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Ingrid’s Weekly Recap & My Love List ✮ August 7 -August 13

My weekly Recap Curly Spring Blossom April 2016

🎀A Week at Curly Spring Blossom🎀

August 7 to August 13

August 9

Best Liquid Bronzer ✮ Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer

My Review of Perricone MD No Bronzer Bronzer

August 10

Wednesday Beauty Obsession ✮ Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Wednesday Beauty Obsession

August 11

Best Makeup Tips # 2 Priming the Eyebrows✮ 2016

Makeup Tip #2: Priming Your Eyebrows

August 13

Why I can’t accept myself the way I am !



♥ My Favorite YouTube Video of the Week ♥

Am I the only one obsessed with tiny houses? I always tell my BF that I would see myself living this way of life. Of course, BeardMan laughs so much when I send him links to my favorite tiny houses because he’s always saying that these houses are not big enough for my beauty products only (which is true) but I’m thinking more of it for our retirement plan, something for our old age in a remote paradisiac location near the water let’s say! Anyway, my idea of the ideal retirement plan is constantly evolving: with all my efforts to get in shape and loose some weight,  my old bones will surely require something without steps because this morning, I’m walking like Donald Duck after being hit by a train… Ok, tiny houses videos, right!! … Stay focused Ingrid…

This one because it’s too genius…

And this one because I freaking love it and see myself living there…

♥ The Hot or Not NEW product of the Week ♥

Marc Jacobs Beauty – Style Eye Con No 20 Eyeshadow Palette

The sleek gold and slim packaging is to die for; well, dying is possibly what will happen after you spend $124CAN to own this gorgeous palette. Even though it leaves a hole in your wallet, compared to his Style Eye Con #7 palettes,  I think this one is probably a great value (estimated worth: $177.50). Another advantage is that, out of the 20 colors, only 2 are made with his Metallic formula, which totally sucks by the way (I do own Lolita  206). I like his shadows but I don’t love them; for this kind of pricing I would buy a Viseart palette long before this one. In an ideal world, Viseart palettes would be in Marc Jacob’s packaging! Are you in or out on this one ????

Capture d’écran 2016-08-12 à 12.50.58.png

♥ The Sneak Peek product of the Week ♥

Finally, we had a sneak peek of the Too Faced and Kat Von D “Better Together” collaboration. Faithful to TF’s traditions, their packagings are ultra cute but I don’t know what’s happening with me lately, I’m not remotely interested. I’ve bought so many limited editions in the past and almost all of them are collecting dust or have already been given away. If getting older means that I’m less impulsive, then bring on this maturity.

Capture d’écran 2016-08-12 à 12.59.20.png
Credit: Too Faced
Capture d’écran 2016-08-12 à 12.59.51.png
Credit: Too Faced

Have a beautiful Sunday my beauties!


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15 thoughts on “Ingrid’s Weekly Recap & My Love List ✮ August 7 -August 13

  1. OMG I’ve been obsessed with watching Tiny House videos too! It’s so incredible to me that people can be happy living in such a small environment. Granted, they don’t have kids and HUGE dogs, but still! As for the KVD/TF one, I’m not impressed. I’m with you on getting over the whole LE scene too.


  2. I like the idea of tiny spaces (my SO jokes that I can just live in a closet with all my makeup!) but I do like having some open space.
    I don’t own any Marc Jacobs eye shadows – based on swatches in the store, I find the formula just average. Like you said, I’d rather spend my money on Viseart. (I quite like Viseart’s simplistic packaging!)
    The Too Faced x KVD collab is weird. It like… if the Gap and Club Monaco did a collab – wtf?
    By the way, I stopped by Sephora today and tested the KVD concealer – it shows promise! It just might be my next concealer purchase…


    1. Twinsies👯 ! All those collab are so boring these days … Yes it’s called “Living Big in a Tiny House”, these are so adorable and cleverly built!


  3. Omg that Marc Jacobs palette looks so beautiful – I want it! My credit card is recoiling in disgust at the price though!

    I’m meh about that TF x KVD palette too – the dogs on the front kind of make it look cheap IMO, and I’m all about dogs! 😕 Its not really what I expected…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just read that the Marc Jabobs palette packaging is not that cute (cheap gold) … So YAY!!! (Less tempting right now)
      I agree that TF X KVD palette is cute but super cheesy and forgettable … 💯Won’t be bying this one !!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You totally don’t NEED to prime your eyebrows, but for me it makes such a big difference … Try it just to see if you like it !!! Thanks for your comment xxx


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