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September Blogging Goals ✮ 2016

September Blogging Goals Curly Spring Blossom

Goals, Targets, Objectives, call them what you want, are totally ruling my life these days. I function really well when I pinpoint them and put them in writing. I even told (more imposed) this concept to BeardMan and he had to agree that making list has some great advantages: 1) it helps remembering important things to do and take care of, 2) it helps prioritize, and 3) it helps to estimate the amount of time necessary for each task. Enough about the virtues of To-Do lists, today’s blog will be all about a few goals that I want to achieve in September, sort of my To-Do list!

Instagram (Social Media)

Instagram Curly spring Blossom

Posting on Social medias doesn’t come naturally to me! It’s actually a pain in the… to even think about it! Of course, I could use apps to make sure that all my blog pictures would show up on Twitter (I’m way better at this platform), Facebook, SnapChat and/or Instagram but, for me, it’s a little bit too much; it creates a marketing overload, an excess in plugging my posts! Again, it’s just me…

I want my Instagram to be totally different than my blog so, in September, I want to be more active, by posting at least 3 pictures per week; consistence is key is in it???? My last update is 16 weeks ago (that’s bad, really BAD)!

Project Pan


I’m super excited that Super Mega Trendy bloggers Stashy (Stashmatters) and Jody (A Brash attitude) will join me on a new, improved Project Pan 12. This time around I mean business when I say that I will PAN these 12 products, I need them to vacate my stash premises before December 1st, just in time for those Xmas sales… Project Pan for me has to be in collaboration with friends, if not, I loose interest very fast and never finish them (the project and the product).

Note: Like the last time around (Project Focus 10), we will each be posting a review of one of our selected product, and knowing my collaborators, you are in for a treat… Super exciting!

My Stash

My Makeup Stash 2016

Oh boy! This month, I want (need) to furthermore declutter my stash and maybe write some posts about my entire collection… So another main goal for September is to take inventory and analyze all my products and I’ll invite you along for the ride …

I’ll focus on these 3 big targets since they already are overwhelming and it’s always better to have less and finish them instead of keeping a huge list just for the sake of it! Thinking of all the pictures needed to capture the essence of my collection, it gives me hives !!!

Do you have some blogging goals this month???

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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16 thoughts on “September Blogging Goals ✮ 2016

  1. I totally feel you on the social media thing…posting on Instagram and such doesn’t come naturally to be either….I was just lamenting on Twitter the other day that I had this picture perfect lunch and my first thought was to eat it…not photograph it! Lol.


  2. I just started my blog, so I am still trying to figure everything out! My blogging goal is just to get more familiar with everything and perhaps start doing stuff on social media. It’s all kind of overwhelming right now.

    I love the idea of doing a project pan, so I look forward to seeing how that goes 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another Project Pan series! It’s a great idea and very motivating for those of us who need to declutter 😀

    I hate doing all the various social media stuff (which is why I pretty much neglect it). Just blogging works for the way I think.


  4. I used to think the same about social medai – why am I repeating / marketing myself on all the platforms? But a lot of times the audience on there are different, and they do drive people to come read your blog! I try to spend about 30 mins each day now – it’s actually quite fun! And it’s most instant gratification compared to blog posts.
    I just finally narrowed down my list for Project Pan… I’m going to be “stuck” with these 12 items for 3 whole months ahhhh! Is your photo a sneak peek at what you chose?!
    I can’t wait to see your stash! 😉
    My blogging goal for Sept is to actually blog LESS frequently. I want to take up knitting again. I’ll probably focus on more in-depth blog posts – I’ve been wanting to do swatches of my entire blush collection. Maybe a bunch of eye shadows (can’t possibly do all of them). We’ll see!

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    1. I really need a good system for my social media platforms and in the very near future (like this weekend) I’ll go self-hosted !!!😳😬 (I should have done this at the very beginning !!!)
      Yes, these products are part of the Project Pan 12 … So excited!!!
      Blogging 4 times/week is the max I can do, quality versus quantity for me at this point!!!
      Knitting is so relaxing (I think) and I remember you being quite good at it !!!✨

      Liked by 1 person

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