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Hiking (until I drop)! ✰ Week 4

Hiking Massid Du Sud Quebec
We made a friend!😊

I always wished to be a runner, unfortunately, my knees never felt that keen on the idea. My stubborn-self tried and tried again!! After trading regular jogging for trail running, it was exhilarating and so much fun at first, but then again, my knees were not about to let me win this battle either. Seriously, I was so upset to be forced to give up on my dream to run at least 10k (I know it’s not much but still)… It wasn’t just the idea that I failed miserably at another objective, it’s also that I had already purchased a trail running backpack, 4 pairs of running shoes and all of Stella McCartney’s cute running wear I could get my hand on, even a hi-tech bottle and a reflective nighttime running kit… Yes I always go overboard!

Then, I had an Epiphany: I discovered hiking!!! Not your Sunday 30 minutes in the city park but hiking from 6 hours to 2 days (maybe more one day!) in some distant mountain trails. Love at first step is an understatement: slaloming around rocks and trees, jump over innumerable roots or small streams became a therapy! The time spent hiking made me think of just one thing: How good and at peace I feel when I hike! This Summer, accompanied by my sister and/or BeardMan, I’ve been hiking like there is no tomorrow (well they don’t really have a choice since I can be VERY persuasive and overly selling any new trail I find)! But, I guess shit always happens to the same person and once again, my body started reacting badly to all that hard exercise! I swear, after a hard hike, I cannot walk properly because it hurts from my hips to my toe tips (I truly look like I’m 90).

I’ve seen a foot specialist that point blank told me that my extra weight was very damaging to my size 5 feet and no wonder it hurts so much… Life is seriously talking to me; losing weight is not just a vanity thing, it goes way deeper …

Let’s science speaks …

Your feet are responsible for carrying your whole body around. They must absorb the impact of striking the ground, and the strain of your body bearing down on them, at the same time. The more weight they support, the harder they must work and the more stress the tissues are under. Being overweight, stresses your lower limbs and wears down your foot structures over time. Connective tissues stretch out, natural fat pads in your soles compress down, and muscles must work harder to do their jobs. People who are bigger put more pressure on their anklesknees and hips as well as feet.

All the extra pressure on your lower limbs can make spending time on your feet very uncomfortable. You’re more prone to overuse injuries and problems like tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. More serious issues like peripheral artery disease are also more common among those who are overweight.

On a more magical note, let me tease you with some pictures of my last hike…

Hiking Massid Du Sud Quebec




Hiking Massid Du Sud Quebec

Hiking Massid Du Sud Quebec

Hiking Massid Du Sud Quebec

💠Recap of my journey …Week 4💠

1 month update

Who knew I would one day be quoting Will Smith!!!😉

I failed miserably…

✗ I don’t feel like I lost any weight!

✗ Totally didn’t drink enough water … I should know better!

✗ Walking is fine but I need to incorporate way more strength exercises

✗ I need to structure my meals the day before and stick with my plan… Loosing weight is 80/20 meaning 80% is your food intake and 20% is the exercise you do.

✗ I didn’t read … or relax … or write in my food journal.

✗ Too many CARBS … Must eat those only for my morning meal!

On a more positive note…

✔︎ I religiously have my lemon-honey-water, my greens and ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

✔︎ I’m super motivated (in my head), I just need to translate this will into actions.

✔︎ Somehow I sleep better! Really feels good to have some good night sleeps

✔︎ I bought some clothes so I know my size (tight 12 and large everywhere else)… Since I don’t own a scale, it’s the only way to follow my progress… in addition to all the awful pictures I took!

I can’t believe that one month as already passed and I’m not feeling proud of myself or my results. In my head, I failed since I estimated that I should have lost roughly a healthy 5 pounds ( 1 to 1 1/2 per week)… Let’s call this month a trial run!! Month 2 has to be a “move your ass” one; I do need to see some results to continue on this journey! Today is another day and rest assured, month 2 will be way better !

I want to thank everyone who commented on this new topic and are supporting me in this new way of living, even though it’s far from my usual themes! Even if it has everything to do with beauty/self-esteem, it’s totally different from palettes, glosses and foundations! You know who you are, big hugs and kisses to you…

Not everything is about Glitz & Glamour! Happy Saturday and Be Happy

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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Disclaimer: I’m no doctor so I just talk about my own believes and personal experiences …


12 thoughts on “Hiking (until I drop)! ✰ Week 4

  1. Amazing photos. Hiking is wonderful not only for the physical work out but also for the chance to be with nature. Running means you’re just breezing past nature… 😛
    But most importantly: YOU HAVE SIZE 5 FEET! 😮
    I’m glad you have some good nights’ sleep – that’s so important! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I have size 5 feet and tiny hands … the rest is larger😜
      I shouldn’t have wrote about sleeping better, since the past two days I’ve had the worst nights (5 hours max)!!!😩
      What else can I do in Quebec beside Hiking , the choices are pretty limited!!!😂


  2. The pictures of your hike are beautiful! I love to hike! I’m jealous that you saw a moose. We have a joke that moose are mythical because the moose crossings are posted everywhere and yet I’ve never seen one!
    Keep going, you’re doing great and every little bit of progress is awesome and still making you closer to your goal!

    Liked by 1 person

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