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✮Fall 2016 Makeup Trends✮

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Am I the only one crying over the fact that Summer is almost a thing of the past? So long perfect tanned skin, farewell pastel colors and welcome deep tone shades.  Every year, we see new trends being hyped in the makeup world or is it just a twist of old ones? Regardless, it’s always fun to laugh at some of those freaky styles, to reflect on the ones we may adopt or even get inspired to develop our own.


Copper Eyes

For fall 2016/winter 2017, rusty oranges and metallic coppery tones are the talk of town. I Love this new trend because it’s very flattering no matter which shade or color you select in those tints.

Personally … Yes, yess and yesssss! You have no idea how trendy I will be this fall. Copper can be wear for a normal daytime look very easily or for a great sultry sexy nighttime look, ideal for a night on the town or a date with your loved one. Even as a pop of color in the middle of the mobile lid, this color is sublime.

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Bold Matte Black Liner

The 90s are back my friends with the grunge, very structure and VERY obvious black eyeliner all around the eyes. Black is back as AC/DC would loudly sing!

Personnaly … If you have the eye shape that suits this trend go for it, but with my hooded eyes, it’s a No-No for me … and at my age it’s way to severe! With Alice Cooper running for President, this trend is a sure bet..

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends


Again, reminiscences of the 90s era, the 80s and even the 70s … It’s just in recent years that tightening the lower and upper lashes has taken such a backseat.

Personally … I’m the biggest fan of tightening my upper lash as it makes my lashes seem fuller. As for the lower lash, I dig a beige tone on the waterline and that’s about it. I’ve used this technique so much in my youth that, I think I’ll let it go this winter! I even used to put forest green on my waterline (I tried to launch a new trend but, I think it was a total flop…)

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Highlight the Inner Corner of the Eye

Happy to see an old favourite coming back. Highlighting the corner of your eyes gives the illusion of a wider eye. To me it beautifully finishes an eye look and is quite flattering.

Personally … I’ve done this for years, it’s the oldest trick in the book if you want to look like you have bigger eyes.

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Deep Vine Color Lips

I dig the minimal makeup with those darker lips. These burgundy/vine tones are more flattering than the traditional, true powerful red that we so often see. Very wearable and very sophisticated!

Personally … I do try dark lips every fall but with no real success! I haven’t been blessed with big juicy lips therefore, to look good, I would have to overdraw my lips with a lip liner and it’s simply not my style … and collagen lip injections are just not in the cards for me. But, as Halloween is in October, maybe I’ll be able to pull off this look for one night…

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends


Lip Balms

As you noticed, this fall, it’s either very dark lips or natural ones by only wearing lip balm. I guess if you wanna rock the black liner, a balm gives you that punk rock, school girl look.

Personally … Just a balm doesn’t cut it when I do a full makeup face! For me, balms are for a night treatment or when I exercise.

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Flushed Cheeks

Bronzer/contouring combo seems to be out and has been replaced with a natural look with peach or rose blushes emphasizing the apple of the cheeks; you know just like you came back from shovelling some snow or a clam walk in a park in a chilly afternoon. Some of these new trends make sense: with the dark lips and the bold matte eye liner, nobody would even consider applying a dark blush shade!

Personally … There is no way I won’t be bronzing! With this week post,  I’m now known as the self-proclaimed bronze goddess (we are still debating on the name, just to make sure that we don’t anger the Gods)! No matter the season, I prefer  a light blush; I used to apply it on the apple of my cheeks but now it’s more diffuse toward my temples.

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends


Still going strong is the luminous face; the matte finish trend is a thing of the past! No wonder there are so many new highlights entering the market.

Personally … Don’t tell anyone but I’ve been highlighting my face and nose like a mad woman lately

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

✮There is also crazier ones…✮

Bleached Eyebrows

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Bright Matte Pink Lips

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Glitter Galore

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Clumpy lashes

Fall 2016 Makeup Trends

Personnaly … No thank you! These trends are there for conversation purposes only. Like I would wear MAC’s “Candy Yum-Yum” in November with the freezing Quebec weather, matching my non existing newly bleached eyebrows while having glitters all around my eyes, the same glitters that would stick to my runny nose and my large wool tuque, my scarf tinted from my pink flushed cheeks and my Matte Black liner drooling from the cold wind hitting my face! That painted picture itself is not really a beautiful sight isn’t it? Welcome to Winter in Santa’s backyard!!!

✮Just for fun … Hair Biggest Trend✮

Curly Hair

You read it right! Curly hair!!! Alleluia! Alleluia! I know it will be a fluke trend and no one will go and get themselves a nice perm but when I read it I almost cry from joy!

Personnaly … Well my blog name is Curly Spring Blossom and yes, I do have very curly hair, not the prettier kind that looks beachy but the untameable one (like Merida in Disney’s Brave) that require that I wear a bun 300+ days per year! If this trend sticks this year, at least, this style will make my life so easier, and for once, maybe I’ll be able to get ready in less than 30minutes for my trendy morning makeup!

Fall 2016 Hair Trends

Which trend will you rock???

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18 thoughts on “✮Fall 2016 Makeup Trends✮

  1. xo no bleached brows for me – omg Ingrid – i think it looks so cool xxxx but mine are so blonde already – i would look like an alien !!!!!!
    I am so excited for Fall – the fashion the eyeliner craziness – and i love deep colours for eyes …. i just tried a Nars – deep navy – so wow …….
    xo MUAH
    great post x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fall is my fave.. It’s when fashion rules the world?!? Haha.. from clothing to makeup to the perfect weather.. Ahh just love Fall trends..😍😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love Fall! Can’t wait for this hot, humid weather to be OVER.
    I’ve tried waterlining and it’s just not for me. No matter what I do, it smears everywhere and there’s too much upkeep.
    Yeah LIP BALM! That’s my usual look. My lips are naturally quite pigmented so even with just lip balm, it looks like I’m wearing lip colour. Don’t hate me.
    OH I HATE the clumpy lash look – yuck!
    Yay for curly hair! I think if you wait long enough, every hair style comes back in style! 😛


    1. If I would have short hair, I would look like Annie (you know the movie)!
      I really like the new makeup trends this year …but I still won’t do the dark lips, it looks so awkward on me!😕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sure that dark lips would look lovely on you, but it would probably take you awhile to get used to how it looks. That being said, I haven’t worn a dark lip in ages, so it looks weird to me at first as well. Funny, since I used to be known for always wearing a dark lip!

        Liked by 1 person

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