Top 5 – Bottom 5 Makeup Brands for Beauty Bloggers

Top 5 / Bottom 5 Brands for Beauty Bloggers

If you’ve been a beauty blogger for some time, you know that there are beauty brands that will attract a lot of readers and some, even if you put your heart and soul into your post and pictures, will sadly be seen by only a few hardcore fans and the brand will remain unheard-of. Truth be told, nowadays I knowingly stay away from some products I would love to buy because I’m certain that my reviews or featured posts will likely do poorly because of a lack of interest.

After 345 posts, I have a pretty good idea of the Top 5 – Bottom 5 beauty brands that are enjoyed and most requested by my readers.

Note: This list is based on my personal experiences and this doesn’t reflect my appreciation of a particular brand. In fact, my personal favorites are among the Bottom 5 and for the life of me, I don’t know why!!!




Too Faced is a preferred brand, and girls (or boys) just can’t get enough of this colorful, cruelty-free and let’s face it, unique marque. Too Faced is an attractive brand all-across the board and for good reasons! The founders are treating their customers with new releases almost every two months and they are able to keep the love alive.

My favorite Too Faced product: Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette


My M.A.C posts always do well; the popularity, that had dropped for a couple of years, recently came back with the help of good collaborations and Limited Edition collections. Simultaneously, they reduced their eyeshadow prices from $12Cnd ($10Us) to $8Cnd ($6US), helping to make the brand more affordable for younger consumers.

My favorite M.A.C product: Pro Longwear Paint Pots


Talking about Urban Decay is always a sure winner for a beauty blogger, but on a more personal side, it’s not my favorite brand. I only have a few UD products that I love and it’s not because I haven’t bought or tried a ton of them…

My favorite Urban Decay product: 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


This one surprises me so much: when I was looking at each of my published post’s stats, every one about Becca did extremely well. Jaclyn Hill brought this brand to the map and it’s now on every lips! Even some older products get a lot of traffic.

My favorite Becca product: Ombre Rouge Eye Palette


This brand is taking the makeup industry by storm, it has always been the Queen of brow products but now, they are growing into a global makeup brand. They are ever-growing and expanding, and fans are always wanting more.

My favorite ABH product: Brow Powder Duo

Note: In my top viewed brands, I also could have mention Nars, Marc Jacobs and Bobbi Brown.




I love a lot of Smashbox products but I’m must admit that it’s not what we would call a popular brand. I have wrote so many posts on Smashbox items (palettes, eyeshadows, etc…) and the numbers unfortunately speak for themselves. It says a lot about the consumers’ interests for their products and the brand.

My favorite Smashbox product: #SHAPEMATTERS palette


If there is a brand that I feel is not trendy, it’s Lancôme. There is still the general feeling of an outdated image, and truthfully, our mother’s brand. This is sad since I really enjoy so many of their products.

My favorite Lancôme product: Teint Idole Ultra 24H Long Wear Foundation


This is killing me but I must place Laura Mercier in the bottom 5! If you don’t already know, it’s one, if not, my favorite brand. Everyone knows the superstar products she makes, but I guess it’s not a sexy brand. It may also be a case of staple products versus new ones: the brand has flagship products and we seldom have new products to rave about.

My favorite Laura Mercier product: Matte Radiance Baked Powder Compact (01)


My favorite makeup product for 2016 is from Kevyn Aucoin and I’ve talked a lot about KA in the last year! Sadly, I don’t feel the hype and my posts are flat (in the viewing department). Maybe it’s just a case of a low marketing effort or the pricey side of the brand, but it’s such a diamond in the rough, it’s sad!

My favorite Kevyn Aucoin product: The Contour Book The Art of Sculpting + Defining Volume II


Years ago, bareMinerals was the brand of the moment, but these days, it seems that they are just standing still, comfortably on the back seat. I don’t feel any interest in even the new products, and honestly, some are truly very good. What is hurting the brand I think, it’s probably that half of their products are awesome and some are… not; there’s just no halfway when it comes to bareMinerals.

My favorite bareMinerals product: COMPLEXION RESCUE Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream

Note: Sadly, I could add Buxom, Stila, MAKE UP FOR EVER and Hourglass in the least viewed brand.

Like aI stated in my intro, this list is based on my own statistics and maybe yours are totally different. I couldn’t put Chanel, Tom Ford and Dior in any categories since I rarely buy these brands. I really would like to know your Top and Bottom brands!

Have a beautiful week my beauties!

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8 thoughts on “Top 5 – Bottom 5 Makeup Brands for Beauty Bloggers

  1. Haha I did a quick guess before I started scrolling down and I called MAC, UD and Anastasia! 😛
    Hmm interesting about the bottom 5. I was just thinking today that Smashbox doesn’t get enough love. I myself haven’t been TOO impressed so far… so, I guess I understand why.
    Just from my experience, MAC and UD are king – just because of all the marketing and special collections they release. I would add Tarte, Too Faced, Kat Von D… all those brands with very strong social media presence.
    I think brands that are more stable like Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, Lancome – aren’t as “newsworthy” or sexy. They tend to get overlooked. But that’s not to say they don’t command a large customer base. Clinique is still a huge brand in terms of market share. It’s accessible and well-priced.
    I still buy what I want, haha. I’m sure no one really cares about Surratt or Shu Uemura and half of the Japanese brands, but OH WELL, I care.
    Interesting topic, Ingrid! 😀


  2. Very interesting post! I agree, it’s a bit sad about Lancôme. I do really like some of their makeup products. I don’t get the fuss about Anastasia, but I guess I haven’t tried their stuff yet, so I shouldn’t say that!

    My blog is mostly about nail polish, so the brands are different. Essie is definitely quite popular. I do like talking about less popular brands, though. It’s more fun, for me!


  3. I’ve noticed that too about make-up brands. I tend to not follow the hype, most of what I discuss is drug store brands, those that are popular or others that work for me. I own a MAC lipstick and it has lasted me for awhile, its pretty good too.Continue posting about what interests and i’m sure you will attract others who appreciate what you like :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You make a lot of sense but as a beauty blogger with a limited budget sometimes I have to think about popular brands when writing a review (It’s sad … I know!)
      Thanks for your comment xo

      Liked by 1 person

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