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Bad Ass Quote to live by #1 ✮ 2016

bad ass quote to live by #1

I may have touch the subject a few times before, and this topic could be a private post by itself, but I’ve been battling chronic insomnia for a very long time, to the point that I needed (still need) therapy. Hating every moment of this long process, it came to the point of me having to take a boat load of pills to treat all the good stuff (sarcasm here!!) that comes with lack of sleep: anxiety, depression-like symptoms and many different behaviours and consequences (appetite changes, poor concentration, mood swings and irritability, etc.).

After a couple of months of this regimen, with some success and sadly a lot of failures, all specialists encountered during this infernal period agree that I need to incorporate a lot of exercise and physical efforts as part of my therapy! Say what??? Being an avid sport enthusiast for most of my life, of course I didn’t fall off my chair. I 100% know that physical activities can cure all kinds of “mind sickness”. If I had that knowledge, why on earth did it get this bad? My situation (state of mind) made me go to work, come back and then doing freaking NOTHING for so long that I just became very sedentary and that my friends, comes with many prizes; the ones we don’t want to win!

I always get empowered by quotes; some people thrives on them and then, there’s people (like my BF) who doesn’t care for them at all. I’m always asking BeardMan to hear/read my new found favorite quote, to just feel all the power that resonate from it and I can see that he frankly doesn’t care so much about some philosophical/motivational quote (oh! well…). When I come across a good one, what can I see, I have to share it and it becomes a real drug; so much that I’m writing it down everywhere!

On this beautiful Saturday, I thought this quote could resonate with some of you as it does right now for me.

bad ass quote to live by #1

Famous quote from BeardMan after reading this post: I always try to find the positive in everything that surrounds me, and try to always see my glass half full instead of half empty. And ask Ingrid, I always say: “Will cross that bridge when we’ll get there”. Even though I’m moved by popular quotes and powerful expressions, I unfortunately don’t need a famous author, athlete or politician to tell me to work my ass off, to do my best or aim high… I’m an eternal optimist!

🌸Recap of my journey …Week 1🌸


This week, I still felt like s**t💩, my motivation for exercising was again at very low levels, with the exception on my long 5-hour hike last Sunday. I do walk my four legged friend each day for an hour, but honestly, it’s not nearly enough to reach my goals: 1) lose weight and,  2) control my insomnia since I’m try to cut my consumption of sleeping pills.


I ate good but not great… One thing is clear: I eat WAY too much and WAY too fast. My brain can not process my satiety level, therefore I overeat. I’ve cooked a tad more though, but still, this was a big fail on my “new recipe per week” attempt.

Note: I’ve just started to reread Eat to Live from Joel Fuhrman, MD … Contrary to his book title, now, I mostly “Live to Eat”.

Motivation …

As absurd as it sounds, I bought a to-do list book and I’ve been trying to read 20 pages per day of “Creating Habits”. First few days, nothing (not one singular page) and then on Wednesday, I’ve reach my goal and I’ve been reading since. I used to devour books at the rate of 1 or 2 per week and now, I can barely concentrate enough to read 20 pages! YouTube watching or Blog reading is way more fun 🙂

Relaxation …

I need to play in loop “Relax” from Frankie Goes to Hollywood, because relaxation and me don’t go hand in hand at all! Seriously, I don’t have a clue on how to do it … Any advise other than take a bath (don’t have one!)?

Not everything is about Glitz & glamour! Happy Saturday and be happy

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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Disclaimer: I’m no doctor so I just talk about my own believes and personal experiences …



6 thoughts on “Bad Ass Quote to live by #1 ✮ 2016

  1. Hmmmmm, ways to relax…. I loveeeee listening to ebooks. They help to calm my mind and distract me. In fact, I use them quite often to help myself fall asleep. I just plug in headphones and don’t allow myself to open my eyes. I listen till I pass out. Maybe this could help you too!!??


  2. This quote is so SO true!
    I don’t abuse food but I know that my mood would be elevated if I exercise more. Your post has inspired me to commit to at least ONCE per week back at the gym. I know, only a week? Well, I do walk a lot everywhere so it’s not like I’m sedentary, but I need to do weight / resistance training to help my bones!
    Mindful eating is a good thing to try: think about what you’re eating, have dinner conversation, don’t have the TV on. People often make fun of me because I’m always the slowest eater at the table, or I don’t clean off my plate of every morsel. I don’t care – portion sizes are too big and people are always in a rush to finish eating.
    I’m so glad you’re getting the help you need on your insomnia. I hope it gets better for you soon!


  3. Thanks for sharing! These types of posts are not always easy to share, but I think it is sometimes so helpful to get it down and out in writing.
    I HATE not being able to sleep!!! Years ago I worked 3rd shift and my whole sleeping/eating pattern was off. I literally felt as if I was going crazy. The lack of sleep really messed with my head. I hope you can work through this.
    As you know from my “No gym? No problem!” posts, I love physical activity. I personally know exercising makes me feel so much better.
    I have a hard time relaxing as well, but I do find that stretching and yoga help me a lot. The great thing about both of them is they can be done at anytime and in short little bursts throughout the day.
    You can get through this! If you need encouragement or motivation, I’m your girl, you can always get some from me! ❤


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