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Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Week 2016 ✮ Extra Points; is it Worth it????

Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Week Curly Spring Blossom

VIB Rouge Event 2016 Beauty Insider Appreciation Event

This Saturday (September 10th), I’m invited to the VIB Rouge Event called Beauty Insider Appreciation Week. This special annual celebration will last all week, from Sept. 10th to the 17th! I have to say that Sephora’s events are always nice and amazingly well organized so, it will be a real treat to have first access at some of the new 2016 holiday sets and all the fall launches. If appreciation week 2016 is your first, just know that every purchase that you make during this particular week will give twice, thrice or 4X the points depending of your status. Yours truly just received the news that her VIB Rouge status was renewed for next year, so I will gladly benefit from my “4x the points” level …


Will I buy a lot and take advantage of my VIB Rouge status? Well, not at all ! I might buy for 35$ since I’m a sucker for sample bags but that’s it. For the most part, I’m not normally attracted to Holiday Sets; nevertheless, I found ways to buy a few and, after a couple of months, they always seem to find themselves in my declutter pile to give away. I’m not saying they are not good (because a lot of them are) but personally, they are adored for a few weeks and then, they are forgotten.

Note: A lot of these Limited Edition sets are made in China; Tarte for one is well-known to change their manufacturing sites for these special Holiday Sets. As I try to move towards cruelty-free makeup brands, I think it’s worth mentioning because China doesn’t have the same regulations or ethical concerns. It’s a real shame that large companies reallocate their ressources to save a penny or two…

VIB Rouge Event 2016 Beauty Insider Appreciation Event

Living in Canada, we don’t have all the choices that my US girls (and boys) benefit! We are mainly stuck with Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart (Pharmaprix in Quebec) or Winners. Major players are eager to ship to Canadian customers but at a ridiculous cost and with our poor Canadian Dollar, it gets really expensive. As a comparison, I just looked at Ulta’s dollar rewards instead of points and I got really jealous (and mad!!) and don’t get me started on their current 21 days of beauty 😡😤… We don’t have these kind of deals whatsoever! It’s really frustrating that, 100 miles away, US makeup addicts profit from those commercial advantages.  We are neighbours and with those differences, you would think that we live on an island close to the border of ” I Don’t f**g Care”  and “Are we there Yet” when it comes to the beauty market… Hopefully some of you are able to benefit from these discrepancies and buy those three fabulous products: bareMinerals Concealers, the ABH Brow Powder, The Clarisonic Brush Head … It SUCKS BIG TIME to be in Canada sometimes!!!!



So what about Sephora Points Perks?

Coming back to our Canadian reality and today’s subject, what about Sephora point perks? I’m sorry to say that they are simply not that great! In fact, I much prefer the deluxe samples that we are getting with each purchase of $25Cnd, or bigger ones when you spend $35Cdn. As for the rewards, they are not very interesting: 500 points is not that great when you think that you had to spend $500 to get them.

4x points is not really a big incentive either, but the VIB Sale 20% off that is suppose to start next month (or at the beginning of November) does give me the most bang for my buck! I guess it depends on each one perception. 

Next week, if you spend $125, you will have 500 points (less if you have not reached the VIB Rouge status), and could choose one of these perks:

Capture d’écran 2016-09-05 à 10.57.38

Last time, I chose Laura Mercier’s A Flawless Fit set (not available this time around). I checked out individual prices of this 5 items set and its value is around $56. However, let’s be honest: we rarely use all products included in those assortments, lessening its value to about $25-30. In comparison, the same $125 during the VIB sale will give you $25 to spend on whatever your heart desires! My main argument is that perks should be greater, don’t you agree? What’s your thoughts on Sephora’s Points Rewards system in general ???

Sephora 500 point perks

Simply put, don’t shop anywhere just for the points or perks; shop where prices are lowest and quality is highest… 

Who’s coming with me this Saturday ?

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

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DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored. Although some items may have been sent as pr, I am under no obligation to review them. Most items I discuss are purchased by me. All opinions expressed are my own and not edited by any companies mentioned.

12 thoughts on “Sephora Beauty Insider Appreciation Week 2016 ✮ Extra Points; is it Worth it????

  1. The Holiday First Access event is such a joke – I totally rolled my eyes when I saw the email in my inbox. Their perks for Rouge are so lame and hardly different from VIB’s – plus half the time they don’t even have any point perks in stock! Sephora is seriously annoying me lately!
    I would like to begin a petition to have Ulta come to Canada – or at least ship to us up here! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny Story … A few months ago I wrote to Ulta to ask them if they were considering coming to Canada or at least ship to us … their answer a polite NOT in the plans!!! I was crushed 😭
      I like being VIB Rouge for the free shipping, the rest is really a big fat joke !😏

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I am like you and will probably spend the $35 minimum to get the goodie bag! Not like I need more samples….But I like them! I will be waiting for the VIB sale as well. I wish Shoppers carried more brands in London, if they did I would spend a lot more there!


  3. Have fun at the event! I don’t know how it will be in Quebec but I heard the Toronto ones are CRAZY and some people always are left disappointed. But, I would love to see some sneak peek photos of the sets! 😉
    I know, I’m so jealous of the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty. I even made a shopping list to pretend I was shopping there… 😦
    Sephora Perks are a joke! It’s really rare (maybe once every 2 years) that I find a 500pt worth it to redeem. Nowadays, if Hudson’s Bay or Shoppers carry the brand, I’d rather shop there first. And I mainly shop at Sephora during VIB sale at 20% off. I want Sephora to add the option of using perks for % off – I read that they tested the concept at some U.S. cities. You redeem 500pts to get a one time use for 15% off or something like that. Now, isn’t that worth it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yesss! I will take pictures … I hope I can!!! 📷👀
      Just think at how much stuff ($$$$) we can buy when we spend $500 at Shoppers … Truly, it’s a joke at Sephora!!! 😝
      I have to stop looking at Ulta 21 days because it’s making me CRAZY … So cheap grrrrrrrrr!
      In Quebec there is just a few girls(roughly 50) usually attending the event !!!😉


  4. I totally agree with you! The extra points don’t really seem worth it – best to wait for the semi-annual sale 😀 Or shop at Shoppers/BeautyBoutique…the Optimum Points are awesome.

    And yeah, it does suck sometimes that our shopping is more expensive and has less selection. Booooo. But it’s still really nice living in Canada! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are right, it’s nice living in Canada 🇨🇦… but the shopping SUCKS!!!😉
      I shop way more at shoppers these days than at Sephora … I have a 100$ in cash back waiting to be spent💄xxxx


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