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Mac Must-Haves ❥ Mac Eyeshadows

Mac Eye shadows

As I stated last week, I just resumed buying Mac products again after a five year hiatus, and believe me, It’s been a very long interruption! I somehow lost interest in MAC but now I just can’t get enough, I’m falling in love all over again with my old favourite products.

Being the eyeshadow junkie that I am, I quickly started to make my own neutral palette using MAC’s Eyeshadow Pro Palette Refill Pans! With just 5 remaining slots to fill, I have been a busy beaver (as in Canadian and hard working… you freaks!!!). I think I need some purple shades for spring so I’m leaning towards: Shale, Parfait Amour, Stars’N’Rocket, Beautiful Iris & Quarry … But, the more I think about this, my OCD-self is having some doubts about adding purple shadows in a neutral palette!! I will most likely buy 5 more neutral shades (Amber Lights, Malt, Woodwinked, Haux & Bamboo) and start a pink/purple new palette (I know, I’m a strange creature). Imagine BeardMan on a day-to-day basis, I never leave a rope around, just in case… 💀🔫

See my two choices to complete my Mac x 15 palette …

♥ Neutral ♥

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♥ Purple ♥

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MAC Neutral Eyeshadows Must-Haves 2016

So with all the eyeshadows that I own, what makes Mac shadows must-haves:

♥ They blend like a charm.

♥ 126 shades to choose from just in their regular eyeshadows.

♥ Pigmentation is just right; enough to make the most beautiful eye look without having to  layer and layer.

Very beginner’s friendly. They are almost mistake proof; you cannot over blend or under blend them.

♥ There is hardly any fallout (This is my biggest pet peeve in an eyeshadow: no matter how gorgeous it is, if there is fallouts, I won’t use it! Urban Decay Vice 4 I’m talking to you!)

♥ Stay put all day long without budging (I use Mac Paint Pots as my eyeshadow primer)!!

MAC Neutral Eyeshadows Must-Haves 2016

Bottom Line :

Are they the best eyeshadows in the world? Nope. But Mac shadows have the best quality possible and they are so easy to apply; even the worst makeup artist will end up with a beautiful daytime (or nighttime) look. I love them for what they are: easy to work with when I’m in a hurry in the morning, lots of shades available and no fallout!!! They come at 10$US a pop (12$CND) which is not overly priced but yet not that affordable (compare to the palette form)… The fact that I created my own palette with all my preferred shadows makes it a breeze at achieving stunning natural eye look!

It’s sad to see that overtime Mac have lost its uniqueness and I can sadly feel in all my readers’ comments that the interest is not there. I’m on a Mac binge right now; will they be able to kept me interested for a long period? It remains to be seen…

Note: I also own the Mac X 15 Cool Neutral eye palette, that I will review in week 10 of my Project Focus 10.

MAC X 15 Cool Neutral Palette

Do you own any Mac eyeshadows ?



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9 thoughts on “Mac Must-Haves ❥ Mac Eyeshadows

  1. I’ve got quite a lot, which I realize is pretty silly as I only ever use 2-3 shadows at any one time :p I recently picked up the Cool palette as it was on a really good sale over Christmas 😀


    1. I bought the MAC X Cool palette too when it was 25% off !!! *Twinsies*
      I really like it a lot except the 2 glittery colors (black and silver) !!! 😀


  2. I have several MAC eyeshadows and I’m fairly split on how I feel about them. Half of them I LOVE and the other half fall a little flat but still aren’t bad, they’re just kind of mediocre. Rule looks lovely and like something I need 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Rule is gorgeous ! My all-time favorite is KID but unfortunately MAC is discontinuing this eyeshadow !!!😢
      I’ve been lucky with the shadows I bought! Which ones are in your worst list ( So I don’t buy them) ??? 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I love Kid too! And I’m so upset that they’re discontinuing it! Stashy recently mentioned that they might be keeping it in the pro pan refills though which would be nice.

        My worst list is mostly just shades that I bought because they were getting a lot of hype and I felt like they ended up being either pretty dupeable OR had a mediocre quality. I don’t have any shadows that were awful or anything. I feel like Cork, Satin Taupe and Woodwinked were all kind of “meh” but it might be like your Brightening Powder experience and it was just impossible for them to live up to the hype 🙂


  3. MAC eye shadows still hold a special place in my heart. They’re so dependable and come in such a wide array of colours & finishes. I do wish they wouldn’t discontinue the good stuff though! Do I own any MAC eye shadows? LMAO… just a few. 😉
    You should the Extra Dimension Eye Shadows a try – they’re gorgeous – let me remind you of the post I did on them:


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