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Demeter Fragrance Library

Demeter Fragrance Library Curly Spring Blossom

Of all the products I could ever receive, these Demeter fragrances are right there on top of my Wishlist. If you think for one second that I’m exaggerating, well think again… I feel I’ve enjoyed Demeter Library fragrances since my teenage years (believe me, that’s many many years!). To this day, Demeter Sugar Cookie brought me so many compliments that I still wonder why I change perfume 😉. They are so reasonably priced and fun to play with that you can them wear alone or impersonate a mad scientist and create your own concoction!

Demeter Fragrance Library Curly Spring Blossom

Years ago, some big retail chain stores who were carrying the brand unfortunately closed and then, it became impossible to get Demeter fragrances in my area. Unable to “sniff” them in person, I almost forgot all the love that I once had with this unique brand and all those delicate childhood memories that popped in my head while inhaling their fresh scents.

Note for brainiacs: The sense of smell connects to the part of the brain that also controls memories and emotions. Therefore, smells often evoke strong memories…

Enough about the past… Thanks to Demeter & Canadian Beauty Bloggers, I received some cologne sprays and it didn’t take long for my passion to rekindle! Without knowing it, you both made a girl very happy. Little did you know that I prefer these fragrances over my Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Dior and so and so…

I received 5 bottles: the scents are Hawaiian Vanilla (you all know that Vanilla + Ingrid = ❤️💋❤️), Angel Food & Gingerbread in the first trio and the duo contained Grass & Dirt aromas + an empty bottle to allow me to make our own perfume. I am far from Breaking Bad’s Walter White (his chemist prowesses that is), but I have work hard to create a Curly Spring Blossom unique smelling awesomeness.

Demeter Fragrance Library Curly Spring Blossom

With their blending pyramid, it’s somewhat easy to pinpoint which aromas would be nice to blend together but like in our makeup world, their is no definite rule. And as I said before, you can wear them alone or mix and match to create your own custom scent.

Demeter Fragrance Library Curly Spring Blossom

So far, I have not one but two concoctions to talk about. One is BeardMan’s favorite and the other is totally me. Rest assure, I have tried every combination possible, even some strange ones !!! But, I will continue to experiment and play with different dosages or proportions to refine my formulas…

Demeter Fragrance Library Curly Spring Blossom

BeardMan aka my boyfriend’s favorite & Mine ♥

The Two Concoctions

Demeter Fragrance Library Curly Spring Blossom

Of course, this renewed love made me want some more so here are the ones that are now on my Demeter most wanted Wishlist.

Did you ever tried Demeter fragrances?


Ingrid who smells yummy xxx

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12 thoughts on “Demeter Fragrance Library

  1. Haha – love the Breaking Bad reference! 😉
    What UNUSUAL concoctions! I would have NEVER put grass and vanilla together, nor dirt and gingerbread! You are a genius!
    I remember smelling Demeter Leather and liking it – so odd! But now you got me curious about the Condensed Milk scent – mixed with Espresso? That’s Thai coffee right there! 😛
    I do wish Demeter was more readily available in stores – they need to have a section at Shoppers, that would be awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would be in so much trouble if they were available at Shoppers 😀
      OMG! Condensed Milk and Espresso😍, now you are the genius !!!
      Leather is not odd but Poison Ivy would be! (Yes! They carry this scent) LOL 😛


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