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Ingrid’s Weekly Recap & My Love List ✮ July 17 -23

My weekly Recap Curly Spring Blossom April 2016

🎀A Week at Curly Spring Blossom🎀

July 17 to July 23

July 19

How Much Does My Face Cost Today $$$

How much does my face cost today?

July 21

Makeup Reviews …The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Makeup reviews : The Good,The Bad and the Ugly

♥ Saturday: Lifestyle (or should I say Lifechanges)♥

My Vision Boards ✮ 2016

Stop the whining and get moving !


♥ Most Exciting New Product of the Week ♥

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer in White-Out

It didn’t come out this week but let’s say it’s really recent. For the longest time, I’ve been wanting a white base to use in the center of my eyelids! This product would make my last layer pop, by creating a contrasting effect when I use flesh tone shadows! I’m sure that it will also come handy to make my darker concealer (possibly even for some foundations) a bit lighter for the winter months… Other than her eyeshadows, I’ve never tried any other products from her Beauty line …

Kat Von D Locked-It concealer in White-Out

♥ My Favorite YouTube Video of the Week ♥

How To Be a YouTube Star (ft. The Rock)

I must have been living under a “Rock” but I didn’t know Lily from llSuperwomanll (get it?  The Rock! I should get my own stand-up comedy set!! Man, this girl has more than 9 million YouTube subscribers. I thought it was totally adorable and just made me smile a lot!

♥ My Favorite TV Series of the Week ♥


After binge-watching Scandal and White Collar on Netflix and literally falling in love with Olivia and Mozzie ( I know, he’s not the main character!!!), here comes Suits. You know I’m always late to jump on the bandwagon, but being late means that I have a lot of seasons to watch continuously! If spicy lawyers are your thing than you will love that show.

Suits TV Series

♥ Future Splurge of the Week ♥

Sephora Collection: PRO Featherweight Powder Brush #91

It’s not a joke; when I’m telling you, I’ve been stalking a powder brush! Since it came out a few months ago, I’ve been going to my local Sephora and literally spent a few minutes rubbing this awesomeness on my arm with no shame. Now it’s a case of “will I get it or should I get it »?  Thinking about it, I think it’s more of a “this will be the first or the second thing in my cart for the next VIB sale” dilemma. At $50, I don’t care, mama wants it really bad. Go and feel it!

I’ve been more than pleased with Sephora PRO brushes they are that good; #31 is one of my fav.

Sephora Collection #91 brush

Have a beautiful Sunday my beauties!


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One thought on “Ingrid’s Weekly Recap & My Love List ✮ July 17 -23

  1. I think it’s smart that companies are adding a white or dark tint in their lines. This would help them cater to so many more skin tones. It’s about time!
    Yeah that Superwoman chick is pretty awesome! So funny.
    I felt that Sephora brush when I was at the store – it is pretty heavenly. I wonder if they use the same factory that makes the Marc Jacobs ones? Hmm.


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