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Monthly Spending & Wish List | January 2016

January Wish List & Spending (Curly Spring Blossom)

If you don’t already know, I’ve decided to start the year with a serious low-buy on all things related to beauty including makeup, skincare, body care & tools (The post on my low-buy HERE). So, since I won’t be buying as much stuff on my 100$/month little budget, I decide to keep you posted on my monthly spending & on my oh! so evolving, realistic wish list.

How does it feel being on this low-buy??? Well first of all, it sucks big time. I miss not being able to buy and to review the new collections and upgrades available on the market. I’m so hard-headed and want to stick to my decision that I always have in the back of my mind the same questions over and over: do I need this product? & do I have a similar item in my collection? The most popular answers are unfortunately No & Yes (Boo Hoo!)!! Let me tell you that shopping is not as much fun as it used to be. On the other hand, I feel liberated and relieved. During the Holidays, I felt some pressure to keep up with all the new trends, the new products and collections and the new brands growing. I was overwhelmed from all the work ahead to keep you posted and all the products to buy for future review. This Low-Buy decision materialized after 2 recent decluttering events that convinced me that I had to take action since my makeup & quite frankly my skincare collection was a tiny bit out of control. After throwing away a lot of products in the garbage because it went bad (I’m usually not the one to adhere firmly to all the guidelines about the expiration of each makeup categories, but still, it comes a time when they don’t perform as well or they start to smell a little funny!), I had to do something. Other good things from this low-buy are that I will have more empties (that’s the point) & my blog will be less about reviews and more on other subjects that I find thrilling and refreshing.

January Spending $$$

Was I good in January? Oh Yes! I spent only 37$ on makeup brushes (Jean Coutu, a local drugstore chain, placed their Pro Personnelle Brushes on clearance and I couldn’t resist the deal since I already own a few of these and they’re top quality) & on facial wax strips (those were not for BeardMan but to destroy my unfortunate moustache). So this frugal Ingrid spared a beautiful 63$ and it will be spent in the coming months. I’m very proud to have stay the course, and to all my detractors out there, I will succeed on achieving this goal in 2016. But I must say that reading about all your holidays hauls is heartbreaking and you are not helping !!! 😣😤

January Monthly Spending (Curly Spring Blossom)

Wish List

A wish list on a low-buy is so different: you have to carefully choose the products that realistically (and decisively) you want to buy in the coming months! My Sephora “Loves” section had 4 pages but now, it shrunk to a single one!!! So here is my Wish List as of January + The one MAC palette I WILL buy !!!

Curly Spring Blossom January Wish List

Curly Spring Blossom January Wish List

So how did you do if you were on low-buy or better a no-buy?



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25 thoughts on “Monthly Spending & Wish List | January 2016

  1. I like the low buy idea! I could never do a no buy, but this sounds much more manageable. Does make you appreciate your collection more and forces you to truly consider whether you need something (like you, my answer is almost always not really).
    xo Anne


  2. You did so well! 😀
    Sorry I contributed to your temptations! 😛 I was good last year and it’s only ONE month of spending.
    I’ll be on $50 in Feb!
    I understand what you mean about now being able to post about things that interest you instead of reviews upon reviews. I feel like I owe it to review every single item I hauled but I don’t want my blog just to be about product reviews – I’ll have to find a way to balance.
    I foresee that MAC palette in your future! 😉

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    1. It’s so funny because I feel I’m discovering MAC products all over again ! 5 years ago I was all about MAC and then it was not trendy anymore. On the down side, I think they are coming out with too many LE collections !!!
      I’m just teasing you about all your hauls … You deserved to spoil yourself 🙂


  3. I’m not on a low-buy or a no-buy, just at my normal buying levels… And I spent $58 this month on a deal from Skyn Iceland, a clearance box from Glossybox, and a clearance box from Popsugar. I do have a wishlist a mile long, though.

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    1. You should do it !!! You will realize that your new wish list is more trilling (if it makes sense) 🙂 I fell less pressure with this low-buy ; I was buying so many random stuff before ! xo’s

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    1. I’m so happy to realize that a lot of bloggers are doing the same low-buy or no-buy !!!! It’s harder because of my blog but at the end of the day, I feel so relieve (less pressure) !!! Xo’s


    1. I’m super happy with this low-buy … It’s more challenging because I’m a pseudo beauty blogger !!! I will be making more posts on my “healthy/journey” blog 🙂 70$ that’s great !!! That’s a far cry from Stashy recent hauls 😀 xo’s

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  4. I have been looking forward to hearing how this went for you this month. I have also been trying to spend less. It is really hard. $100 sounds like a large amount, but it goes so fast! Those are great question to ask yourself when trying to decide whether to buy something or not! I am going to try to ask myself the same ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Seriously I would have spent 300$ + in January alone !!! This low-buy is awesome, the problem is how it will affect my beauty blog !!! Maybe it’s a good thing since I will have more time to concentrate on my “Healthy” blog 🙂 Have a great weekend sweetie xxx

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