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Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows 2 | My Two Cents 

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows 2

I admit, I should have talked about this gorgeous eyeshadow palette before! When it went on sale on the Sephora website 34$US (39$CND), I thought it would sell out so fast that I didn’t bother to review it but, to my surprise, it’s still on the sale section !!! What are you waiting for??? Nine shadows of, quite possibly, my favorite formula. At that price … it’s a steal!!! No, I’m not sponsored and yes, I paid full price for mine but have you seen the price of regular palettes lately (50$ and up)? Did you know that this palette contains almost as much product as the KVD Shade+Light eye contour palette (0.56oz versus 0.60oz for the KVD)!?!

To get a sense of what I’m talking about, read my thoughts/review on the MUFE holiday 15 shadows Artist palette, it will give a good idea of how amazing these are (link). You are probably thinking that these colors are pretty flashy but coming from the Neutral shade Queen, this palette must be quite amazing for me to promote such vibrant tints. To my surprise I use this wonder regularly as a pop of colour or in my lower lashes (Hummmmm! Read here the trends for spring 2016).

MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadows 2

You won’t find any mattes in there but to my knowledge these shadows translate as satin without extreme shimmer, and no glitter whatsoever on the eyelids when you blend them… The richness and the pigmentation are out of this world; a little goes a very long way! 

Personally, I prefer Volume 2 than the newer Volume 3, which has too many duplicate colors! But, believe me, if it ever goes on sale, I would buy it in a heart beat. I’m still a palette maniac!!

Eyeshadow formula preferences are unique to each individual, but if you have never tried Make Up For Ever Artist shadows, you should indulge yourself in 2016!!!

This was just my humble and very passionate 2 cents on this stunning palette! I’m still restraining myself because I would buy a backup! 🙊

Am I a good saleswoman !?!



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5 thoughts on “Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows 2 | My Two Cents 

  1. Well I can understand why it’s not selling out so quickly – the colours arenèt for everyday! When you showed it to me, I thought about it momentarily but I know that this will just sit in my collection untouched. And then somewhere down the road in 2 or 3 years’ time, I’ll end up giving it away – it always happens like that! 😛
    I do have to say though, that duochrome is gorgeous! I prorably have 4 or 5 colours just like that in my stash already though.
    Nice score! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t agree !!! You know that I may just be more neutral than you are and I find this palette very wearable. On my lower lashes, to replace my eyeliner or in the center of my lids, these are fantastic .
      Even to do an eye look, these blend almost sheer and semi-matte!!!
      It’s a steal … I know, I know I’m way to passionate about the things I love :D🤗


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