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100$ Gift Card at Sephora ❥ What would you buy?

On this nice Wednesday morning and I woke up sore all over. Yesterday, after a 20cm snowstorm followed by ice pallets (Yay! I love winter 😡), I had to shovel like crazy just to be able to enter the car in the driveway. BeardMan was working all day and I wanted to give him a night off. This morning, my body tells me it was a bad idea… 😩

Capture d’écran 2016-02-17 à 05.43.04

With all the new Spring collections coming out, let’s face it, there is hope for better days and why not daydream a tiny bit – Anyway, with my sore arms and back, it’s the only thing that my body is willing to do so far…!!!

My question today is:  If you had a Sephora gift card of a 100$ value, what would you buy ?

Spontaneously …

At first glance, this new Viseart Brow palette is screaming my name (100$). However, after giving it some thoughts, I would hate the fact that they put cream products beside powder ones. (Why??? WHY????)

Viseart Brow palette 2016

Reasonable Ingrid…

If I’m being more practical, I would go for what I really need versus what I’m lusting over …(96$). Note: I never bought the Shiseido Cotton Pads but a little bird told me that they were addictive …

Capture d’écran 2016-02-16 à 14.44.40

Out of the blue …

But being the dum-dum that I can be sometimes, I would probably end up with Marc Jacobs’ The Bronze – Bronzer Brush No. 12 (94$) …

Capture d’écran 2016-02-17 à 05.27.19

Let’s have a conversation, what would 100$ at Sephora would make you happy?



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16 thoughts on “100$ Gift Card at Sephora ❥ What would you buy?

  1. Agreed that cream and powder together is just madness! Now if the palette cost £6.99 I’d excuse it…but at that price!!! For me it would be some Kat von D stuff…it’s hard to get in the UK and I have never tried anything! 🙂

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  2. Awe, well at least you got a good workout 🙂 I’m not impressed with them mixing the cream and powder either, I say just go for one of the $80 palettes (me thinks……… the cool toned one)! And a $20 lipstick 🙂 I think that’s what I’d do with $100 🙂 Who cares about being practical anyways ;-P

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    1. Also, you’ll just have to work the Shisedo Facial Cotton into your budget now. At $11 for 165 pcs, at a rate of one cotton per day, you’ll nee just over 2 packages per year so approx $24. That’s nothing! 😉

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    2. Just do a search for “1940 Max Factor Face brushes” 😀 (How do you like your Oval brush ??? )
      I will 100% buy the Surratt eye lash curler; I’m waiting for the April VIB 15% sale…
      I’m set on a Viseart palette and you know how strong minded I can be:P

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      1. oh my gosh, it’s just like the Max Factor brush from 1940!

        I saw a review of the Bésame brushes by Dustin Hunter and he loves them. I neeeeeed / want! 😛
        Shamefully, I’ve not used the MAC Oval brush yet because my face is acting up recently due to me testing new makeup. Also, I may or may not have been super lazy and not washed my brushes for weeks…. I will make it a point to test it by the weekend!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Who the hell is Dustin Hunter ???!! Ok! There he is 😉 I’m still not sure … might give it a try some day !!! (Takes 3 days to dry … but seems so soft)


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