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Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer ❥ Review

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Review

Despite my overwhelming makeup collection, there is a skincare brand that I’ve been dying to try for the longest time. Thru my daily blog readings and Youtube watching, I heard only great things about Paula’s Choice products. As I don’t have the chance to find them in my specialty boutiques, I was ecstatic to finally try their new skin firming formula.

When it comes to skin care products, I tend to proceed differently than normal. When I review a lipstick or palette, it’s a week of trials and voila.. but for this particular product, I’ve been using this treatment religiously for the last 3 months and I couldn’t be happier with the results …

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Review


This silky, fast-absorbing, skin-firming serum uses advanced technology to visibly improve fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness, especially around the mouth and eyes.
  • Anti-Aging, Wrinkles
  • For All Skin Types
  • Targeted amino acid complex revs up cellular metabolism
  • Stimulates collagen production & elastin repair
  • State-of-the-art airless dropper allows for precision dispensing


Available at : 50$ for 0.05 oz

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Review


♥ Paula’s Choice is Cruelty-Free 

♥ When the brand states that it’s fast drying, it really is. Don’t we ate creams, serums or oils that seems to just sit on top of our skin and it mostly benefits our pillow case!

♥ As I venture into unknown territories (meaning trying new products), my main concern is always how my skin will react to new formulas. Having problems with acne years ago, I am always fearful of breakouts. After such a long testing period with Paula’s Choice “Skin Firming Line Minimizer”, I’m more than happy to report No Breakout !

♥ I adore the hygienic packaging that prevents any waste of product. Since it’s a dropper, you only take what you need and that’s it…

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Review

This product is Fragrance-Free & very Lightweight. I tend to stay very far away from formulas that contain fragrances, as it tends to irritate my skin.

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Review

♥ Since the brand suggests to massage the product into targeted areas i.e. wrinkles or expression lines, 0.05oz will last you a long time (after 3 months, I still have a ton of product left).

♥ Niacinamide is one of my favorite ingredient. Like I noted earlier, I have acne-prone skin and use retinoid in my daily skincare routine. In their product descriptions, Paula’s Choice even states that Niacinamide pairs up really well with any type of retinols. After adding in this product into my routine, my face is surprisingly clearer and hyperpigmentation has diminished. My overall skin tone is more bright and even, and my wrinkles are attenuated. The best part is no side effects for such a high niacinamide concentration!


Nothing ...

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Review

Note (1)I would advise to take special care with the product. Not that it looks fragile,  but I surely don’t want to test the end-piece’s resistance 😉.

Note (2):  It’s not Botox or Fillers, so this is not a miracle product that will erase crow’s feet or frown lines. In fact, no cream that I know have that kind of result! 

Note (3): Always apply sunscreen when using retinoid products.

Paula's Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer Review


Paula's Choice Resist6

No skincare treatment is miraculous, but I’m positive that the ingredients in this product are super beneficial in the long run and used in conjunction with a retinol product, it’s a match made in heaven. My wrinkles certainly aren’t gone, but they are definitely less noticeable.

My skin looks different, better, glowing, healthy. As I already stated, this treatment does wonders: my face feels good, my skin looks fresher, and small imperfections are slowly disappearing. The product itself is a charm to use:  it absorbs quickly, it leaves zero residue, as it takes just small amount to cover those sensitive areas, it will last an eternity (minus a few years), and to this date, still no side effect to report! Considering the results and compared with some pricier products, this one gives you a great value for money.

If you’re thinking of adding a skin treatment for your fine lines and small wrinkles, this product will surely do the trick. If you still have your baby skin (lucky you!) and wondering how to keep your epidermis as young,  I really think that this product could slow down the aging process.  

I really love this formula and strongly suggest to just go for it. I doubt you’ll regret it.

Thanks for stopping by my beauties xxx


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7 thoughts on “Paula’s Choice Resist Skin Firming Line Minimizer ❥ Review

  1. I’ve not heard of this product from Paula – I’m really curious now! I’ve just ventured into products with Niacinamide because I’ve heard it’s really good for smoothing out discolourations. The packaging looks really interesting on this too – very hygienic.

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    1. I really like this treatment + my Retin A … I still have wrinkles but I swear they are less noticeable 😀
      Hygienic and super fast absorbing !!! ✔️
      Which product should I try next from the brand???

      Liked by 1 person

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