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Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

First thing first, thank you so much to  Farleyco to have made my day! I just received a superb parcel containing the cutest makeup bag ever and a lovely body mist.

Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

Recently my Canadian friends, you may have noticed that when exploring the beauty aisles of your favorite drugstores (Brunet, Uniprix & Familiprix in Quebec – IDA, Guardian, London Drugs, Pharmasave & Lawtons Drugs in the rest of Canada) that these pharmacies are now carrying the Classic Zoella Beauty Line. I’ve been eyeing them for a while now, because let’s face it, the packaging is adorable, totally girly and quite frankly the makeup bags are among the cutest I ever seen.

You don’t know who Zoella is? Well, Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is a 26-year-old English fashion and beauty vlogger, YouTuber and now entrepreneur extraordinaire. With her 11 million subscribers on her YouTube channel alone, she is at the top in terms of popularity and social media reach. A phenomenon that started in 2009 and like they say, the rest is history!

Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

Zoella Favourite Things Beauty Bag

Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

This coral pop cosmetic bag from Zoella Beauty is the perfect treat. It features some of Zoe’s favourite things (from cupcakes to candles!) while giving you a handy place to keep yours. All with an extra touch of sparkle! (Farleyco description)

I know I’m a grown woman (but so young at heart), but what can I say, I’m in love with this makeup bag; it’s ridiculously adorable and totally me. I secretly wish that I had design this cuteness. I already filled it up with my essential makeup products and it went right in my purse so I have it with me ALL THE TIME (told you I went gaga over it)!

Note: Since this bag has beautiful glitter prints, I’ve tested how resistant it is by scratching quite hard and so far, those glitters don’t seem to budge and rub off (Thank God, that would have crushed me)! What can I say, I had to test it to give you an honest review (everything for my readers!!!).

Zoella Beauty Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist 

Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

Surround yourself with serene scent and let relaxation begin. Spray this super light and feminine spritz to scent your body with fresh and floral notes. Enriched with Vitamin E and fruit extracts – bliss in a bottle. (Farleyco description)

My first impressions are on the packaging (again): yes it’s super cute but I was more surprised at how it is nicely made and how heavy it is. It’s rugged but still girly, perfect for traveling or to carry in purse, large bag or like me, a U-Haul sized leather thing… This body mist has a nice fresh, sweet and subtle floral scent well suited to everyone’s tastes. It smells like white florals with a crisp freshness that bring flower fields and the great outdoors to mind. Since it’s a body mist and not a perfume, it only lasts for a few hours (maximum 3 hours) but that’s fine with me. I will use it after the gym or at night, after my shower since it smells so clean and fresh. I can see schoolgirls (or schoolgirl-minded women) wearing it as their fragrance.

Note: Like always, fragrances are so personal, that you have to experience it to see if it’s the right fit. Personally, this is one of the few fragrances that smells better on the skin than from the bottle.

Here is the complete line of product…

Zoella Classic Beauty Line (Farleyco)


♥ Concours ♥

Giveaway / Concours Zoella Books

Je suis vraiment heureuse d’organiser un tirage et d’offrir en prix les deux premiers livres de Zoe Sugg (Zoella) à l’un ou l’une d’entre vous: les versions françaises de Girl Online et Girl Online On Tour. Ces deux bestsellers vous procureront certainement des heures de plaisir.

Les Règles du concours (Canada seulement)

♥ Suivre mon blog ET commenter ♥

Bonne Chance! Le concours se termine Lundi le 12 Septembre 2016 à 12h PM EST

❤︎ Giveaway TIME ❤︎

I’m happy to announce that I’m hosting a Giveaway and the winner will enjoy the first two Best Selling Books by Zoe Sugg (Zoella); Girl Online and Girl Online on Tour. Since I’m a Quebec girl living in the french part of the Province, the 2 books are in French. It may be the best time for my english friends to learn a little bit of our exotic language!

The Rules (Canadians only)

♥ Follow my blog AND leave a comment ♥

Good Luck! The Giveaway ends on Monday, September 12th at 12h PM EST


Have you bought any Zoella Beauty products?

Capture d’écran 2016-04-09 à 11.04.01

You can buy Zoella Beauty products online at Farleyco plus at Brunet, Uniprix & Familiprix pharmacies (in Quebec) and IDA, Guardian, London Drugs, Pharmasave& Lawtons Drugs (in the ROC).
You can find Zoe Sugg (Zoella) Books at De La Martiniere Jeunesse 


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8 thoughts on “Zoella Beauty Review & Giveaway/Concours ✰ 2016

  1. Cute products! My French is useless since I didn’t grow up in Canada. All I know is what I gleaned off watching the occasional French movie and obsessively reading product labels (faible en gras! sans sucre ajouté!); when I first came here, it took me a moment to realize they weren’t selling raisin juice at the supermarket. XD (“But they’re already DRY!”)


  2. Nice giveaway! Aww my French is better reading than speaking but I only manage Le Petit Prince level of reading comprehension LOL.
    I’ve been wanting to try some Zoella products – they all look so sweet and girly! I think that body spray sound so nice and probably would be universally suitable. 🙂 I contacted Farleyco to ask where they sell the brand in Ontario but it’s only smaller pharmacies for now – I’d have to drive out to the boonies to get them! #TorontoProblems

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