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Ingrid’s Weekly Recap & My Love List



I have been so sick with the flu for the last weeks that I couldn’t do this week Project Focus 10. My collaborators extraordinaire did make theirs so check them out! I will try to catch up and review 2 products next monday

Jodi from ABrashAttitude

Joy from StyledWithJoy

Stashy from StashMatters



You know I can’t restrain myself when Sephora brings us a new “Favorites” makeup set. On top of it, it’s a Pink theme 😍… Read why I consider “Paint It Pink” a grab, and jump on it before it’s gone forever .

Sephora Favorites Paint In Pink 2016



Frugal Saturday (featuring Bath & Body works, Sephora & Shoppers Drug Mart)

Since I love to save some $$$ whenever I can, I thought I would tell you how lately I’ve maximize my purchases and still manage to respect my Low-Buy budget!

Frugal Saturday

Capture d’écran 2016-02-13 à 11.33.00

♥ Things I’ve been loving this week ♥

Things I'm loving This Week (Curly Spring Blossom)

♥ My Top Post of the Week ♥

My post of the week goes to Jodi (A brash Attitude). It’s rare that this happen but I never heard or read anything about this Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation! With Jodi’s delighting review, it seems like we are missing out on a good one.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-19 à 10.36.59.png

♥ My OMG of the Week ♥

A week in bed, with puffy eyes and my nose hiding in multiple tissues, I realized that the makeup world is still turning and believe me, it’s turning really fast with spring approaching… I must have been really sick since I miss that Mac eyeshadows were now 6$US instead of 10$ (from 12$ to 8$CND ), a nice rebate before Summer! When was the last time that a brand lowered their prices? Never is the answer! Furthermore, they are now offering Free Express Shipping. After my week-long coma, I wanted to order all the ones I wanted but most of them are already “out of stock” 😤😖! I guess that this pricing strategy will profit MAC (Estée Lauder) and maybe give them the status they deserve…

Mac Eye shadows

♥ My Favorite Song Of The Week ♥

I always have a delayed reaction when it come to songs but after hearing this one, I’ve been crazy about it. Crazy like listening to it in loop everyday this week… Beardman is about to burst!! 🚀💥


♥ My Favorite YouTube Videos Of The Week ♥

I’m a sucker for some feel good animal rescue stories. Winning the lottery, the first thing I would do is open a dog rescue in the country somewhere! No luxury car or jewelry for this girl… I guess it would help to buy a lottery ticket once in a while… 😋

♥ Most Exciting New Product of the Week ♥

Would you spend the 375$US for this Urban Decay Vault??? I wouldn’t but I’m surely waiting for the Naked Vault Volume II to come back in stock …

Urban Decay 20 Years of Beauty with an Edge 2016

Have a beautiful Sunday my beauties!



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33 thoughts on “Ingrid’s Weekly Recap & My Love List

  1. I would soooooooooooooooooooo NOT spend $400 on the UD vault. Most of it’s liner which I hardly use. I agree on Jodi’s post though! I’d never heard of the foundation either! She’s making me wish they had lighter shades for my alabaster skin, haha 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t check the color selection, too bad there is no shade for me either ( Alabaster team too) 😀
      I really want The Naked Vault Volume II , it’s 211$CND and I think it’s worth it since I don’t own any Naked palettes ! (I shouldn’t since seriously I have way too many palettes.)
      Teaser: I just bought the new Viseart palette 😛


      1. YOU DID!!???? OMG you HAVE to share it when you get it asap! I’m so jealous!!!! It’s funny you mention the Naked palettes, I still believe they are over-hyped but I’ve had my eye on the original Naked and I think it may be a next purchase for me too.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve been playing with my Viseart palette for a week now and I’m kind of iffy about it !
        Pssst …Sadly I won’t keep this one but I will buy another one (different color) ! The shadows are a dream, probably the most “blendable” I ever tried 😀


      3. Which one did you buy? They blend better than Lorac?? You seriously need to try that Lorac palette so you can compare them. It would be a great post and I’m sure everyone would love it!


      4. I bought the new one Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palette ! These eyeshadows are worth the hype and they are cheap for the amount you get.
        The thing with Lorac is that I don’t really care for the Unzipped one … maybe the Pro 2 is different !


  2. Ahem I might have just bought 2 of the MAC refill eye shadows. I read that Bamboo and Mystery are being discontinued so I took advantage of the price reduction and grabbed them in the refill! 😀
    Aww that puppy rescue story!!! 😦 then 😀 I’ve never heard of this swimmer puppy sydrome – learned something new today.


    1. I knew you had something to do with all these “out of stock” eye shadows 😀
      Mystery looks amazing and I’m too late for Bamboo (it’s GONE) … How funny is it that weeks ago, no one was talking about MAC eye shadows (except us) and now they are selling them like crazy…
      I never heard of the swimmer puppy syndrome before either. There is some good-hearted people out there !!! When are you guys getting a “rescue”dog or cat ??? 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I was too late online too but I went to the store in person instead and they had a lot in stock! They didn’t even know these shades were being discontinued and when I informed them, they were very sad! I suggest you hit up a MAC store if there is one near you…
        Aw it will be a little while before we get out own rescue dog / cat – it’s just not fair with our current lifestyle living in the city. You’ve seen our little visitor for this week on IG? That’s how we get our fill of dogs / cats for now!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I know I’m living in an apartment so it’s impossible for me too to have another dog 😦 Yes, I saw your adorable little visitor !!!
        Unfortunately the only MAC Pro store is 2 hours from my place !!! The colors I want should be back in stock soon. BTW If you don’t own Quarry, you need it … I just receive it this week and I’m in love.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I wonder how similar Quarry is to Copperplate? I will have to compare them.
        I don’t have Haux and I’ve been wanting to get that for ages! Beautiful Iris is… beautiful! I have it and it is sadly neglected. 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I went to my little MAC store this morning and to me Quarry & Copperplate don’t look the same at all !!! I prefer Quarry by a long shot… Beautiful Iris is always sold out on the website 😦

        Liked by 1 person

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