Celebrating TWO years │Curly Spring Blossom

Celebrating Two Years of Blogging - Curly Spring Blossom

Who knew this adventure would last so long? Not me. Most bloggers quit after only three months and of the 164 million blogs out there, less than 40% will celebrate their two years anniversary. I’m a happy camper and very proud to have lasted so long for that reason alone! To be honest, I still want to quit twice a year, but heck, that’s life I think! My actual blogging birthday is October 8 but my confused-self thought it was the 20th!! Oh! well, let’s just say that Curly Spring Blossom is a little more than two years old and still a little baby blog.

I’m not alone celebrating two years, I want to give a shout out to four blogger friends that have been there since the very beginning … You rock girls! Congratulations!!


Kaily from HelloKaily

Sharon from HeySharonoox

Karen from ConfettiandCurves

Anne from DovesandRoses

Year #1 was all about finding my way and learning all things related to blogging. In retrospect, I did almost everything the wrong way: I should have read more about blogging, social medias, finding my niche, learning about photography and so many other essentials. Year #2 was a rollercoaster; I’ve been torn between making this blog more professional and growing my followers, or just keeping it as a random hobby. For Year #3, this baby needs to grow but like a child, sometimes you have to set some guidelines and  make sure it stays on the right path. And like a parent, I would like to share my experiences and just be (some kind of) a role model to our young blogger generations; help them keep the faith, work at it, and learn from their predecessor’s mistakes. For those reasons, I would like to touch on different subjects: sharing my mistakes, what I’ve learn, what I still need to learn, SEO and of course, continue improving my blog since I’ve decided that I mostly want to work with and talk about brands I love (at least try).


I want to thank each and everyone of you for being so nice! We, the blogging community, are exempt of the malicious comments, the bitching and the whining that frequently occurs on YouTube for example! At the end of the day, positivity and friendliness are still what make blogging a blast. 

Thank you for being there!

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30 thoughts on “Celebrating TWO years │Curly Spring Blossom

  1. What a lovely post! Congratulations. ..I’ve only been blogging about 6 weeks and love it so far- it’s LOTS of effort though…I have a lifestyle blog WhimsyandCosy

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  2. CONGRATS TO YOU!!! ❤ 2 years young! 😉
    I'm pretty sure I found Sharon through your blog. I don't even recall how I found YOU to begin with? *foggy memory*
    Great goals for the year ahead – do what feels right for you.

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