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Frugal Saturday ❥ March 2016

Frugal Saturday

I may spend a lot of money on makeup, running shoes, boots (only to name a few) but I can also be very frugal … How do you think I can afford all these eyeshadow palettes if I’m not sparing some money elsewhere?!? Here are 3 recent examples where I saved a bundle (well, a few bucks)…

✰Bath & Body Works✰


Capture d’écran 2016-03-18 à 13.54.07.png

Seriously who doesn’t like BBW? I love them even more when they concoct special offers and I have the most bang for my bucks. Being on their mailing list gives me superb opportunities to get some instant rebates and I’m always on the lookout for specials. Here is what I will buy today (Sorry it is in french), but you can figure out that I receive a 10$ rebate when I buy for 30$ of products…

5 body products at 6$ = 30$ minus my 10$ rebate = 20$ (4$ each product, a 33% saving on the normal retail price) … These are on today’s list!

✰Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix✰

Shoppers (Redeem Point)

Since Stashy from StashMatters told me to get the Shoppers app on my phone, I’ve accumulated so many dollar points. Considering they are building their promotions according to your buying behaviours, everybody gets different bonus point offers on their app that you can download on your card. How cool!!!! A few weeks ago, on a Saturday Super Event, when you spent 50 ooo points, you could choose products (any product) for a 100$ value. I bought myself 2 foundations that I’ve been wanting for a long time…

Note: BeardMan suggested vitamins, razors, food, cleaning products etc, etc… Pffff like I would buy something other than makeup 😵🔨



Capture d’écran 2016-03-18 à 11.16.03


Redeeming point perks at Sephora are tricky since they haven’t been great lately. 500 points doesn’t give you a lot of stuff (makeup wise I don’t find it to be of great value). I always recommend the 100 points eye cream, face oil or serum since you will enjoy them for at least a month. One of the 500 point perk that I get each year is the Origins: Radiance-Boosting Best ! I’ve already reviewed this one in a previous post. My last investment lasted months (I’m dead serious!!!) As of this week, it’s back on the Sephora reward program …

Thanks for stopping by my “frugal”beauties!!!



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One thought on “Frugal Saturday ❥ March 2016

  1. From Bath & Body Works you HAVE to try the Waikiki Beach Coconut! I love it so much and was super excited they brought it back:
    I don’t think I’ve EVER bought anything at regular price from BBW – I always have coupons or the discount from purchasing multiples!
    I’m so glad you downloaded the Optimum app – isn’t it crazy how many offers they give you? I mainly buy stuff for the SO and then redeem for MAKEUP! 😉
    Can’t wait to hear about those 2 foundations you got!
    Great tips – I wish we had more perks here in Canada…

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