learn those new skills. You won’t see me wearing falsies on a daily basis anytime soon, but still on special occasions, it would be fun to put some on, without having to deal with them falling  down in the middle of a lovely dinner or worst, finding one in my soup.

I want to try wearing different colors. I need to go out of my comfort zone. I feel so good with all my nudes that it’s almost scary to venture into bright colors.

Like I said in my previous post (HERE), I want to purge my stash to the point of having only products I love with a big L. I’ve let it grown to a ridiculous point. What’s done is done so this low-buy will be oh! so very refreshing.


This year will focus mainly on being fit again. It’s my most important goal. I went thru some challenges and hardships these past two years and I totally lost sight on my well being. It’s not really about loosing the pounds but way more about being more active. Hiking here I come …

I need to relax. Time flies so fast that I never take any time for myself. At this point, I don’t even know how I will be able to do this since I never stop, but life is slowly giving me pointers that I should slow down. Frankly, I think that a complete change in my life’s philosophy is in order. I need to live in the moment instead of trying to plan way ahead. We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sail… We may not be able to control every situation and its outcome but we can control our attitude and  how we deal with things…

♥ I used to cook so much and thrive at trying different recipes but now I rarely bake at all. My goal is to try / make at least one recipe per week and maybe post it (if it’s any good and worth trying)!!!

So if I become fit (again), while eating some delicious recipes, I’ll probably be able to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. Meanwhile I could totally see myself adding some jewel colors on my eyelids with my feline eyes (compliments of falsies!!!). And then, maybe I could hope for a career change if I’m coding like a mad woman…

What are some of your goals?


Ingrid xxx

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17 thoughts on “Blog, Beauty & Life Goals|2016

      1. I’ve never done it before, so I’m not speaking from experience. 🙂 I hope so, Ingrid. If so, I can’t wait for the summer this year. 😀

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  1. Oh gosh, good luck with the false lashes haha! I gave up. I find them so uncomfortable to wear, the 2 times I had them applied I pulled them off!
    I’m not looking to lose weight – I need more muscle tone and core strength training! My SO looks at my arms and shakes his head. He’s challenged me to do a chin up this year… lmao
    Coding isn’t too difficult to learn, honestly! I dabbled for fun and I ended up working on few not-for-profit webpages. 🙂 There are a lot of resources out there! (for some reason, I haven’t had much desire to go on my own for the blog… I like all the themes and pre-packaged templates – go figure)


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