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A foray into new horizons – Montana Silversmiths Jewelry

Montana Silversmiths Jewelry

When a lovely lady at Montana Silversmiths sent me an email to know if I would like to review some of their jewelry items, I was thrown from my makeup horse and felt a little out of my comfort zone! How could this beauty blogger review jewelries? But then again, if not me, a girl from the countryside, in touch with nature and everything western-style, who could? So here is my incursion into the world of bracelets, necklaces, rings and many more…

Founded in 1973, on the banks of the Yellowstone River near Colombus, Montana, Montana Silversmiths creates jewelries of exquisite designs and is the buckle manufacturer for World Champion events like Professional Bull Riders and the National Finals Rodeos and a maker of fine. Their products blend the classic Western elements with contemporary flair creating timeless work of art. Imagine how ecstatic I was when I got my hands on their finely, hand-crafted pieces!

Before reviewing each item, let’s address my personal style for a minute (or should I say STYLES). As you may already know from my makeup preferences, I’m mostly trendy chic with a touch of conservative, but there is also a sporty side with my larger than life collection of technical sports garments, ideal for my hiking and outdoor activities. There is also a third style: a cowboy boots, belt buckles, american country music inspired style that clashes a little bit with my high heels and Ed Hardy scarf or my Saucony shoes and my Nike tuque. Because secretly, I’ve always caressed the dream of having a little farm full of  horses, cows, pigs and chicken (BeardMan is always scared when I talked about our future farm).

Note: Have to say I also have a fourth style: I love camo, find the gun range very relaxing and I can’t wait to buy my own Harley Davidson!!!

With this in mind, imagine a countryside girl linked with a western-style inspired jewelry brand; it’s a match made in heaven. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the beautiful three pieces of art I’ve received…

About Montana Silversmiths

Silver has long been synonymous with the American West; a history forged in the early days of prospecting and the silver claims that created fortunes. This heritage is honored each and every day at Montana Silversmiths® in the Montana-designed, engraved and produced Western buckles and jewelry. 

Utilizing a state of the art secret recipe, Montana Armor™ extends the life of silver and silver plated buckles and jewelry against the natural effect of chemicals, tarnishing and abrasion and has contributed to Montana Silversmiths position as the leader in the Western Buckle and Jewelry industry. The extra quality delivered by our careful workmanship, protected by Montana Armor®, is just one of the many reasons our products are known as “compliment makers” and sought after gifts for individuals and loved ones.

 Heirloom Gold Plume Feather Earrings $63

Montana Silversmiths Heirloom Gold Plume Feather Earrings

I call them my statement earrings! Three different pieces are linked to form one long feather allowing these feathers to swing in a natural movement. The organic shape turn the extra long length into elegant, feminine accents, like silver and gold tendrils. I’ve worn them so many time as my main accessory: they go well with a pair of jeans, a t-shirt and my hair in a poney-tail but also they look great when my hair are loose, with a dark pencil skirt, white shirt and high heel boots. You can surely appreciate the beauty and the details of these hand-crafted Heirloom Gold Plume Feather Earrings. They are remarkable on their own or with a simple necklace to complete a chic attire. I also like the fact that they have weight to them without being too heavy.

The combination of silver with a touch of gold make them versatile, matching with every other jewelry in your collection. Usually when I wear them, I don’t wear anything else as they are the star of my outfit. They are unique and I had compliment after compliment each time I sport them.

The Straight Path Cross Necklace in Bright $40

Montana Silversmiths Straight Path Cross Necklace

I have been wearing this beautiful delicate necklace almost every day since getting it! This elegant, contemporary design features a tall cross with short arms formed of a tightly set line of tiny clear rhinestones in shining silver-tone setting. This necklace is perfect for every situation: from your simple V-neck t-shirt to your classy shirt or dark contemporary dress. The necklace hangs the cross in line with a tiny link matinee length 21″ chain with 3 inch extender. This trendy piece is as pretty as nicely made. The quality is really high-end; it doesn’t tarnish or get discoloured. Sadly, these days I’m wearing scarfs to go with the cold weather but this coming spring, I will proudly show it, embellishing my neckline! Can’t you tell I’m smitten…

 The Storyteller Feather Ring $74

Montana Silversmiths Storyteller Feather Ring

Of all three pieces, this is my favorite item. The Storyteller collection ring features a small silver feather gracefully s-curved, with softly antiqued barbs and a striking opalescent turquoise shaft. This delicate Feather Ring doesn’t look like anything I own and for reference, I own more jewelry than makeup and skincare products combined. If I may say so, it looks way more expensive than it originally costs (I surely like this). The turquoise  touch complements perfectly the overall look. Unfortunately, the picture doesn’t reflect all the details and the refined design.


I’m so happy with these three pieces that I’ve already placed a lot of stuff in my cart for future purchases (I will buy a Bell Buckle to go with jeans, maybe something for BeardMan to convince him of our future country style lifestyle). I want to point out that on top of their regular lines, you should have a closer look at their sale section where you can find pieces at such an affordable price for an impeccable quality.

Montana Silversmiths have such a large quantity of different accessories, you can bet that after a single visit on their website, you will fall in love! And to add to their incredible quality, they are backing up their products with a lifetime warranty  on their silver jewelry and a one-year warranty on the rest (except their Rock 47® Jewelry).

Enjoy Life!

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DISCLAIMER: I hate that I'm even writing this but I just wanted to assure you all that I purchased all of the items shown—unless explicitly stated otherwise—and am not paid (in any way, shape, or form) to create and share this post. The above links are not affiliate links. Never will you ever be exploited by me!! Pinky promise.

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