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Behind the Blog: Get to Know Me!

Being the Blog: Get to Know Me Better

I’m very nosy when it comes to personal information about my fellow bloggers! What can I say, I love getting to know the bloggers behind my favorite blogs. The more details they share, the better. On the other hand, I’ve always been private about myself on my blog. Since the beautiful Karen Rees (Confetti + Curves) never featured me on her blog (just kidding sweetie), I taught it was time to answer some random questions, peel of a few layers and reveal some details about myself.

1 . What blog post of yours are you the most proud of and why?

Without hesitation, the most fun I had is when last December, Sharon, Kaily, Stashy and I did our first “Xmas”series! Doing 24 posts related to Christmas (from December 1st until Christmas day) in 24 days, it was quite a handful. To come up with 24 different subjects in such a small period of time, it was a little exhausting and hard, but don’t get me wrong, I personally had a blast. Thinking about it, I love collabs; they are so amusing to make… Next collab should be Project Focus with my friends Jodi, Joy and Stashy. Feel free to join the fun, you know what they say: the more the merrier!

2.Why did you start blogging?


I wanted to learn English, it’s that simple. I’m a French Canadian girl who lives in the province of Quebec and sadly, my English is/was considered beginner level at most. Learning a second language was one thing, but I knew I would like the learning process if I talked about a subject I LOVE: since I’m a beauty junkie, choosing makeup and beauty was a no-brainer!

It still takes me forever to write my posts and Beardman has to reread and correct my mistakes before I can publish anything. (You would be surprise at how much my boyfriend now knows about makeup – It’s starting to be a little scary) I could use a big fancy corrector but what would be the point !!!

3. What is your favorite part of blogging?


What I love the most is to become a better writer and communicator (I hope!), expand my reach and my influence, comment on different subjects and express my opinion, and hopefully, maybe learn more about growing a brand online.

But to answer the question, I’m a reviewer at heart! I mostly like to talk about products I love, and sometimes, as you all know, I can be too passionate when I love stuff.

4. What company would you love to collaborate with?

Cruelty Free.jpg

Skincare wise, it would definitely be Sunday Riley, Herbivore, Arbonne, Drunk Elephant & Juice Beauty! They are all cruelty-free brands, are new to me, and from products I’ve already tried from their respective lines, I would be really ecstatic to try other items.

As for makeup brands, I would love to collaborate with Too Faced, Hourglass, Nyx, Nars, bareMinerals, Smashbox, Urban Decay, Buxom and Anastasia Beverly Hills! Again, They are all cruelty-free brands. As you can see, I want to collaborate with everyone except Revlon since I’ve yet to find a product I like from the brand!

Note: My makeup stash is not cruelty-free, but I’m really trying to change this situation.

5. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Blogging Tips Organisation
I really need to read over and over my own post 🙂

For the longest time, I was doing great at time management but lately, I’ve been struggling with my regular schedule. I’ve started other personal projects and they take much more time than I thought they would.

What used to work like a charm was writing my posts 2 weeks in advance and making all my pictures 1 day per week. These steps are key to running of my blog efficiently and for my sanity! Last minute stuff always ends up of lesser quality and I’m not as proud of rushed posts as my more refined articles!

6. Is blogging a full-time job ? or a part time passion ?


Who can make a living out of blogging only these days?!! I think that blogging alone in 2016 is not enough; someone has to be a social media maven and certainly, add a YouTube channel or a Podcast to secure a viable financial situation.

For me, it’s a part time passion! I truly love blogging. In fact, I just started a french blog that will focus on beauty but also on recipes, plant-based diets and my journey to reach some personal goals, just to name a few. This second platform is only for me, I don’t care if no one reads it!

Hopefully you learn something new about me!

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10 thoughts on “Behind the Blog: Get to Know Me!

  1. I loved the collab we did too and hope we can do it again this year 🙂 It was definitely hard, though. I can help you practice your English! We can email back and forth, that way beardman gets a break sometimes 🙂


  2. I always love your posts and I loved getting to know more about you! ❤ Although I cannot tell from your posts, I already knew English was your second language because I read it in your About Me section when I first started following you. 😉


  3. Oh I loved reading this! 🙂
    I seemed so long ago we did that Christmas collab! I still enjoy those posts so much – fun and creative! 😀
    I’ve said this before but your English excellent! We would all be in SO much trouble if we needed to blog in French… 😳
    I could NEVER blog for my full time job… then I think it would take the enjoyment out of it? Then it would seem like WORK. 😛


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