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Flawless Self-Tanning Steps

Flawless Self Tanning Tips
Source: Estée Lauder New Bronze Goddess Muse 😂

How do you feel when you find an old 20$ bill in the pockets of your winter coat after 6 months in your closet? The joy of cleaning/decluttering your beauty stash is to find out those hidden gems; a forgotten perfume, a superb shadow that you used to wear all the time or in my case, 3 bottles of self-tanner that you forgot you had and will probably turn bad anytime soon. A couple of weeks ago, armed with good intentions and no expectations whatsoever, I decided to try one of these newly found self-tanner. Remembering that the last time I did this process was maybe 5 years ago, I think I tried to block this thought from my brain: I looked a little like those Oompa Loompa creatures and there was nothing natural about my tan (I could also mention the great orange hand stamp left on my calf by BeardMan but that’s another story…).

Getting back to my self-tanner disaster waiting to happen, I must admit that I was really surprised: although at first, I looked a little patchy, I just fell in love with the overall finish and how long lasting it really was, even after going swimming, transpiring etc… A far cry from how it used to be…

I now understand all of you, self-tanner addicts!! I will take an obvious pause from November until March, when I mostly wear turtle necks, tuques and scarfs, but during our summer months and warmer temperature, I will try to maintain my bronze goddess status…

Note: I’ve applied these products using two techniques: the lazy way and the right way!! I can therefore say that there is a direct correlation between the amount of time spent and the result!! Each step is pretty obvious but a reminder never hurts …

Flawless Self-Tanning Steps Curly Spring Blossom

Step 1

Exfoliation Galore

This is the most important step for having a flawless self-tanned body! Trust me, no one wants a patchy result. Self-tanner sinks into dry skin, leaving dark patches that look entirely unnatural (and, let’s be honest, a little gross). Try removing all dead skin with a coarse scrub, focusing on rough spots like knees and elbows. Avoid anything oil-based, since it leaves residue that causes streaks. Taking off the dead skin will ensure a perfect canvas for the following steps…

Step 2


Use your favorite body cream or oil and apply a generous amount prior to self-tanning. This is extremely important since it will smooth out imperfections and blend in your « not-so-real” tan much better. Again, emphasive on your knees, heels, toes and elbows. This step should be repeated every night or morning to ensure the best hydration possible and to maintain your beautiful glow. It’s important to let your moisturizer sink in before the last step…

Step 3

Take Your Time and Blend

If you have only 15 minutes to do it all, just don’t do it. You need to take your time when applying your self-tanner, and blend, blend and blend some more. Using a mitt is also very important to avoid unwanted streakiness and better blending capabilities. Begin with small part of your body instead of doing all your arm in one stride, you will get to see if your technique is OK and adjust for large, prominent areas. It’s also very important to stay undressed until it’s dry to the touch. I would suggest doing this at night since it could transfer on your clothes easily. The result is a near perfect glow in the morning!

Practice really makes perfect. Be patient and just blend like hell… I can’t begin to tell you how happy it makes me feel to apply darker foundations and bronze my face a tiny bit more; tan skin looks so much better.

Note: ☀︎If you want a tan, use a self-tanner and stay away from the sun. Use SPF when outdoors and always reapply throughout the day. 

Note 2: I don’t use self-tanner on my face since it breaks me out big time!

 In Summary:

♥  Wax or shave 24 hours before application and exfoliate,
♥ Use a product with an applicator mitt to avoid staining your hands and to increase your blending capacities,
♥ Before you start, create a moisturizer barrier by applying a thick lotion or body cream to your joints, feet and hands. Because these areas tend to be really dry, they’re known to soak up excess color from self-tanning products, which can lead to darker spots, 
♥ Leave your self-tanning product on for at least eight hours before showering. Don’t forget to wash your hands!
♥ Moisturize every day to maintain your glow and to keep your skin looking healthy.

Are you a proud “Fake Bronze Goddess”??? Which product would you recommend???

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8 thoughts on “Flawless Self-Tanning Steps

  1. I love the first photo! You are so funny!
    I tried self tanner years and years ago on my ghostly white legs. It looks like I fell in a mud puddle because it was way too dark for my skin. Now I wear shorts all summer (except for work meetings, I’ll be wearing skirts / dresses) and I actually have a bit of a natural tan – a tan only by pale person standards, haha. The running joke is that my skin goes from ghost white to ecru when I tan, haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know we have the same porcelain skin but I swear after the initial shock of seeing you with a tan, you get use to the color …. and my friend let me tell you that self tanners have come a long way !!!
      You made me laugh so much with your ecru bronzy color !!!😂
      Next Summer I will be self tanning like crazy …🔥

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I do these tips! But I only ever self tanned my legs because relative to the rest of my body, they’re much paler! I use Jergens self tanning mousse! And for exfoliating, I use either the Salux cloth, or random body scrubs I pick up. 🙂
    Your first picture is the best ever! 😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know I don’t mind making fun at myself !😛
      I have to try the Jergens mousse, it would be cheaper that St-Tropez and Vita Liberata💰
      No bikini for me since I self-tan my legs, arms and neck … all the rest is snow-white !👻 Naked I look AWFUL 😂


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