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Too Many “Makeup Brand x YouTuber” Collabs?

Too Many Collabs ?????Makeup

When the first Makeup Brand + YouTuber (or Instagram maven) collab started to emerge, I thought it was great that some of the biggest YouTube experts were getting their patent of nobility and therefore Big Brands were noticing them.

A few years later, every month, I feel there is a new collab coming out or in the process of being launched, with every marketing gurus trying to build the hype and excitement! The novelty/originality are not there anymore at all and honestly, I never felt the urge to grab one of these palettes to “encourage” the YT star in question, whether I was a fan or not. I understand from comments that a lot of girls and boys seem to buy these palettes developed by their favourite “Beauty Mentors” as a token of appreciation …

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than happy for the chosen ones, who for the most part started with nothing and obviously had to work hard (or to be one of the firsts), to get where they are right now! I also get that these Limited Edition palettes are, for some strange reasons, makeup collectors’ items. Not judging, but I surely don’t have the budget to collect makeup palettes: stamps, Star Wars figurines, beer bottles or Justin Beiber’s ingrown nails maybe, but palettes?😜Come On!!! Makeup go bad rather quickly and from a beauty blogger aspect, I can tell you that no one wants to see/read about older palettes since we are literally bombarded with new stuff all the time and the products are getting better and prettier by the minute so, personally, after six months, this palette is old news!

Probably I’m now less inclined to fall on these marketing bandwagons since I bought a boat load of “Limited Editions” before and almost all of them are gathering dust on a shelves somewhere. And believe me, I’m not gazing at my collection or reminiscing of the first time I heard “Don’t Speak” when I look at my UD+Gwen Stefani palette… From an avid consumer and a makeup addict, I’ve evolved into a more reasonable and aware customer and quality-wise, these products often don’t feel up to par! Products made in China, while their normal regular shadows are made in U.S.A for example just don’t feel right to me (Jaclyn Hill X Becca Champagne Pop Eyeshadow palette, ring a bell anyone ???!!!).

Just a few in recent years or upcoming (palettes only) …

Collab Tarte X Styled by Hrush

Kathleen Lights X Makeup Geek Collab

Nikki Tutorials X Too Faced Collab

GraveYardGirl X Tarte

Jaclyn Hill X Becca Collab

Laura Lee X Violet Voss Collab

Manny MUA X Makeup Geek Collab

Vegas Nay X Too Faced Collab

Jaclyn Hill X Morphe Brushes Collab

Shannonxo X Bh Cosmetics Collab


Tamanna X Anastasia Beverly Hills Collab

Maya Mia X Anastasia Beverly Hills Collab

I may be the minority here, so I really would like to know your opinion on these collabs. Too many? Awesome? You can’t get enough of them?

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44 thoughts on “Too Many “Makeup Brand x YouTuber” Collabs?

  1. I think there are a few too many that its coming to the point that when a new one gets released its not as exciting, also being a young teen who blogs about beauty, there always to expensive and over priced to get my hands on. Great post by the way! X

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  2. I agree with you in a sense. There are a lot of collabs out right now but I don’t think you have to buy them just to show you’re a fan. I think it’s reasonable to buy the products if you think you’ll use them and if you think they are worth it to you. Really interesting post!
    I just put up a new blog post on new skincare I found from Sephora. I have a couple more posts coming this week. I’m a bit new to blogging and would love it if you checked out my blog!

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  3. I like that YouTubers are putting products out. I think its a really good way of them giving back to us as an audience. I don’t however, like all of the gurus. I have blog post on Jeffree Star and Kat Von D if youre interested in checking it out! xxx

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  4. I watch a LOT of youtubers, and a lot of them have palettes. i collect makeup, so if i LOVE the colors and the collection, i’ll probably invest — but if i love the youtuber, but already have the colors in my collection OR just am not feeling what they put together, i’ll pass. totally depends on the palette, not the person! 🙂 but i love that you mentioned this — it is getting a little ridiculous, LOL.

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  5. I actually purchased the Swampqueen without me knowing what it’s about.. All i cared was that the packaging looks pretty and the shades were amazing.. Until I got home and few days later checked the back of the packaging and saw a pic and said to myself “who the F is this?” I wanted to return it but I do like all the shades so what the heck! Keep it.. Hahaha but yeah! I totally agree with you on the collabs.. It’s now hard to choose who to believe.. I still have my eyes on the original UD and Stila palettes..😜😀

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    1. Did you know that I don’t own any UD Naked palette?!! … I’m on a no buy (low buy😉) on eyeshadow palette, but the new ABH Modern Renaissance and all the Viseart are calling my name!💸
      I don’t mind buying a collab palette if the product interest me and this regardless of the spokesperson … Swampqueen looks awesome!🐊 xxxx Happy Friday night sweetie xxx

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      1. I was torn between the Swampqueen and ABH MR palette but i find that shades on the SQ seemed more useful to me than the ABH but both look great.. I really want the KVD Serpentina palette too.. The shades looks gorgeous.. Really nice for the cold weather too. And the Viseart is also pretty but I don’t think I can spend that much for a palette..🤔🤗


  6. I’m trying to think WHO was the first to collaborate with a brand… can you think back? Hmmm I’m scratching my head. The earliest I recall was back in 2011 when MAC did a blogger colour collection and that was really profound to me – that a big brand would actually care what bloggers would suggest. Here’s the collection I am talking about:
    And the process in how Temptalia chose her colour:
    I thought that was really neat, and it didn’t scream money grab.

    As I scroll through all the palettes you show… I realize they’re all just a variation on a theme! Too many… don’t need!
    And, Ewww Justin Beiber’s ingrown nails! 😮 (how much on ebay though?)

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    1. OMG! I don’t remember these collabs at all … I don’t think that now any makeup brand would even consider a “Beauty Blogger” since YouTubers are way more powerful !
      Are these girls still blogging ??? Yes they are, but they are more Lifestyle bloggers with the exception of Karen and Christine! You are a mine of information my friend 😇

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      1. I know, I was wondering how many are still blogging. In the world of beauty blogging, Christine and Karen are pioneers!
        I’m glad you learned something new haha!

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  7. If you’re in the minority, I’m right there with you. I honestly don’t give a shit about YouTuber collabs. I feel like the quality is usually sub-par and I HATE how no one takes the time or is brave enough to be HONEST about the quality. Instead it’s all about “supporting other women,” and if you don’t sing the praises of the product you are anti-woman. So ridiculous. Also, just like you say there are just far too many to keep up with. I get that some of these women become idols to some of us (and maybe because I don’t idolize any of them, I don’t get the hype) and so people want to collect what has their name on it… but I feel like if I’m watching a YouTubers videos that’s support enough. I mean, most of the women who get these collabs have several hundred thousand subscribers (or more) and are already making 3 digit salaries each year.

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    1. I had enough of seeing the little clan of “Beauty Gurus” promoting each other without any regards of the customers that are loading theirs (or their moms) credit cards. Now there is NO difference between Katie Perry for Cover Girl and Jaclyn Hill for Becca, they are both paid spokespersons. My “beef” is with all the dishonesty that is occurring more and more; I now have a hard time believing any big YouTuber knowing they are paid (big time) for each products they are mentioning … That being said you would make a palette and I would run to buy it !!!!😜😂


  8. I completely agree, great post! I’ve also noticed there’s gurus who are doing collabs with multiple brands and they’re releasing them all around the same time! For example Kathleen Lights just did a collab with ColourPop and now she’s doing one with Makeup Geek. Like congrats, but I’m a little overwhelmed by it all.

    Catherine | Beauty by Catherine

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  9. Great post. I honestly cannot keep up with all the collabs and for me when i shop/ as a consumer i want my money to be invested in a product that performs well, longevity and quality up to standard, not a product bought purely for bragging rights. Some collabs have been pretty awesome with the products released, but some have made me question “is this purely a marketing strategy?” But yeah, great points mentioned and i feel ya haha

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  10. A really wonderful article! for me personally if I could afford all of these i would totally buy them, but because I can’t afford to purchase all of them I would buy one one. (Kathleen Lights Highlighter looks crazy beautiful!) I do feel that the collaborations between the companies and these lovely beauty gurus are really amazing if the collaboration is honest and the artist truly work together with them. If the collaboration is just for using the artists name for business aspect I can’t stand it. I like honesty and being real is important to me. When people/businesses are fake just like some of the artists/gurus can be or untrustworthy I won’t even consider the product. The problem is that followers of the artist would totally buy the product because they like the artist. So I don’t feel its too much if the collaboration is honest and the makeup artist is honest too. I hope that makes sense. 🙂 Lovely blog post!

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