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Monthly Spending & Wish List ❥ April 2016

April 2016 Monthly spending & Wish List


Most of you already know that I’ve decided to kick off the new year with a serious low-buy on all things related to beauty. That means less makeup, skincare, body care & tools will crack my makeup treasure chest (The post on my low-buy). Since I won’t be buying as much stuff on my little 100$/month budget, I’ve decided to keep you posted on my monthly spending & on my oh! so evolving, realistic wish list.

January Spending = 37$ (Yay! 63$ in the bank)

February Spending = 72$ (28$ in the bank)

March Spending = 100$ (I barely made it)

April 2016…

April was disaster! When you have a Sephora VIB sale, combined with some new launches in time for the summer season, I did buy more than I should have … I thought of a plan to spend more without eventually having to take money from my  wallet. So this was my rational plan and my maximum budget :

♥♥♥ April VIB sale budget is 100$🇨🇦 

+ January savings (63$)  

+ February savings (28$) 

= 191$ + Gift Card (137$🇨🇦) = Max. 328$🇨🇦

♥♥♥ How did I do?

April Spending $$$

April 2016 Monthly spending & Wish List

Nars Blush in Impassionned: 38$

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Amethyst: 35$

bareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow SPF 15 in Sweet Spice: 24.50$

Sephora Rouge Gel Lip Liner in Melon-Choly (05) : 15$

Anastasia Beverly Hills Angle Cut Brush #15: 22$

Tarte Powder Player Bamboo Pressed Powder Brush: 41$

Marc Jacobs The Face II Brush: 60$

Shiseido Tinted Uv Protector SPF43: 37$

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Terre-Neuve (Light 0): 54$

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc (Light 2): 58$

Total: 384.50$ (All from my Sephora VIB Sale Haul)

*** 193.50$ to recover = 2 months at 100$/month budget !!! ***

Darn! I thought I was OK but once again, this is what happens when you send a makeup addict in a Sephora Sale. Worst is that I didn’t use my GC… I guess someone is going on a no-buy for 60 day?!? My next 2 monthly spending budgets are now big fat 0$ and I still hesitate on my penance: a whip, tarring and feathering,… kidding but, I’m disappointed in myself for going overboard ! 

Wish List

April 2016 Monthly spending & Wish List

No Wish List this month nor next month for that matter since there is no money in the makeup piggy bank. Dreaming is free but there is nothing worst than creating false hopes!!!

Who’s with me on a 2-month No-Buy ???

           ingrid .jpg

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DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored. Although some items may have been sent as pr sample, I am under no obligation to review them. Most items I discuss are purchased by me. All opinions expressed are my own and not edited by any companies mentioned.



9 thoughts on “Monthly Spending & Wish List ❥ April 2016

  1. Aweeeee. I just finished an April no buy. I don’t plan on technically buying anything this month either, but I do still have gift cards to spend. You should do a project pan!!!! That will help to distract you 🙂 That’s what I’m doing!


  2. That MJ brush really set you back! I just did my tally for April last night and I didn’t do too badly. After I returned the BITE agave lip mask, I only spent ~$50 at the VIB sale!
    Aww sometimes it’s easier to be on a COMPLETE buying ban and a budget, if you know what I mean! Well, you can cry into your new makeup as you play and enoy them!
    Sorry, I can’t join you, I’m spending like a mad woman for the next 2 months! 😛


  3. I’ve been on a low buy for months, except for my Black Moon cosmetics birthday gift to myself. I’m only spending money on replacing items as I use them up.
    But since I’m going to be at the Ipsy Generation Beauty show in Toronto, I will probably be breaking my low buy. Also – there is a Nyx store there, so I’ll probably be spending.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are going to the Ipsy Generation Beauty show in Toronto !!!! How cool … Do you have like a press card ??? (Content influencer)
      You must be going with Cat 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. No, I just bought a general ticket when they first went on sale (I think it was 65$) – tickets are now something like 200$! But it for admission on both days, and you get a goodie bag that is worth about 200$!
        I don’t think that Cat is going, but we are definitely making plans to meet up!

        Liked by 1 person

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