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Blogging Tips Organisation

Having some time to think and reflect on some personal issues during the last few weeks, I came to an astonishing conclusion: I suffer from a lack of organisation, not only relating to my blog but in life in general. I realized that I needed to develop a system or else, I would continue to struggle! I wrote this post just to revisit all the tools that worked beautifully for me and to share them with my lovely readers!

Use a Planner

Blogging Tips : Organisation
I assume my childish taste !

I cannot perform without a planner (or two)! I now have one for my normal life schedule and one exclusively for my blogging activities. Planning is KEY, that says it all! The best case scenario is to schedule my monthly post ideas and to make it work with my hectic agenda. This makes everything a lot easier and prevents any last minute rushes.

Write Ideas

Blogging Tips : Organisation

Use your planner to write any post ideas, things that you see out there, that you could use (not to plagiarize of course but to recreate with your own spin)! That way, all year long, I can look at some subjects that I noted and always have fresh ideas to embellish my blog… The key is to write all the things that come to mind, as you never know when they could come handy.

Schedule Your Social Medias

Blogging Tips : Organisation

When it comes to social medias, I’m lacking the basic knowledge big time!! I realized that I really suck at selling myself and my blog. I’m not one to write my life on Facebook or take pictures of my meals and post them on Instagram. I chose to focus on Twitter and Instagram, and mainly to promote my next post, to comment on new trends or interact with some of my followers. When the idea is to advertise my blog, if I don’t schedule, I simply won’t share ANYTHING.


Blogging Tips : Organisation

It’s so important (again with your handy planner) to set reminders of upcoming holidays, events, launches, twitter chats, etc… the list goes on and on! If I don’t write them, there is a good chance that I’ll forget all about them.

Taking and Editing Pictures (in bulk)

Blogging Tips : Organisation

Working with my planner, I find that taking all my week’s pictures at once and editing them at the same time, saves me so much time. By doing so, I get to use the best lighting (sunny days) and the best settings to maximise the quality of my photos and mostly, to never have to stress if something comes up.

Note: If you look closely, I’m sure you’ll be able to  easily pinpoint the ones I did at last minute!

Draft Posts

Blogging Tips : Organisation

Ideally, what works best for me, is to write 2 weeks of posts in advance. It’s not always possible but I need to focus on this type of schedule if I want to be consistent! Writing at the last minute takes all the fun out of blogging for me. I normally write a lot of drafts, and when inspiration really comes, I refine and add new elements to make it actual and fresh. I find that by doing so, I never feel trap and it ’s a little easier on my nerves (and BeardMan’s too).

Blogging Tips : Organisation

I bought some cute baskets that I use to categorize my products to review: new products, PR Samples, empties or products that I need to photograph! This simple organisation tip makes my blogging life so much easier since I can easily keep track of all my future topics. This is probably my best tip; it helped me a lot.

I hope you found my little tools very helpful and if you have elaborated tricks that work for you, please share them. You probably already know all about these tips but like me, you probably need to revisit them once in awhile!!!

Thanks for stopping by my beautiful friends xxx


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25 thoughts on “Blogging Tips ❥ Organisation

      1. Thank you so much! I don’t understand all of it yet but I’ll get there! Really appreciate your kind words it means a lot xoxoxox

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  1. So with you on planners, drafts and bulk pictures! I’ve fallen of the wagon a bit with my posting but I do all of these same things for my YouTube and they are essential!

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    1. I’ve fallen too!!! I almost quit blogging altogether 😦 I’m starting again (very slowly) … I need to prioritize other stuff in my life :/


      1. And there is NOTHING wrong with that. Blogging is a hobby and it’s a tool to give us a way to connect with other people, but it’s not our lives 🙂 Gotta put ourselves and our families first 🙂


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