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Color Correcting: Trend or Fluke ?

If by now you are not aware that there is (was) a Color Correcting Trend, you just have to  peek Sephora’s color correct section and you’ll see that some major brands launched their own line of color correcting products or colour correcting palette! Ridiculous????

That trend my friends, is purely the result of publicity and marketing …

Color Correcting Trend ??? Gone

YouTubers and Bloggers, after receiving loads of sponsored items and samples, have put their own spin on this extreme contouring trend. By adding bright shades of purple, green, yellow and red into the mix, before blending them together to create a better base for foundation, highlighter and all of those normal fun steps in your makeup routine.

New trend? 

If you think that’s new, I’m unfortunately old enough to tell you that I’ve seen “correcting” at least twice before with the same results: products were introduced, products were pushed by incommensurable marketing efforts, and it just died after a few million products were sold, bringing new revenues to large companies. In my perspective anyway, it’s just a way of grabbing a few more dollars of our hard-earned money and benefit for our makeup addiction.

Why do I think it’s a trend that didn’t stick and died?

Every morning, I always follow the same routine: when I do my makeup, I watch Youtube makeup videos and sip 1-2 coffee. As Sephora’s VIB sale is a thing of the past, I’ve been watching a lot of VIB Sale Hauls, to compare and maybe find future acquisitions to add to my collection. After looking at about 20 different hauls, none of these girls bought any Color Correcting products! NONE🇺🇸, NINGUNO🇪🇸, AUCUN🇫🇷, NESSUNO🇮🇹 !!!  Real people have spoken, this trend is a no-no, a fluke, a scam. Better focus on real crazes: Highlights are 2016 summer trend, even sculpting is still going strong !

Note: Since I’m a makeup junkie, I’ve been fooled and I couldn’t resist getting some Algenist’s deluxe samples (green & lavender) with two recent purchases.

Color Correcting Trend ??? Gone

Why  color correcting will not make beauty history …

✮ For someone like me who has already a lot of texture in the face, it’s just adding layers and the result is totally not flattering!

✮ I’ve tested Color Correcting 3 days in a row, using this technique on one side of my face and applying my normal makeup on the other! The result: no visible difference whatsoever.

✮ At the end of the day, it’s getting pricey buying products that have no impact on the final result…

In my humble opinion, this type of technique and products are really for specific needs. It blows my mind that it became THE beauty trend of the season, simply because it has been promoted by every YouTube sensation or brand and tried to make us think that we all should include this in our daily routine. If you love it, that’s cool! I’d love to hear how you colour correct and what for…

That being said my indifference for “Correcting” is not total.  I’m a big fan of under eye brighter products which are amazing. It may not be color correcting but it’s still correcting in my book… I apply Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector everyday and I love it! On to the next trend …

Thanks for stopping by my beautiful friends xxx


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16 thoughts on “Color Correcting: Trend or Fluke ?

  1. I bought a color correcting palette and havent even touched them. I need to start playing with them soon! 👍🏻


      1. I think it’s from CITY Color.. It has a lot of shades.. Haha.. I got them over a month ago and completely forgot to use them..☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can already see myself not using it but we’ll see. Review should be up soon!! (I hope) haha


  2. I think it looks interesting and there is a part of me that really wants to try these products……. but then reason sets in. Most of these are cream and I’m sure not going to use them every day. They’d dry out before I got my monies worth! Thanks for keeping us grounded, I 🙂


  3. Great post. I haven’t tried any colour correcting products and I don’t really see myself spending money on them any time soon. But I am interested in trying the Becca under eye brightener you mentioned! xo


  4. I’ve been testing colour correctors and I have to say I’ve not been totally sure. However since I’ve started using a new one people keep saying I look glowy and healthy, so maybe they do work x


  5. I’ve tried colour correcting too (purple primer to counteract sallowness, green to offset redness) and my opinion, it’s more of a hassle than it’s worth for the results! And it’s just so many darn layers after serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer etc etc. I think perhaps – our “problems” are really minimal – I imagine people with serious issues will find some benefit from colour correcting.


  6. Agreed! A lot of the products just seem completely unnecessary and pretty much just good marketing! I have a green concealer from Nyx but it was pretty cheap and nothing special!


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