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7 Funny Facts about Me!✮2016

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Last week, I was nominated by my friend Laura (Looking Joli Good) for the One Lovely Blog Award! Although I try to avoid awards simply because I did them all a few times, when it so graciously suggested by beautiful Laura, there was no way I would pass it this one …

So here are 7 funny facts about me …


Kaki being my favorite color, you won’t be surprised to learn I LOVE camo items of any kind. Every two years, I jump up and down like a crazy kangooroo on a pogo stick because Camo patterns get trendy again. I’m proud to say that I own camo shirts, belts, boots, high heels, sneakers, pyjamas, jackets, winter coats, jeans, sweat pants, IPad cover, socks, and a whole lot of different articles… To the hateful out there: “No! I don’t wear them at the same time” and “Yes! It’s a little bit much”.


I love cooking but for some reasons, after all the cutting, mixing, peeling, dicing, etc.. is done, my kitchen ends up looking like a disaster area. I don’t know how I end up with so many dirty dishes just to prepare a simple meal!


When I sleep, I drool a ton! Not very sexy for BeardMan who sleeps with his swimming goggles (just in case) but that’s a fact!


My closet is obviously filled with camo (see #1) but also with a lot of STUNNING high heel shoes; I mean HIGH… but I never wear them. I use to rock these pumps as if I had been an exotic dancer all my life. Even though I love stilettos, I still wore (not whore) them with style, so forget those mini skirts!


I judge people on how they treat animals and I am really stubborn once I’ve made my mind on somebody! Animal haters and I are not to be invited at the same party…


I’m not a chocolate girl but I could eat anything made with caramel, from breakfast crepes, to a simple lunch, dinner or an evening snack! I restrain myself from buying that deliciousness simply because I can’t control myself! Yummy! I love Caramel as much as my eyeshadow palettes…


Every year, I always suggest to go camping or going on some long, multi-day hikes. After looking at our tent, those big backpacks, sleeping bags and all the gears necessary to survive in the woods for a few days, for some reason, I always change our plans! Day hike it is and, sleeping in my own comfortable bed and humid pillows is greatly appreciated (see#3) .

I would like to read some of your weird facts!

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15 thoughts on “7 Funny Facts about Me!✮2016

  1. This is fun! I am not a good cook but when I do, I always end having a huge mess in the kitchen too..😂😂) and I have a ton of high heels (stilettos in particular) as well, I just love them.. I used to wear them like there’s no tomorrow especially when I used to work for a hotel since I’m on my feet for at least eight hours then I have to wear high heels and if not, then I ended up feeling like crap at the end of the day.. Now on to the choc part.. I love chocolate so much that I guess my body can’t take them anymore. Everytime I eat choc I ended up getting breakouts the next day! #nokidding and sadly caramel is just too sweet for me so I don’t gravitate on it (except for the caramel candy that I can’t find anymore🤔).


  2. Khaki is your favorite color???! BEIGE????? LOL 😀 So weird, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with that as a favorite color.

    I am also not a huge choc person…caramel is much better!


  3. Haha this is a fun one – I’m totally on the same page with you on animals and cooking! My kitchen looks like a warzone after I’ve been cooking in it. Great to get to know you a bit better! 🙂


  4. Wow, I never knew about your love of Camo! 😆 I’ll never see you the same way again! I feel like your camo love is like those ladies who love leopard prints! 😛
    Oh you’re the drooler in the relationship. My SO is the one. I don’t know how someone can sleep with their mouth OPEN! A fly can get in there. Or a spider – have you thought of that?! 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know there is something called : CHIC CAMO !!! 😜 Hummmm! Do I own leopard prints something ?!!!😉
      I drool so much that Boardman is thinking of buying an “old folks” bed pad for my side of the bed!😖😂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I loveeeeeeeeeee caramel too. Strange fact about me: I’m a very selfish ice-cream eater… I’ll eat right out of the carton and dig through all the actual ice cream to find the parts with cookies/caramel/chocolate/whatever is in there and then put the ice-cream carton back in the freezer with nothing but picked through ice-cream left 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OMG! I do the same … After I’ve passed, there is no caramel swirl left (only vanilla ice cream) !!! 😝😂#NOshame😘
      How are you feeling sweetie ??? Little “Ingrido” should come very soon???

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, glad it’s not just me. I wonder sometimes if my husband gets plain chocolate ice cream just cause he knows I won’t touch it. I’m feeling pretty good for the most part! 5 weeks to g. Just ready to see my little man 🙂


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